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Vault of Angelus Spinam

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Vault of Angelus Spinam Angelu10


Name: Angelus Spinam
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Human
Tier: A-Tier [Royal]
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: 20 | 6/10
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: A very bold young man who is idealistic, and often treats others as tools though understanding everyone is a being just as he is. He is cold but fiery when angered and annoyed. It is rare for people to ever see his warmer and more kinder side, and his emotions, causing him to be looked at as stoic. He is a lover of materials however, and beauty, sporting jewelry and new attires when able. While he is a cold and intimidating man, he is one who converses often about politics, the world, magic, and history. In his time alone, he strategizes and discusses his many interests with those closest to him. Angelus is a strict and harsh leader and warrior, but one who excels at what he does cause he truly is in love with battle and the romanticization of conquest. He is lofty warrior who does not falter to fear or the strong, but thinks before acting. The warrior believes your mind is as strong as one's body if not more.
Likes: Enjoying conversing about politics, the world, magic, and history with his closest comrades. He is a great lover of conquest and war stories cause of the strife and spirit intertwined within them.
Dislikes: Angelus hates being powerless and unable to exert power over others for the better or for the worse of the world's good. He repels the feeling of defeat, and grows annoyed by defeat which in turn causes him to train and improve even further.
Aspirations: A dream of his he shall ensure is realized is founding a new Reim Empire under his lead, a great Empire uncontested by any others. He shall fight for his dream to his very end if he must. Angelus wishes to have great power unlike any other, and rule how he deems fit. This will take conquest and war, but he is hopeful and confident he shall prevail on top.
Phobias/Fears: He terribly fears losing power cause of how harsh he knows those without power they once had are treated. Nothing scares him more than that. He does not ever wish to lose power earned. A defeat will plague his mind of this fear of potentially losing power and influence over the world and others. Another fear of his is freedom for his people and himself to be taken, scared of his people and him being a slave to others.
Face-Claim: Firion | Final Fantasy II
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 182cm, 5'11in
Weight: 72kg, 138lbs
Appearance: His white flowing locks are dream like, wavering so gently in light wind. His eyes are dark and menacing though, with dark eye under eyes. He wears dark lipstick in duels, to cement a unique image of a gladiator and soldier in others' minds. In the past before the start of his warrior career, Angelus had donned rather raggedy clothes. He wore brown and neutral color tanktops and well fitting short pants that hug just below his knees. He wears Reiman sandals to this day though.

He is of a light tan brown complexion. Angelus is more well built now than the past, being of a rather low bodyfat percentage and a rippling muscle muscularity. If one views him clothed, they may only think he trains somewhat, but when the man is shirtless, his muscles are larger than one may have thought. He will often don flashier garbs and armor as a Reiman but when disguised as Gilgamesh, will wear a white scarf to conceal facial features.

Included within his Parthevian identity is a long light red cloak to conceal equipment, and a colorful bandana to top his outfit off. However, Angelus has begun to wear his long light red coat within Reim life now too, and occasionally a colored bandana. It seems that his time within Parthevia has impacted his style somewhat.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:
Tried and True Bond:
History: From the south of Reim lied the birthplace of Angelus, a city known as Ariminum. It was where much of the trade from elsewhere entered the prestigious and glorious Reim. It was also a large fishing city, and a city where a condiment of foods known as garum are produced in swathes for Reiman people. It is here where Angelus was born, with a half Reim and half Heliohapt man as his father and a woman of a quarter Reim heritage and the rest deriving from Kou. As one could see, Angelus would be a rare Reiman male. However, it never very much ever crossed his mind as he aged into a young man.

His father was a trader who traveled goods across the sea from the country of Reim to the country of Balbadd often. His mother often went along, and assisted the man in trading with the Balbadd people before returning to Reim. It caused young Angelus to be alone in Reim often and not having much of close bond with his parents. It was because of his parents' absence Angelus were to learn to fend for himself and learn that he can become great without his parents. He vigorously trained to enter a Reiman legion. It was a dream of Angelus from very young. His idols were the most glorious warriors of Reim and the ones who left a legacy forever imprinted into the mighty once Empire.

