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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Name: Tokoro Higona
Country Affiliation: Kou
Race: Human
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Age + Birthdate: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Tokoro can be a very shy girl in normal social situations and doesn’t quiet do well talking with others. She though when left alone rambles to herself a lot if she is not on a job or hunting, her rambling usually being about her current thoughts and or frustrations. She likes to cross dress and pretend to be a boy a lot though doesn’t fully do it for any other reason other then she just enjoys it times and like to see how others treat her as either gender. Though she tells her parents it's to practice disguises for future things. She never minds nor usually corrects others if they guess her gender wrong even if she's trying to look more feminine.

Due to how her parents raised her and the profession they have been forcing her to learn from a young age she does not react to death in any manner. When on a job she usually expresses no real emotions and talks only when necessary. When in times of failure she normally gets silent again and will only speak when spoken to as a self made punishment. She has high respect for her parents though when they irritate her she has no issue attacking them knowing they can take the hit from her. She though will always do what they ask of her to the best of her ability. She though does not do this out of her respect. She does so out of the fear of not listening to her parents knowing she’ll be safe and loved so long as she listens and follows orders. She wants to love her parents, but can’t.


  • Cross dressing, it’s enjoyable to her to see how others treat her in both gender forms.
  • Sweets, it was something rare she partook in with her old crush before his death and her worries of her parents taking her tests into poisoning her to see if she’d survive after.
  • The color of blood, she genuinely finds it beautiful.
  • Fish, they look pretty and taste great!
  • Being around people in general, she might like to socialize but benign in groups of people makes her feel included without including herself and risking the lives of others.
  • Crying, She rarely can anymore, so when she does it reminds her some part of her is still human morally.


  • Pets, after her last pet she does not like having pets in fear of what may come of it.
  • Sour foods, it reminds her of what she remembers what the antidote her parents made her take when she was young to make her memorize the tastes of slow acting poisons.
  • Being Controlled or used it reminds her too much of what her parents do to her.
  • People who demand power without holding it.
  • People who demand respect without power or skills to justify it.


  • To learn to love her parents. Or kill them before she’s next. She sees these two things are her only logical routes for a possible happy future so they are her main goals.
  • To never fear dying again, she’s not want to stop her own death but just to come to accept her own death like she has accepted everyone else's.
  • To become so strong no one can force her to do anything she doesn’t want to ever again like she has been her whole life.


  • Disobeying her parents. She wasn’t always an only child, but she was always the only child who listened and followed borders to eat.
  • Death but only in normal situations, this fear tends to fade once she is on a mission she can bury this emotion.
  • Friendship, so long as her parents are around she fears making friends or relationships with others knowing she may very well be forced to kill them too.
  • Having kids, she's afraid that if she ever had kids in the future she may turn into her parents and do what they have done.
  • Cake. Nothing has made her feel so good without any clear possible repercussions before. She worries about eating it too commonly and enjoying it and something bad to come of it.

Face-Claim: Kurumi Ebisuzawa - School-Live!
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: A deep warm brown that looks purple in some lighting
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 56 kg

Appearance: Tokoro has long black hair that reaches a bit past her hips that she normally has tired back in some way shape or form. She normally has on at all times her black fingerless gloves with arm clothes that stretch over her forearms with blakc and white stripes gifted to her by her father on her 12th birthday. She prefers to wear simple clothes that usually are only seen on boys and occasionally will dress up like a boy hiding her long hair and changing her voice. She will occasionally wear girls clothes but much better prefers the comfort of male clothes. Due to her slim figure and her face she can actually pull off looking like a boy but one more feminine and sometimes could be mistaken as one. She has small scars littered across her body from her father’s random jobs he’s sent her on in the past, and some from the intense training her mother has done at home.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: N/A
History: Tokoro is the 3rd youngest of 5, she is the only one to have followed all her parents orders at all times, no matter what the task was, and she is the only living child left of the 5 children. Her parents had joined the Kou’s ranks when she was still in her mother's stomach and was born as a Kou citizen. Her parents nicely trained assassins who wished for a child who would follow suit and succeed them one day. The first 2 children did not make it past the age of 8 when going on their first hunting missions. They died shortly after by what most believe was a bad sickness that took them in 3 days. Tokoro being the first to succeed. After this she was given a puppy to raise and care for and learn to love. Tokro in the meantime helped teach her younger siblings to hunt so they could pass their hunting tests. Both managing to make it through the test and both given puppies as a prize.

Tokro grew worried at this fact though that night on her 12 birthday she was given hernext test. To kill the dog she had been raining for the past 4 years. And after much heartache. She did. After this her father gifted her with her gloves that she wore to this day being the first gift she had been given without alternative motive. Her youngest sibling didn't make it that far though, given the day their parents told them it was time for training and they refused to due to playing with their dog they were found the next day dead and the dog and killing the dog for the safety of others. Her last sibling dying when they failed to kill their dog when their test came, having fallen from a tree… or being thought to have.

Tokoro being tasked with killing the dog this time. From This point on she was given a job on the regular by her father who at this point had to go battle for the country often and would send letters home for her to read and for her mother to prop jobs for. She completes them to the best of her abilities every time. She came to respect her parents and what they could do but couldn’t love them after everything and did come to fear them as well. Though the fear fully set in when her parents surprised her with her next and most recent test. To kill her childhood crush following their exact instructions to get caught… and she did and didn't get caught. It was that night on her 15th birthday that her parents awarded her with her first weapon, and she learned to stop feeling towards death. But wishing for her parents she was determined to learn all they would teach her to take them out one day. Now 2 years later she is coming to her own and her parents are talking about sending her out to venture around the world while still training her.

Role-Play Sample: “Dear I believe youtube old enough for the talk.” Tokoro’s mother said looking to her with a closed eye smile tilting her head to one side as the light caught on her just right making it almost look like stars answer shimmering off of her opened mouth smile. Tokoros eyes went wide and stunned as she felt a pit in her chest grow shadows sinking over half her face as she flung backwards with her arms up in the air ready to defend the words that would come out like they were knives coming at her face.

“W wWhat do you even mean?” She stammered out scooting on her butt away from her mother who giggled.

“About how to better craft poisons from standard household items, you can’t expect to always have herbs on hand my dear!” She said tilting her head to the other side giving a warm closed mouth smile as Tokoro could almost imagine a heart putting out front the top of her mother's head. Tokoro though then leaped over kicking her mother in the face mid air as a vein popped out from her forehead while she shouted.

“The fuck mom!?”

Her mother then fell over holding up a pointer finger. “Wonderful dear I did not see that one coming~! But you must learn how to kick harder. I'm still conscious~~!”

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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That's Right Check It Out!


  • Primary - D Tier Assassin
  • Secondary - N/A
  • Tertiary - N/A


Human Physiology:

Main Traits:


Assassin | Hunter:

Chef | Baker:

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Trauma Builds Strong Killers I'll Admit That.

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Djinn Related Abilities


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Race Related Abilities


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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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