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Coliseum III: Egotistical

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Duel Against:

It was a cold and somewhat of a humid day. It was fairly cloudy. In the great city of the massive Reim Republic, Remano, stood Angelus, a hopeful gladiator. It was his third duel now in the Coliseum, occurring today. Ensuring his sword work was well and not lacking, he trained for a moment, slashing his gladius' blade at a tree. It was an important duel today. It was a duel he could not lose, if he sought to strike a new deal with a sponsor, one he had met a few days prior to today. Angelus had been invited to his small banquet, and bought groceries for the man to win favor. However, the wealthy sponsor were to ask of Angelus to perform well in one other duel before a deal could be discussed. It was of the utmost importance he won this.

Unlike other gladiators, Angelus did not possess much strength. Rather, he simply and merely relied on what he could do, and he did it with ingenuity and diligence. With the days that came though, Angelus had been building a slight bit more muscle and leaning out a bit at the same time. It is nothing substantial but a step onto the right path to being a far more capable man of Reim. Angelus were to end his small practice an hour before his duel, and begin to travel to the Coliseum to sign in for his duel. With his head titled to the side, Angelus' tired dark expression looked on forward at the Coliseum before him that began to fill. Rising his finger to his lush lips, he were to paint them with dark black ink. Steaking them across his lips as he came to the steps of the Coliseum. Angelus was here to draw blood, and fight.

Sponsor: "Are you prepared for your new duel, Angelus?"

Asked the man whom obtained Angelus his first duel.

Angelus: "I will no longer be fighting for you."

Said the white haired gladiator.

Sponsor: "What!? You can't do that! I brought you here!"

Exclaimed the man in utter shock.

Angelus: "You are nothing but my pawn I used to bring me here. I am an anomaly of a man, and my destiny is to be great."

Spoke the black lipped man, as he lied prepared to enter the arena. Paying simply no mind to the man who brought him here, Angelus ignored. It was quite ridiculous to the other man that Angelus was this confident. Who did he think he was!? To him young Angelus was just a fresh new gladiator to kill off for profit. However, very unknown to him, Angelus was but a tool, he was a natural born leader made to lead his great and mighty nation to glory. It was an innate trait of Angelus to use others. It did not mean he did not care for people, but he was ruthless. That was just simply whom young Angelus was.

Announcer: "Aand now, we introduce Angelus Spinam! Two victories and zero losses under his belt! Who shall come out victor!?"

It was his queue now. Angelus smirked, and would walk from out his side. He were to rise his gladius up and stare at his opponent. Roars from the crowd told the young man that they were quite excited. It was intriguing to hear such anticipation. Who is this opponent of Angelus'? It was yet another female. From examining her looks and features, she seemed to be foreign. However, her weapon of choice was reminiscent of Giana Antonius'. Anyhow, white haired Angelus were to just focus on the duel and what she were to do. It were to start, and immediately, she rushed at him at such a quick speed. How brave of the woman. Angelus braced for a strike.

Silver Fox: "Brave Fox Rapid Spin!"

Angelus: "Parrius!"

Roared the white haired gladiator as the woman spun at Angelus with her metal ball attached to her fan swinging for him. Angelus rose his guard though, and were to swipe at it as he leapt back. It was a tricky weapon to fight against. Shocked by her quick pace, Angelus were to remain on his defense. If he was not careful, he could find himself wounded by her. Silver Fox were to attempt to cut Angelus over and over for a moment, but Angelus were to weave in and out of her cuts. She were to grow impatient, and rush again for Angelus who looked for an opening to cut her down when the woman least expected it. Roars from the crowd invigorated them.

Silver Fox: "Paper Cut!"

Angelus: "Parrius! .. Genu Ictus!"

Said the genius gladiator. Angelus made the woman impatient, provoking the assassin to perform an ability that he could clash with while he were to drive his knee into the stomach of the woman to deal B-Tier damage. Silver Fox's fan dropping, Angelus were to follow up his Genu Ictus technique with a light cut across the woman's right arm. It were to draw forth blood, as the woman lied there defeated by the glorious gladiator known as Angelus. Cheers from the people of Reim filled the air of the massive and tall Coliseum structure. It was an exciting duel by the white haired gladiator, Angelus.

Wordcount: 872

Stamina: 70

Coliseum Gladius:

Abilities Performed:

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