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The Emperor Has No Clothes[Job]

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Job Name: Down With Yoshiro
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help to organize a secret meeting for these dissenters and stoke the flames of rebellion.

Upon learning that Kou had found itself occupied by a new ruler, Yakuroro took a personal interest. "So this is what fate had in mind..." The Imuchakk said to himself as he summoned a hazy recollection of what he had come to Kou for.  Somehow, he had snuck into a teleportation circle and wound up in the capitol with intent to cripple the Kou military. That much was clear. But the context of how he ended up there and what happened after he was shot down remained a distant whisper that hid from the magician at the murky vestiges of his memories. Thinking about the matter was painful, so Yakuroro begrudgingly let it rest, but there was one thing he could not let go. Fate had made him its puppet and the new emperor was surely the results the puppeteer had been working towards. Thinking about it made Yaku's teeth grind out of spite.

There was only one path Yakuroro could take to reconcile the anger he felt. He must take measures to undo that which he had done under "Solomon's" guidance. So Yakuroro left Lady Soushui's province and headed into the towns closer to the capitol in order to get a feel for how the populous felt about their new ruler. It was the same as it had been in Reim. On the surface, people seemed content. But when Yaku eavesdropped on hushed voices and corner conversations at the local pub, the people's true feelings came out. There was dissatisfaction towards Emperor Yoshiro from some of the people in all walks of life. Soldiers and farmers alike each had their own reasons to hold some sort of grievance with the leader of their country. It would all make for wonderful kindling needed to start the flames of revolution.

Being an outsider and a large Imuchakk to boot, Yakuroro couldn't help but stand out from the locals. He could not afford to directly approach potential dissenters as his very presence alone had been garnering the attention of town guards. During the day, it seemed as if there was always one lurking about not too far away keeping an eye on the Imuchakk to ensure he did not cause any trouble. At night, they stood posted close to the inn he was resting at to make sure he slept peacefully and did little else. So in order to do something to stir the people's resentments towards Yoshiro, Yakuroro had to reach out to them indirectly. Thankfully, many families had been displaced from their homes by the mass amounts of lands handed back to the plains people. There was no shortage of hungry and homeless scattered throughout the streets.

As Yakuroro passed by some of these downtrodden folk, he would kneel before them with a friendly smile and produce a gold coin. It was not the currency of their land, but it would still hold great value to one who has so little. Using the coins as payment, Yakuroro would quietly urge them to find people who are complaining about Yoshiro over the next week and inform them of a secret meeting set to take place. He would then give promise of more coin should they do well and move on to the next unfortunate victim of relocation. To the guards following, it seemed like Yakuroro was doing little more than offering charity to those in need.

On the night of the appointed meeting, Yakuroro returned to the inn early and opened the window to let in the evening air as he had made a habit of doing. But instead of going to lie in bed, he stepped out of view of the window and rose his hand in the air. "Dwell in my body...Marax." Yaku calmly demanded that the djinn lend him its power and fed it magoi in exchange. His form was clad in his djinn equip and then hidden with a casting of, Marx Vanish.  Now invisible, Yakuroro flew from his window and towards the meeting place leaving the guards none the wiser. He arrived there before anyone else and quickly made preparations by setting up a small stage for people to stand on as well as a perch above the area for him to sit and watch.

The meeting place was a courtyard in the rundown mansion of a nobleman that had been abandoned due to a lack of repairs and maintenance. Now it was being used as a place for refugees of the mass relocation to stay. The ones that had fallen through the cracks of Yoshiro's efforts to give such unlucky families a place to go after being uprooted. The courtyard was avoided as a place to sleep however, as it was open to the elements and was instead being used to hang laundry. Yakuroro had set the clothing aside for tonight as part of his preparations of course and now everything was ready. All he had to do was wait for people to arrive and begin. It didn't take long after sundown for those who had doubts about the new emperor started trickling in. Eventually, the courtyard was packed full and those most frustrated began to take lead on their own when no one else appeared to incite any sort of event.

