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For the people (Job D-tier)

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@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name:Building a Shelter
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: To ensure that neutral civilians don’t get involved in the civil war, some people have decided to build shelters, just in case. Help with the construction of the shelters but in the middle of the progress, you will encounter several street fighters who already choose sides making fun of the neutrals. They will pick a fight with you, beat them up so they wouldn’t go near the shelter anymore.

Enemy Name: Street Fighters (x4)
Rank: D-tier
Needed damage to take down: D-tier
Description: Street fighters all have bulky body and is using random weapon such as steel rod, fist and even chain. The weapon is capable to deal D-tier damage if it hits someone
Sloppy Punch ~ Street fighters use their fist to punch their target and deal D-tier damage
Painful Steel ~ Using the steel rod, they will lift it up and hit someone hard with it to deal D-tier damage
Wiggling Chain ~ Street fighters will use their 2m long chain, spinning it around to hit their target and deal C-tier damage

Lestacia woke with a start. The war was nigh and the innocent were in danger. She took up a job in the meantime constructing shelter for those that were neutral Basically this category was for children, the elderly and sick, or anyone else that couldn't or didn't want to fight. it was a nice thing to do. She loved helping those in need when they needed it. The job mostly comprised of heavy lifting however a magician like Lestacia was allowed to do different things like police the area and make sure no one was acting out. This was her job for today. However Lestacia was special so she had two. Her second job was to heal those that were hurt, so she was a relief for the doctors should they becomes overloaded with patients.

Lestacia gripped her wand tightly and headed off. The Neutral camp she was working on was called Gibraltar. There were other camps being worked on elsewhere spread out among Kou so they wouldn't be caught in the war once the fighting started.

Lestacia Patrolled the area alone with her deep edge wand in hand while looking around at some of the shelters being made. It was coming along well. They were halfway done. That was until Lestacia heard a ruckus going on at the path ahead.

'SOMEONE GET ONE OF THE PATROLMEN.' Said a nearby spectator.

As Lestacia approached, the sight she was seeing was unbelieveable. 4 burly men had began bullying and taunting a man in front of his wife and two kids.

'Oh what's wrong, Gonna cry to your wife? It's Civil War, and during these times it's better to fight than hide like the BITCH you are.' One of the men said while grabbing his hair and punching him in the face. The wife and the children huddled together as all they could do was watch in horror as the men surrounded them.

Lestacia sighed as she approached them. It was one of these types of people. She was small, in fact quite so that they towered over her. However lestacia had dealt with men like this before.

"Hey!" She shouted. "You punks need to cut it out! if these people choose to be neutral it is their business not yours! I suggest you leave before I make an example out of you!"

The men sized up Lestacia and laughed. 'And what's Mighty mouse going to do to us?' They now dropped the man and began walking towards Lestacia attempting to intimidate her. She sighed once more.

"Remember, you guys approached me with Hostility!" Lestacia ran in slamming the short sword wand into one of their stomachs. That attack laid him out on the floor. Her purple hood fell over her face as she stopped. "Ya'know I'm growing real sick and tired..." She ran up to the next guy and began slashing about to each word. "OF-PEOPLE UNDERESTIMATING-ME-BECAUSE-I'M-" She'd End it with a kick to the gut and as it landed she'd scream. "SHORT!"

The man flew back as the man from behind would attempt to hit her with a sloppy punch, she however side stepped it and gave him a condescending grin. "Poor Form!" She lunged forward not dealing lethal damage but hurting him enough that he was knocked out. It was the same for the other two. None of them actually died there were just a mess of 3 unconscious bodies upon the ground. She looked to the forth as he tried to attack with his Wiggling Chain Lestacia let her short sword wand catch the attack. It wrapped around her sword and as that happened the guy smiled and pulled towards him with great force. Lestacia was smarter than he was however. She Grippedd her sword tighter and instead of pulling back she let herself fly forward. She flipped around and planted a foot in his face kncoking him out as well.

She pouted and landed gracefully as possible as the chains unraveled from her sword. "That'll teach you guys to pick on someone for their choices." With that she'd pull an eyelid down and stuck a tongue out taunting them. Her job was done for now.

(Words: 720)


For the people (Job D-tier) 6ouumjD

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