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To win a war, One must Win it's People

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General Dawn Blade Had met with Lestacia. She reported to him her feats in infiltrating the Yoshiro Faction Army. They would think her to be one of them. Lestacia Smiled. She was being praised. However deep inside her heart she knew she murdered the ever loving shit out of a good man. Her mentality was wavering. She needed something to take her mind off of all the Killing and death. As General Dawnblade praised her she had begun to stare of into space without realizing it. It wasn't until Dawnblade snapped his fingers in front of her face that she was brought back to reality.

He looked to the girl with easy eyes. "This war must have gotten to you huh?" Dawnblade could see it on Lestacia's face. "Don't worry the next job we have for you is to convert at least 100 new men to the cause. See something easy." Lestacia smiled as Dawnblade tapped his papers. Lestacia knew he was a good guy. Vicious yes, ruthless yes, violent yes, but... still he was kind Which not many people saw. After all training with him was rigorous none to say the least and unless you preformed to his liking you barely received breaks. However this would be an excellent change of pace for Lestacia.

After the meeting she met with the other recruiters outside their base and headed out to a rally in a local Kou tavern called the Leaky Barrel. The leaky Barrel was known by the underground community to have the most undetected and illegal activity known in Kou. Lestacia and the other recruiters ordered a "Loud Mouthed Woman. An Actual drink that they had there and the bartender would smile. He'd lead them to the back area and press a button that would lead downstairs to an underground cavern with a podium set up. The place was packed. More beyond belief. The flier that they gave out told anyone interested to meet up at a cave in the outskirts of Kou. They however took a secret entrance that was concealed quite well. Lestacia put up her head as her Face was now Covered from the eye's of the people. Not A single image for one to remember. One of the men in her Posse had been a sound Magician whoo warped all their voices so it'd sound similar when they talked.

They finally got onto the podium and gave their speeches. Lestacia spoke of the power they had and the bad things Yoshiro did while the others focused on why Yoshiro didn't care about his people. It was at this point afterwards that Lestacia would take the stage once more. "Remember that if you join us you will be against Yoshiro. You might be targeted, hurt or even killed. But the same goes for if you Join Yoshiro. Remember, to stay strong and think of who you're fighting for. You're friends, Your families. Loved ones who have perished due to yoshiro's idiotic tyranny. With that we shall leave you. But if you wish to join us. Please speak with us now, give us a location to meet you and a time. Our operatives will meet you there. They are quite capable of handling one or even multitudes of men, so please, no funny business. There is already enough innocent blood of our people in the streets." With that lestacia would meet with a lot of men and woman, who would give her information that she would then have to write down and give to the others. As the gave filtered out they had achieved over the well needed limit. Lestacia and her associates would leave the cave. As everyone left. One of the other magicians who was proficient in Life magic, forced the cave to cave-in. Destroying the stairway and cave in the process. It was all according to plan. Lestacia and her troops headed for Dawnblade's camp to then report their progress.



To win a war, One must Win it's People 6ouumjD

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