Yakuroro didn't need to do anything for the people to start voicing their anger. A soldier who was unable to cope with a less aggressive foreign policy was the first to take a stand and begin shouting his frustrations to the crowd from the stage. When he was done, a farmer boy that had been born and raised on lands that were given back to the plains people stepped forward and told a heart wrenching tale of how his sickly sister died in the migration from their home that was forced upon them by their cowardly emperor. It went on for an hour before Yakuroro could see that many of the folk were riled but also tiring of the night. They could only grumble about their frustrations for so long before they had to return to their normal lives after all. So it was then that Yakuroro made his move.

Marx Replication

Yakuroro created copies of the town guards that had followed him around up till now and had them form on the rooftop with him. One of the cloned guards dropped down from the roof and landed on the stage which garnered everyone's attention. Some of the dissenters there were other guards who had come in partial uniform so this did not create an immediate panic, but what came next would.

"Thank you for coming out and voicing your opinions! I'll be sure to report them to Emperor Yoshiro after we clean up this mess!"

The guard clone then whistled and Yakuroro had the others drop down from the roof on all sides. Helmets and shadow covered their faces as the guards drew their swords. Only demonic grins and evil eyes could be seen of their expressions inciting the many people present to scream in fear. The clones began slashing their illusory blades cutting people with impunity. They could hardly wound anyone, let alone kill them, but the effect was enough to send the dissenters fleeing out the only exit Yakuroro had not blocked off with his creations.

"Don't let any escape alive, or the emperor will have our heads!"

The fake leader shouted as Yakuroro watched the peasants trample one another to escape. When all that could still stand had gone leaving behind only the weak and the old who had been knocked over and injured, Yakuroro sent his phantoms to end their lives by way of countless stabbings. Only nine were dead as a result of his ambush, but it would do for now. His main goal was accomplished. Now rumors would spread of how the emperor's men had been sent to murder those who dared question his rule. Surely this would cause others content with Yoshiro to question his seemingly noble and benevolent policies.

Yakuroro returned to his inn swiftly once the chaos was done, his cloned guards vanishing into the night with no living witnesses of their nature as magical constructs. Suspicion of him had certainly arisen, but Yakuroro had a perfect alibi and lingered in town for another two days before leaving so as to not make his role in the drama obvious. When he left the town, Yakuroro did so leaving a fearful and uneasy populous in his wake.

Magoi: 230/300
WC: 1414/500
Abilities Used:
Djinn: Marax
Type: Longsword
Theme: Perfect Illusion | Light + Sound
Chant: "O' Djinn of Mischief and Deceit! Let my will bend reality and grant me the power to fool even the wise! Dwell in my body and let your power be unleashed!"
Flight: 15m/s
Cost: 20 on cast; 10 per post
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Appearance: The full Djinn Equip of Marax gives the user a rather menacing visual appearance. Their skin turns blue like that of a djinn and their body becomes clad in a dark purple armor. The head is covered in dark purple shadows making it impossible to see ones face save for six glowing eyes turned 90 degrees like the third eye most djinn possess. The weapon that comes with the djinn equip grows to be a total of 7 feet long with 1 foot dedicated to the handle. The illusory haze that was once surrounding the blade is replaced by the dark purple shadows covering the user's head. These shadows rise off the edge of the sword which now has jagged bits sticking out almost reminiscent of the branches on a rampaging unicorn horn.

Name: Marx Vanish
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi | 15 Sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 posts; Sustained +1
Description: This is an illusion spell which can grant perfect invisibility to the user or target for up to three turns. The user will still interact with the environment around them making it possible to detect their presence and location using environmental clues or other non-visual detection methods. The spell works on creatures and objects alike up to a scale of 15m in size. If the target of the spell moves out of the 30m range(with the castor of the spell at its center), the spell will automatically cancel. If the target of the spell takes B-tier damage then the spell will end.

Name: Marx Replication
Tier: A
Cost: 20 magoi | 10 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Offensive
Range: 40m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts; Sustained +1
Description: When cast this spell allows the user to create illusory clones made partially solid. The user can clone anything 15 to 20 times so long as its scale does not exceed 5m. These clones can be of objects or people and are capable of dealing D-tier damage. D-tier damage is also all that is required to destroy one of the clones. If a clone moves 40m away from the castor it fades into nothingness. Each clone can move around according to the castor's will at a speed of 20m/s. At the start of the users sustained turns, the number of replicas will replenish to 20.


Thank you all, for everything.

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