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Advancement [Coliseum Battle]

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Advancement [Coliseum Battle] O2wl8J7
Enemy Name: Polliver
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description/background: Polliver is a coliseum favorite, known for putting on a flashy show while being merciful in the end. A Reim native, he grew up watching Coliseum matches where his father competed. When his father died from wounds sustained in battle, Polliver took up the great-sword left behind and began practicing until he was able to enter the Coliseum. He has been undefeated in 8 matches and has never killed an opponent, always paying for their after-care out of his winnings to ensure another orphan was not made in the same manner he was.

Abilities: Polliver moves at up to 10 m/s and carries a great sword capable of inflicting B-tier damage and a short bow capable of inflicting C-tier damage

Fiery Rain – Polliver uses his short bow to fire off 10 fire arrows in a circle around an opponent to trap them inside a five meter circle. If an opponent touches an arrow, C-tier fire damage is inflicted.

Furious Speed – Polliver uses magoi manipulation to increase his constant speed to 20 m/s for two posts.

Wicked Death – Moving at 20 m/s, Polliver dashes past his opponent with his great sword held horizontally to the side, inflicting B-tier damage.

Slice and Slash – Polliver executes a series of 4 slashes at 20m/s with his blade at varying angles, each slash dealing D-tier damage for a total of B-tier damage if all land.

Righteous Strike – Polliver infuses all of his focus into a single deadly attack, his blade moving at 25 m/s in a strike to the torso to inflict A-tier damage.

Task Track Enveloping all of the Coliseum with waves of cheering as the by far one of the most popular warriors entered the arena, Trently couldn't help but be at-least somewhat nervous but at the same time; he was pumped. Wavering breaths of wind trickled throughout the area, this could especially be witnessed once Trently made his initial debut inside the ring as the gales gently yanked on his kimono. Throughout Trently's journey to the astounding city of Reim, the sailors who he had hitched a ride with spoke on about how warriors of all kinds participate inside these gigantic arenas known throughout all of Reim and it's neighboring countries as "The Coliseum". Taking an entrance into the arena, it was no surprise that Trently was discriminated against due to deriving from the empire of Kou. Before Trently was a roughly middle aged blonde man whom appeared to be experienced and quite popular within the Coliseum as a frequent participate.

"Polliver, our glorious warrior whom has yet to lose even one battle has now made his entrance! Lets hear it for our beloved blonde combatant; Polliver!" Hyping up the entirety of the crowd for the coming duel between the two swordsmen standing against each other, the Coliseum raves in cries as for their favorite gladiator was filled with grateful joy. "Lets show them a good fight! Aye Kou Kid? I'll take care of your injuries after this match if you want but lets put on a good show!" Gladiator of a thousand supporters asked of Trently as he waved at his fans aloft the arena's ring. "Heh.. Yeah. I'll be sure to show them a good fight!"

Confirming with Polliver that he'll be showing them a fight the crowd will enjoy, Trently brandished his grandfather's katana out of it's sheath and upheld it. "Polliver's opponent this time is a wanderer from the Kou Empire! Everyone!, lets welcome this newcomer to the arena! Show a juicy debut fight Trently!" Unveiling Polliver's opponent who shall be fighting head to head with him, the crowd was very split as many were booing and some cheered as they were able to finally witness a native of Kou be cut down by a fan favorite of the Coliseum. Among the plenty of viewers within the Coliseum, there were those placing bets upon these warriors. Majority of bets were obviously placed onto Polliver as he was a skilled gladiator within the arena who has yet to lose once.

"Who you think will win this?"

"Who else!? Obviously it'll be Polliver. That Kou boy doesn't stand a chance."

"You think so? I'll place my bet on that boy just in case he does happen to win."

"Are you sure you want to put all your money in that boy? You could very well just lose it all if he doesn't overcome that tough wall of a warrior you know. Not a single person has been able to overcome that man for a long while."

Conversing with one another, the crowd began discussing on how Trently will most likely be overwhelmed by Polliver's brute strength alone. "Aye Kid! I'll take it easy on you but try not to forfeit early in the match! Got it?" Provoking Trently into forfeiting later on in the match rather not early in the fight, Polliver smirked as he brandished his hefty sword of his. "Same goes to you! Polliver!" Declaring that he'll be putting in full effort into this fight, Trently unsheathed his grandfather's katana. "You may... start!" Announcing this battle's beginning, both participates went and clashed with each other in a beautiful dance of brawling ambitions whom both seek to earn victory.

"Now let us see if your the real deal, Trently!?" Directing a hardy basic strike of his sword vertically at Trently, Polliver smirked. Wielding the inherited katana of his grandfather, Trently took a side step to the left and brandished his katana upon Polliver as he banged the side of the blade with the man's head. "Dezu Atama!" Striking a hit with his sword in order to daze the blonde warrior. "Uhh.. what just happened? Whatever, I wont fall to tricks like that!" Becoming slightly confused by the strike, Polliver goes on to exchange a few cuts and slaps with their blades.

