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Knock one out. [ Coliseum ]

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1Knock one out. [ Coliseum ] Empty Knock one out. [ Coliseum ] on Thu 22 Sep - 1:43

Farid Issah

Farid Issah
Giana Antonius:
Knock one out. [ Coliseum ] 0DSOvQD
Enemy Name: Giana Antonius
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Giana Antonius is the daughter of a Reim noble family who had been sent to Kou for schooling as her father wanted his daughter to experience more than life in just her home country. Giana returned to Reim shortly before conflict between the two countries broke out. Much to her father’s horror, Giana had completely absorbed Kou culture and insisted on dressing in Kou fashion, even using Kou designed weaponry and techniques! Too infatuated with her newfound independence to take care of her duties as a noblewoman, this young lady headed to the coliseum to prove her worth to her family. She is a first time competitor, and confident in her skills.
Abilities: Giana runs at 6 m/s and sprints at 12 m/s. She carries a pair of bladed fans that impart D-tier basic damage.

Rising Moon - Flicking her wrists, Giana tosses both fans at the same time at 20 m/s. Each fan deals D-tier damage.

Falling Moon - Raising both fans above her head, Giana brings them down in an X-pattern at 20 m/s to deal C-tier damage.

Resting Moon - Twirling one of her fans around her body at 20 m/s, Giana deflects up to B-tier damage.

Farid was compelled to return to the Coliseum to perform. As an ex-athlete, he was definitely captivated by showing off a little of his finesse and fitness to the masses. Having had defeated Rufi and enjoying the crowds reception, he decided going after every single competitor in Coliseum would be the best route to go. Perhaps making a small name for himself in the process, which could further his influence within the country. Reim was deeply passionate about their gladiators and now he had a student that was one as well. He could pass on the knowledge he would gain in these battles to Caelus.



Knock one out. [ Coliseum ] DWxhOIG

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