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Setting Foot on Foreign Soil [Job/Reserved]

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Job Info:
Job Name:Setting Foot on Foreign Soil
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Casrare
Job Overview: Upon arriving in Reim it seems the people have been dealing well with the crusades. You and some of your fellow knights are to start gathering information on dungeons.  Ask a few people and share info with your fellow knights.

The day was long, it had taken Casrare a week of traveling in order to reach the borders of Reim. The city of Remano had such beautiful walls, the stone well carved and fitted in place. It was so unlike the cold steel which formed a cage around his homeland. A shiver from the memory of it would shoot down his spine, a blanket of memory he wanted to escape. He would shake himself loose of the feeling. He would walk past the large stone walls, going through the open gates of the city.

There were other knights in this strange foreign city. On his way to the country, he had seen other groups of traversing knights. While it was good to make allies he wasn't quite sure how to approach the other knights, he didn't think he really needed to, at least not until now. It was a quick realization that he was alone and weak. A lot of the knights had masters, or groups to travel with but he had no one. If he wanted to protect himself, or at least survive he would need to get allies or some type of grounding rod.

The Brimstone Boy would sigh, venturing further in the city. The crowds were loud unlike Sasan, the people were filled with energy. There was no shame in the way they moved, through marble and limestone columns. It was almost like a frolic of movement yet it was only the mundane. The radiant smiles of the children,  the angered expressions and raucous laughs of adults in the street. Was this how people behaved? He would dive himself in the sea of Reimans. He needed to get through.

It was tight moving through the crowd, a warm bed of bodies bumping or bouncing around one another to get places. Navigating his way through looking for allies. Making his way into the market area, a tavern might have some fellow Sasanids. They were instructed to go to gathering areas or high profile locations to survey the populace and open up the dialogue for interrogation and introduction to the faith of Sasan. The main mission for the country of Reim was to convert the populace after all. It was shady for Casrare through and through.

Wading through the crowd he would look at the intimidating figures, he tried to get some info while he went through. His voice would have a timid crack at first, but then it would firm itself as he tried to ask a tall red-head in gold armor.

"Fine Sir, do you know about where I could find a dungeon?"

The fanalis would scoff, he thought he was joking. He didn't know much, but what he had heard was that they appeared at random, anywhere in the world. He didn't know where they actually might pop up. "You might find one spring up right outside your home."

That was odd, did he know where Casrare was from? It was a strange response. He'd move over to another person, a merchant with olive hair. Their dialogue seemed to be rather uneventful as well.

"You've gotta be kidding, last one I 'eard about was in that land in the east, Kou, I heard that one crumbled tho."

The next and the next was nothing but unfruitful answers. It seemed that they only heard of rumors of these strange buildings popping up and vanishing. The only reason they were even aware was because of the activeness of the guilds within the city. The organization surprised him as he asked in this small crowd despite not gaining any real information.

He needed to shake his doubts, the worries were unnecessary baggage. He just needed to get a little further, he was free but he had a job, his freedom required for him to work, or at least try to understand the world more. He just wanted a better life, maybe if they could accept these people into the faith then they could all live happier lives together. Coexistence seemed like it would be the best option to him, he was sure of this but needed to move on as he moved from the crowd into the doors of a nearby tavern.

The lively warm outside's embrace would leave him upon crossing the threshold in the dank, lantern-lit and musk-filled tavern. There were many scarred, red-haired, and multi-ethnic peoples staring down the man. They watched how he carried himself, they watched a person by how they moved before looking at the race, then would judge further than that it seemed. He'd avert himself, he needed to avoid showing weakness to them, his eyes scouting to see if there were any allies lurking about.

Right there! He'd spot them in a corner, back away from most of the other table there seemed to be a group of Knights. So there were other crusaders were here, that was one relief to his worries. He's work his way over to them, he could tell they were from Sasan from the metal in their armors. "Well It's good to see that there are other people here." he'd say in a hushed voice, the trio looking up from their drinks, apparently it was milk, and stare at him.

Gazing at him was two sets of yellow eyes, even brighter than his own which had an amber hue. Their cate like glares and similar faces was a dead giveaway that they were twins. The other was surprisingly a familiar face, it was the Ash-haired boy that he saw when leaving his home. His eyes were a soft blue, his face was gentle but his stare was stern and judging almost.

"Lookit, Lars, looks like we have someone to help us on our holy mission." Artadarius would say with a sly grin.

Lars responded with a likewise impish response to his twin brother. "I think that you may be right, another Sasanid would be helpful in our mission? But do you think he would be able to handle it, the possible rise to power?"

The man with ash hair would scoff at Lars response to his brother. They were clearly trying to entice the young knight. Casrare could tell, but he was intrigued to see what they had to offer him. "What exactly is it that you're planning to do? Finding a dungeon may be out of our reach. When I asked the people coming my way here it seemed as if those are just vanishing, and they could pop up anywhere have way around the world even."

"We're going to start a mass conversion!" Art would say fervently, his brother continuing with "We'll go spread the good word, teach people our ideals! When we get recognized we'll send reports back to Sasan! Then in unison the pair of Twins would say "AND TOGETHER WITH OUR ACCUMULATED STATUS WILL BE ABLE TO BECOME MINOR KNIGHTS!!!" It was one ambitious plan, after all becoming a minor knight means that have to do more than convert people, but prove their worth and skill. It was lofty, he didn't really wish to aim that high, but it would provide him a path and way to improve himself, or possibly some personal direction.

"Sure, I'll try to provide the help I can, let's get some work done." his response came out with a half-excited voice but it mattered not to the twins, they gave a roaring cheer for their new ally. They locked arms, dancing around while Cas would take a seat next to the boy with ash hair.

"Messing with this pair is insane, I got roped in and now you're screwed too." He'd reply with a snarky response.

"My name's Casrare, and yeah I realize this was probably a dumb decision, but sometimes you gotta make mistakes huh?"

He would respond with a chuckle "As long as you realize that you're dumb we're good then, my name is Atash, it's good to have someone else aware." They would exchange glances slightly as the brothers would calm down and begin to order a plate of food for them all. They would need to get their energy up to begin planning. A whole new story was now set to be written.

Word Count:1,371/500 Words

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