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Coliseum I: Partial Foreign Blood

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Duel Against:

It was a hazy day in the capital, which clouded the streets and made walking through the streets to the Coliseum a bit more difficult. It was not a city that Angelus was accustomed to. His own home city was a bit more distinct in culture from the capital, yet still very similar. Being here in the capital for a Coliseum duel was rather unnerving. It could very well be the end of Angelus here. However, the young man were to let fate and his own will decide that. If he was destined to his dreams, he shall make it there. It would begin with the Coliseum. Angelus was not a very strong nor capable warrior. Yet, he would make the best of what he had, and hope his ingenuity and strategy could outplay his opponent. If he could do that, his strength and further abilities would come later on. Angelus knew his potential and worth. In this moment, he truly had nothing to lose but his life which to him carried very little value currently.

He would dip his finger in a thick black paint like substance and coat his lips in the black color. It would be his signature style that the spectators were to come to notice with time if enough duels were won. Angelus were to continue on walking and stride up to the steps of the Coliseum and check into the Barracks of the structure. His sponsor and hire would pay rarely no mind to him, but just tell Angelus to put on a good show and to not disappoint. It was not very uplifting, but Angelus was okay. He only needed himself in this duel, and nobody else. Upon the weapons of the glorious Coliseum becoming available to him, he would decide to take up arms with just a fairly simple gladius. If he could win this duel, he would ask to take this sword as his.

Angelus: "If I win, this sword is mine. Hmph!"

Said the dark eyed young man. His sponsor would just nod and ignore him while he tended to more prized gladiators. He would wait for his turn to enter the arena. His sponsor would quickly give him an idea of the opponent and no more. It was okay though. Angelus did not need to know everything about his opponent now. It would come into light in the duel. Both of them though were of mixed heritage. Nobody quite knew of Angelus' heritage though. It was only a fact of who he was, not a defining factor. He was a patriotic Reiman man, who wished to bring Reim to its former glory and greater. It had to begin somewhere though. Anyhow, they would call out for Angelus to come out now. With his head up high, Angelus would stride out.

Angelus: "Well, let us see how this goes."

In white well fitting short pants ending just below his knees and a black tanktop, with Reiman sandals, he would come out into the arena and lift his gladius up high to the crowd. Roars would echo out, Angelus would put down his gladius and then stare right at his opponent before him. She was a rather peculiarly dressed girl. It looked like the girl was of half Kou heritage, so very well a mixed heritage Reim girl. It looked like she was quite confident in herself and her heritage from Kou. What did she and Angelus have in common? Nothing. Angelus was no noble, and had very little strength. He was proud of who he was though. He was merely a proud Reiman who was of mixed heritage, that was all to him. His nationality was of more importance than his skin tone or heritage.

Giana Antonius: "Hey there, boy! Are you from around here!? I am sorry but I have to prove to my family my worth!"

Angelus: "Hmph!"

Said the young man as the duel were to begin. It was quick. Battles were quick Angelus would soon learn. She would rush up to him in only a moment. How quick the girl was! She were to try and halt Angelus' movement of his gladius before trying to attack with her other fan. It were sharp fans, ones Angelus were to have to be careful with and avoid. It looked like fans from Kou. Angelus would jump back and pull his gladius back, careful to not let his gladius be restricted. She would react to Angelus' jump back by attacking with Falling Moon. However, Angelus would react to that then with Parrius to interrupt it.

Giana Antonius: "Gah!"

She cried out, jumping back. That would be Angelus' moment! He would perform Ictus! He would lunge forward and drive the gladius into the side of the girl's abdomen. It would draw a fair deal of blood. It was D-Tier damage to the young Giana. Giana were to perform Rising Moon and throw her two fans at Angelus in an attempt to cut him down. However, quickly Angelus would swipe at one of the fans she threw to reduce the damage. Angelus would perform the ability Parrius on one of the fans, and let the other one cut him. It would cut his shoulder for D-Tier damage and cause him to bleed a bit, but he would push on through the pain and deliver a decisive attack here and now.

Angelus: "Genu Ictus!"

Roared the white haired locked man. He would jut his knee into the stomach of the girl and deal C-Tier damage. She would cry out and cough up blood, before falling to her knees and fainting. She lied there to be killed now right in front of his feet. Angelus would look down at her with disdain and lift his gladius up, and lunge the gladius' blade into the floor beside her head. It was not something Angelus felt like doing, killing her that is. He pitied the girl. It was a duel well won and conquered, despite fairly quick. People were to cry and shout, cheering for Angelus. It was a feeling like he had never quite felt before. Some were to call Angelus a coward for not taking her head, for not having more respect for the combat and culture of Reim, but Angelus would merely leave her be. He were to rise the gladius up high with honor. It was the Reim blade and the Reim techniques that won in this duel today, and the ingenious mind of Angelus.

Wordcount: 1067

Stamina: 70

Coliseum Gladius:

Abilities Performed:


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