Scuffling with two double horizontal basic strikes, Trently is caught off guard by the second horizontal and catches a D-Tier grazed cut wound to his forehead as he attempted to duck the dazed man's slash. During the strike he was wounded, Trently stumbled but delivered a D-Tier cut to the man's knee once he ducked under. Pouncing back to avoid another cut from Trently, Polliver reached for a short bow if his and shot ten arrows a blazed in a circular ring around Trently. "Haha! Try getting out of that Trently! With this, I'll stop you from advancing any further as I'll deliver the finishing blow the second you manage to escape from that ring of fire!" Warning Trently that he'll be cut by that giant sword of his once he escapes or leaves that ring of fire.

Task Track

"Your underestimating me Polliver! It is not me who will be cut down the second I step out of this ring! Hehe.. it shall be you!" Admitting that he'll be attacking Polliver the very second he has escaped the arrows blazed up in flames around him. "If I wish to grow stronger... then I must evolve!" Is what Trently exclaimed as he crouched and cut the blazing arrows with his trusty katana. "Anybody with a sword can easily cut down your arrows!" Revealing the flaw of the trick that Polliver just pulled, Polliver ran up to the Kou boy and started swinging at a swift and speedy pace. "Hmph! Then I'll show you my real sword skills!" Bellowing from the bottom of his stomach, Polliver dealt a variety of slices and slashes just for the teenage mercenary.

"Take this! Slice and Slash! You won't be able to escape from this how you did my Fiery Rain!" Shifting into a blood thirsty assault bent on having Trently receive cuts of furious swordsmanship. "Mamoru Tori!" Defending against these blows of Polliver's that kept coming as if they were a storm, Trently managed to parry off all of the flurrying strikes. Although escaping those extreme amounts of attacks flung at at him, Trently was caught off guard when Polliver sped up his movement with magoi to deliver rapid basic strikes. As they both were in close range with each other, Trently suffered the most as Polliver's attacks caught him truly off guard.

Garnering two C-Tier cuts on each arm, Trently used him being in close range to his advantage and started to spin the blade he was wielding. Thrusting the multi-colored handle's sharpened metal along the Polliver's shoulder, Trently tore through the gladiator's skin with an almost deadly killing intent. "Kunren Tori!" Shouted Trently as he added all of his collective force and strength into this one drilling technique to finish it all off. "Oaaah!" Was all of the crowd's reaction upon witnessing this dangerously performed strike in which ended Polliver's long winning streak.

Blood ran off Polliver's wound down to wrist due to the deep wound caused by the cut. This had been enough to halt the match as if Polliver continued then he would most likely suffer mass amounts of blood loss. Afterward, those who lost bets and or those who won bets had either cheered or heckled at Trently whom was a mere rookie within the Coliseum. At the end of the day, Trently took care of Polliver's wounds as Polliver told Trently he'd do the same before the match started.

WC: 1323/800
Magoi: 40/110
Stamina: 150/190

Scaling notes listed inside the Skills Spoiler


Dezu Atama
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The only requirement is to be able to smack the target's head with a sufficient amount of force with a blade, branch, or anything able to wielded that wont break on contact.
Scaling: 10+ Stamina for a two post duration of effect 20+ Stamina for a three post duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Torento smacks the head of his target with any type of a blade's side he is currently wielding. The force of the smack causes various vibrations to travel throughout the target's head, dazing the target for about one post. This technique will cause the target to still be able to move afterward but their movements will be in-accurate and dazed like.

Mamoru Tori
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The requirement in order to perform this defensive technique is to position the blade in a vertical position in front of his chest in order to fend off whatever incoming technique or attack is being sent at the user. The drawback is that the user must plant his feet with force in order to tank and resist the knock-backs of attacks.
Scaling: Damage ~ Scaled to B-Tier (Spent 30 Magoi Total + Original 10 Stamina)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Torento must position his blade vertically and about a meter in front of his chest in order to fend off and parry incoming techniques and damage. This technique also resists all knock back effects of equal tier techniques, attacks, and forces due to the planting of the user's feet. This technique can tank and fend off techniques of the same tier and cut damage in half from a technique that is one tier higher.

Kunren Tori
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Trently must be able to spin the hilt of his blade while performing the technique.
Scaling: Damage ~ Scaled to A-Tier (Spent 40 Magoi Total + Original 10 Stamina)
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Torento must lunge or thrust his blade or sword into whichever direction he wishes while drilling the hilt and blade at the target. This causes extreme tearing of the skin and muscle that can greatly harm the target. The target has difficulty ignoring the damage and harm done due to the massive tearing, bleeding, and wounding of the whole technique.


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