With a small sum of money from his parents every return trip they came and legion scouts noticing Angelus, he was able to invest in his training farther as a young teen youth. As a child, he was weak but determined and held strong conviction to imprint his legacy upon Reim. He would barely make it through education, and was often ridiculed. However, the young boy was far smarter than what anyone knew. Among his small friend circle, he was the most ridiculed but the most determined to prove his friends wrong. Angelus knew his deep potential, but he had to train further and study how to become a greater Reiman man than his peers and others. In his mid teens, he would often train vigorously, but he lacked the further funds to be build muscle atop his frame. It was not enough money to build his body to be a muscle bound Reim soldier, one unrivaled.

It would change when he were to be noticed by someone who sponsored amateur gladiators of Reim. He was nothing more than a life to slay before thousands of Reiman people to his sponsor. However, training for years before, the young Angelus were to surprise the sponsor. He was very weak and no muscle bound solder yet, but the young man was determined. Angelus had a will. His life would be put on the line for a mere duel. Angelus were to try and prove his ingenious strategy before thousands, and obtain the funds necessary to sponsor his proper training. If he could slay his enemy, he could realize his genetic potential as a great and unprecedented soldier of the once Reim Empire.

Role-Play Sample: It was but a sunny nor bright day within the trading and fishing city of Ariminum of Reim. It was a dark cloudy day, and the white haired man were to try and attempt to work a job selling fish to people. However, the man's eyes were to ward off any hopeful buyers. Few who were not very afraid of the young Angelus were to purchase from him, but it was quite evident though that he did not have a very friendly look to him to sell products. After some hours of working, Angelus were to end his shift with his head down, and only a dark and sad expression on his face. His eyes were devoid of life.

Angelus of Reim were to walk the streets, having wished there was an easier path to funding the proper training he needs to gain muscle. He could barely wield a gladius sword. If only there was some other path. He would see legionaries of Reim walk past, often with nice equipment and bodies. He was just not there yet. Angelus would look on at the sky with a blank dead face. What could he do?

That is when suddenly, an opportunity arose. It was a man who was scouting people for amateur Coliseum duels. Perhaps the young Angelus could ask what he had to do to join the Coliseum as a gladiator. Going up to him, he would ask what he had to do to join the Coliseum. One of the other scouts would examine the young dispensable man up and down very quickly. He would decide that he could do for a small side duel to rile the crowd up with his death.

"You have an okay build. We can try and get you in for a duel."

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  • Primary - Warrior
  • Secondary - Body Manipulator



Tried and True Bond:

Enhanced Magoi:

Iron Body:

Blessing of the Rukh:



War Strategist:

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D-tier Abilities

Novicius Set:

C-tier Abilities


B-tier Abilities

Aureum & Ares:

Venator Corporis:

Celeri Mortem:

The Depth Walkers' Techniques:

A-tier Abilities


Omega-tier Abilities


Beast Abilities


Djinn Related Abilities


Social Abilities

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Coliseum Gladius:

Albus Leo Cestus:


Magic Weapons

The Keeper's Scythe:

Axe of Ekgre:

Demon's Blade:

Fool's Gold:

Nube Manu:

Blade of the Protector:

Symbol of Leones:

Standing Mirror:

Capillus Lucis:

The Depth Walkers' Hand:

Cold Coffin:

Linothorax of Reim:

The Wind's Delivery:



Shards of Solomon:

Journey Book [Zubaidah Linked]:

Et Aquila Gloria:

Eagle Leg Bracers:



Magic Items


Acri Alba:

Pedant of Serenity:

Gourd of Iron Sand:

Morningstar, Flail of Radiant Faith:

Revenant's Blessing:

Faux Archer's Wrist Quivers:


Nerilla Samira:

Aureus Flavus:





Merry Cookies:

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