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Tokoro Coliseum Matches

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

She didn’t miss combat so to speak but she more felt as though things were missing in a way with the lack of sudden letters giving her things to do. She loved the casualness of her new life but it felt something was still missing. And well knowing that there was a coliseum in the area that paid fighters to fight and no one wanted to buy street food from an unknown girl who screamed at a foreigner from Kou. It was this or Hunting animals.. Which she'd likely do too but this was nice for practice exercise and fast cash. That and she was curious as to what she could learn from fighting in the colosseum so here she was at Reims colosseum setting up her Wire wollus with its new upgrades waiting for the time for her turn to fight. She tightened the gloves correctly as she heard the announcers. “And that’s it folks!”

They all cheered as the guy from her side was brought in by a stretcher making her blink but settled herself quickly standing ready. “Our first competitor, a regular here, please welcome… RUFIIIIIIIII!!!” The coward roared excitedly. “And a new first time challenger no doubt from Kou given her name… Tokoroooooo!” He said as she came out the crowd giving lukewarm claps from about the area. She squinted her eyes a bit, okay she didn't come to be cheered on but this just kinda annoyed… oh well. She looked to her opponent. She staggered back as shivers ran along her very soul seeing the man’s attire, that left little to the imagination. “Let the fight begin!” he declared as the gates they left through slid close.

The man entered his defensive stance as Tokoro focused herself on the fight at hand. She got into a ready stance slowly pacing to the side with her hands at the ready slowly circling him as he slowly rotated to keep her at the front of him. It seemed he was a defensive type. Which meant she would have to catch him off guard or over power his defenses. She decided to test how fast he was before going all out and darted forward. “The fist move going to the newbie will it work against her or will she luck out?!” She announcer called out as she went for a basic strike and jabbed her 4 fingers of one hand to the opposing side of the man who was fast enough to catch her hand with his shield using his Steadfast Hold Tossing her hand to the side. He then counters by sending a basic attack at her.

She leapt back just barely in time as she blacked her vitals with ehr arms getting - Tier strikes on her arms cutting them deeply but not too seriously. “Oh and a blow don't by Rufi!” the crowd cheering happily. “What will the young newbie do now!?” She looking forward as she landed skidding to a stop seeing the man leaping at her then. He comes at her with a Forward Cleave swinging his blade down towards her. She just barely dodged as she tuck and rolled out of the way. She got her feet to stop her roll and leaped towards him. She using her Pin Point move as she uses 3 of their fingertips to jab at once 3 pressure points in the targets limb making it go numb and limp on his sword wielding arm quickly moving to stride align the side of his torso with her I’m Not Touching you, I’m Hurting You.

She using her pointer and middle finger’s knuckles, to strike 3 points, then 3 more along his leg for a total of C - Tier Damage to him. He grunted out as the crowd cheered out in amazement. “Looks like young Tokoro is more than just a newbie kid after all am I right? Let's find out!” He declared working up the crowd more Tokoro going for a Basic Strike ones again while the man was slowed by the pain and unarmed though he twisted his torso agins the pain just enough to us is Sliding Board making her claws slide off. She staggering back before squinting her eyes as he shifted to face her fully getting ready to block her. She then ran at him pulling back her arm to strike. “Another full frontal attack looks like the newbie forgot what happened last-”

He just off as she pulled her arm back just in time as she leaped up planting her foot on the shield and using it to leap over the man landing behind him as she turned on her foot slashing at his back for a Basic C - Tier Attack cutting deep into his back making his shout in pain “A surprise attack from Tokoro using her opponent moves to get her own edge!” The announcer declared amazed. She then as he turned japped just in time for one last Basic C - Tier Attack on his inner biceps of his shield welding arm. He dropped his shield and fell to the ground.

“I concede!” he called out, making the crowd cheer. Tokoro painted looking down to the man and nodded to him as the medics came over to help him out of the area.

“Alright folks Tokoro here signed up for 3 fights today, we'll have a match in between each though to let her get a rest and patched up. Hopefully she will keep up her tactical thinking and put up a good show for you all!” The crowd cheered as she made her way out of the arena.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro listened to the fighting outside as she winced at the stitches she was being given.She was glad that they were willing to patch her up despite her newbie status given how she was doing more fights. When they finished up they wrapped up her injuries tightly and sighed. “It may help avoid you tearing your stitches but if not it will certainly absorb any bleedin.” He said simply patting her on the shoulder and getting up to tend to the next person.

“Thank you sir” She said softly looking to her bag before getting up and pulling out her chained scythes. She wanted to keep things interesting and given how the next opponent would know her last weapon and one of its capabilities it would be best to keep them guessing by using a new weapon so they had to figure out how she preferred to use that one next. She watched as the competitor of the previous match made their way in through the gates as she went to stand by them.

“Alright Folks! Tokoro from the previous match is patched up and ready for another battle! How may she fair? Who knows?! Please welcome TOKOROOOO” He called doubt she getting a bit more applause then last time given how her last fight went. She stood at the ready as she looked onwards as her competitor slowly made her way out as she was announced. “Now please welcome a once newbie herself to the colosseum and now long time favorite… Giana Antonius!” He declared. Tokoro blinked as she saw her outfit. Was she from Kou as well..? She wondered as the crowd cheered her on. “Let the match begin!” The announcer declared. The girl bowed to her making her blink but smile as she bowed back to her.

“So a Kou native… This shall be interesting no?” The woman offered to make Tokoro nod.

“Most certainly! Are you from Kou as well?” She asked curiously as they both entered their stances.

“No, I am a local but I fell in love with your peoples cultures upon visiting. Now that the war has passed there I hope to visit again with my prize money!” She said happily.

“I hope you do see it again my lady.” She said politely back to her. She then darted forward as she held one scythe by his handle and the other by its chain as she watched the woman  shift her fans  in her hands  before flicking her wrists to toss the fans at the girl using her Rising Moon move. Tokoro though loosened her grip on her chain to give it more length as she quickly tossing her Scythe forward as she took the  fans direct hits to the chest as her scythe wrapped around the girl with her Get over ‘mere and yanked her scythe back pulling the girl forward and off her feet  bringing her closer to her the girl grabbing her fans as she laid on the ground next to them and open dup one and spinning it around to block with her Resting Moon to stop Tokoros Basic C - Tier blow with her free scythe. She broke free of her chains then and rolled to her feet.

“You are well skilled Tokoro.” She said with a smile.

“Same to you Giana.” She said with a smile back as the crowd cheered excitedly.

“A nice and even match so far folks! And a match that certainly seems friendly so sadly no blood shed this time!” The announcer declared with an upbeat tone. The girl brought up her fans and brought them down in a X motion to perform ehr Falling Moon Tokoro ducking forward narrowly avoiding the fans as she tracked the girls neck just right moving her hand into opposition after shifting her scythe over there shoulder to let it dangle and held forward her pointer and middle finger before benign them as she shot her hand forward to strike with their middle knuckles she mouthing sorry as she stroked her windpipe extra hard with her A gasp worthy move Making the girl gaggripping her throat dropping her fans as she stumbled back gasping for air but failing to for a while as she fell to her knees.

“A brutal move to the throat taking her down in one single strike!” He declared as the added up choking that would add up over time to B - Tier Damage making the girl pass out before being able to breath again. The crowd cheered as Tokoro closed her fans and gently set them on her torso as the medics came in to remove her. Tokoro bowed to the crowd and made her way out as well. “This newbie is proving herself quite well folks but fret not she returns for one more fight after our next one!” He happily declared.

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