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Coliseum II: Out With The Old

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Duel Against:

Atop a hill in the outer city of the capital, Angelus sat with his gladius plunged into the ground. His eyes set lied on the far off but visible Coliseum that stood high into the sky. It was quite a brutal arena. If you lost and had your blood spilt, people of Reim would cheer and cry out loud. It was not an ideal way to fall, but for some, that was the most ideal way to fall. It was somewhat an odd cultural aspect of Reim young Angelus felt. It was also the stepping stone to flourish for him now though. He pondered on who the next opponent just may be. It could be someone far out of his scope of victory. He doubted it though. Duels were said to be often set up with the estimated skill and power of the gladiators in mind. However, some concluded quite quickly and perhaps cause the estimations were off. It was no use worrying though. Angelus would simply try and do his best with what was given to him. It was on him to bring victory closer to home.

Old Lady: "Hey boy, my son saw your match. He is a legionary of Reim and thought you did very well. He says to keep it up, that you fight like a true Reiman man."

He was spaced out, that is until an elderly woman were to come up to him. It seemed to be a mother of a Roman legionary as she said herself. It was quite rather kind of her to inform him that her son saw the match that Angelus had with Giana Antonius and was impressed by his style of swordsmanship. It warmed his heart, which was not something that happened very often for the white haired man that has had a lonely life from childhood. It were to give the gladiator the motivation that could be of great use when training. He were to thank the lady. It was unlike people to compliment him. He felt that the effort put in was now coming to show.

Angelus: "I am very thankful of the kind words. I will do my best in my next match."


It came the day now for his newest duel. It was a blue sky day, not misty or dark and gloomy like the past days. It was colder though than the previous days. Winter began to be ushering upon the lands of Reim slowly but surely. It was colder here than it was in Ariminum. Anyways that was but a note that Angelus made of the capital of Reim. It was now for him to get to the duel and prepare. With a thick black paint coated on his finger, he would carefully color his lips. Then he would wipe his finger off using a cloth. As he strolled towards the Coliseum registration he were to be noticed by some hopeful spectators that saw his last duel. Angelus were to rise a hand and acknowledge his few fans. It was rather quick to already have some fans he felt like. It was a nice feeling, but he knew his fans only looked for blood, and had no true connection with him and his unique character. It would be swell having a close and true bond with somebody.

Sponsor: "Your opponent is a measly and elderly man, but with much experience fighting lower tiered gladiators. Put on a good show. You will be up in a moment."

Said the man who had hired him just a few weeks ago now. He was a bit more impressed with the new gladiator of the Coliseum. It was not plenty that made it past their first duel. It was a rough arena that many perished from, but some prevailed. With his quite low class clothes he were to walk into the arena again, donning nothing but his black lipstick and a single gladius. Roars from the crowd were to set the tone. It looked like his opponent was perhaps one of the favorites here. Who was this old geezer? Angelus sucked in his teeth. Would this be a bit harder than anticipated? Did he bite off more than he can chew? It was yet to be seen. Angelus were to rise his gladius up and stare at the man coldly before the match began and blades exchanged.

Rufi: "More young blood!? We need you poor men alive for service. It is a shame!"

Angelus: "Hmph! It should be a shame for you, your time has come!"

Rufi: "I have heard that more times than I can count, young one!"

Angelus: "Well, this will be the last time you hear it!"

Both men exchanged harsh words, with Angelus even going on to say he will claim the elderly man's life in this duel. There existed a small chance his foe would be kept alive, but now after what his opponent said to him, Angelus was to ensure he were to fall to his new gladius blade. How many lives of great Reimans did his foe claim? He was unsure. Angelus was not one who was eager to claim lives, for Reiman lives could be of service. Anyhow, now the duel began!

With quite quick footwork, similar to Giana Antonius, the man rushed up to Angelus but with more careful steps than the girl of Kou pride. He were to await Angelus to strike or move is what it looked like. He were to begin to lean in to strike, only to pull back as the white haired man was to prepare to defend. Then suddenly Rufi were to sidestep and attack from another angle as young Angelus got in defense stance. Before he set fully in a defense stance, Angelus were to shift his blade a bit and prepare for an unexpected parry instead. As old Rufi leapt forward to cleave down Angelus, he were to be met by Parrius. It was a shock for Rufi, who would find his blade and arm flinging upward from the technique of Angelus.

Rufi were to swiftly bring his shield before him, expecting to block. He was right, a block was needed. Angelus were to smash his knee into the shield with Genu Ictus and put Rufi off balance a bit. That is when Angelus now were to reign down his blade upon Rufi, with Caelum Secare. It would cut off Rufi's arm which was in the air at the moment from Angelus' prior Parrius. Angelus' gladius ripped violently into his arm and would cleave it clean. This would follow by a mere kick into his shield, causing him to fall over while bleeding. Angelus' quick and brutal style of combat was now being unveiled.

Angelus: "Scream your last words proudly!"


He said before the Coliseum before Angelus grew tired, and went on to plunge this new gladius into the man's chest. Rufi would cough blood, before his eyes dulled out. It was pitiful. He was not meant to say those words. Angelus were to halt the veteran gladiator with his gladius before anymore pitiful words came out to the ears of the crowd. It would come to a great shock to the entire crowd when Rufi's last blood were to be spilt. His pool of blood was what remained now and the body that was used to slay likely countless men and women gladiators of great Reim. It was astonishing to people that a young man who only had one duel before could triumph over the veteran, Rufi. With his black lipstick, and dark eyes, he looked on at the crowd, and rose his gladius up to the people. It looked rather menacing to the Reiman people. Who was Angelus?

Angelus: "I am Angelus Spinam of Reim!"

Wordcount: 1306

Stamina: 70

Coliseum Gladius:

Abilities Performed:


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