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Legion IV: Wilting Republic [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Ambush In Ibania
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Angelus
Job Overview: A Centurion now, Angelus has been recognized by his other Centurion peers to be quite capable, but some are still hesitant of Angelus' quick rise. It is said that a politician associated with the senator is trying to escape to north Ibania. Orders from higher ups asks Angelus to move his Century quick to ambush the politician before he can escape to north Ibania to unite with the rogue senator. Angelus must defeat his guards and capture the politician. From there, Angelus extorts the man for his wealth and land before taking his head, claiming to the higher ups that the man killed himself and left Angelus with his belongings.


Enemy Name: Guards 5x
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Well equipped guards, using a C-Tier spears and C-Tier shields in combat.

  • Death Formation: Guards lift their shields up, and lunge with their spears through small cracks in the formation to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Shield Bash: They charge with their shield, and attempt to bash the target and trip them to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Shield Block: They lift their shields up to defend against C-Tier damage.

It was a cheerful night, but one of worry for Angelus. It was not very great that his centurion had been injured in the clash earlier today. Yes, Angelus did receive a sudden promotion due to the event, but Angelus was rising quite quicker than he had expected of himself. With his rapid rise came popularity and celebration from his peers. People were to ask Angelus so much, and frankly, Angelus had not yet got used to directing many orders. While his closest comrades sat by the campfire and conversed, Angelus had to give himself a moment of silence.

Within a forest clearing the white haired man stood, meditating by himself. In the sky the bright moon hung, staring down upon Angelus. Crows flew past Angelus' face, before landing then on a tree branch. It was up to Angelus to not only fulfill his duties as a leader but also ensure his subordinates are well trained and can survive tough and gruesome clashes with enemies. It was so utterly difficult to be emotionless to his peers who have begun to respect and befriend him. Angelus looked on solemnly.

In this moment of peace and silence Angelus had to himself, an important task were to suddenly fall upon the shoulders of the newly promoted centurion. It came in the form of a messenger, from the lead centurion of the cohort. Out of nowhere, the young man came with the task. It were to have Angelus turn his head back at his messenger, irritated and his quiet space intruded upon. However, being irritated over such matters was no help, so Angelus were to listen on to the task that the lead centurion had gave to him.

It were to seem that a politician related to the corruption of the senator was now trying to escape, and Angelus needed to catch up to his location, and capture him. If this was true that he was now pursuing the likes of a politician, perhaps Angelus could orchestrate an incident to benefit from this ordeal. Angelus had long since decided that the Republic was on its last days. Now the young man just had to be the one to lay it in its coffin now, for once and for all, before reviving the Empire, a new one that is stronger than ever seen before.

Envoy: "Angelus, the lead centurion gives his congratulations on the promotion. You have been given the task of pursuing a politician though related to this corrupt senator we are fighting. Here is a map and some notes of where he was last noticed, and what route is being taken by him. Capture him and bring him back alive says our leader. Good luck."

Said the military messenger to Angelus, delivering him a map and notes that could be beneficial for his task.

Angelus: "Thank you, I will set out at once come sunrise."

Stated the white haired man, grasping ahold of the map and notes to read them over as the military messenger waltzed out of the forest clearing. It was just now for the new centurion to tell his men, and prepare for the pursuit of the politician. It were to be crucial that Angelus made the task known to his unit. So, the young man did just that. Informing them about tomorrow, they were to be ordered to rest early in the night and finish nourishing themselves at once. Angelus were to do the very same. Adorned with a tired and exhausted yawn, he dragged himself to bed but not without a few words from Nerilla who made his dinner. Angelus glanced at her tiredly whilst she spoke. It was an inquire from Nerilla on Angelus' inner thoughts.

Nerilla: "I wonder what you think, to be honest! I can never understand you entirely but I want to. Hey, do you care about me and Aureus?"

Asked the curious Nerilla, managing to crack into Angelus' mind a bit.

Angelus: "Of course I do.. If only it was as easy as just not caring. If only it was as easy as just not having emotions. Alas, it is not."

Whispered the side of Angelus that could not help but show emotion, to show the truth of how he felt about his comrades in arms. It was just not as simple for him to just not care. If it was up to him, he were to choose to not care for them, and to disregard them, yet he could not. Nerilla began to learn about the true character and person that is Angelus. Yes, he was a cold and menacing radical, but he was a young man whom deep down truly cared for his close ones, before anyone else.

Nerilla: "Good answer."

So then, both fell asleep, without any other exchange of words. It were to certainly stick to young Angelus. Come the next morning, Angelus were to set out with his unit and pursue the previously mentioned politician rooted in this whole debacle. It were to be a sudden ambush on the caravan. From the bushes on a route drawn on the map that Angelus received, the sharp shooter, Nerilla, were to shoot the caravan with her sling. It were to cause the caravan to fall over and collapse. However, the politician and some guards of his were still intact and alive. Angelus were to pounce out of the bushes and commence his onslaught.

Lending magoi to his axe he held in his hand, he were to send out an axehead at two charging guards with shields. It were to rip through their shields and cut them for A-Tier damage. Blood were to gush out from the scene. A remaining trio of guards made a formation with their shields and spears to try and stab Angelus dead. Yet, Angelus were to give magoi to his axe again and form copper on his body for protection, an armor of sorts. It were to protect Angelus from damage as he were to slash viciously at the three men as he gave magoi to his armband to veil his axe in razor magic. In only quick three swipes of his axe, Angelus were to cut the men down, leaving a mess of blood.

Angelus: "I am here to confiscate your wealth and land. Draw an X where your estate and land is. We are taking you hostage."

Said the cunning liar, only using this man to benefit himself. Frightened by the dark eyed man, he hurriedly put down where his land is on the said map. However, once he had done that, Angelus were to grasp the man by his coat and drag him towards the forest and an Ibania river where nobody else could witness what Angelus was to do to the politician that made Reim a worse place. Instead of capturing the corrupt man, he were to dispose of him now that he had his wealth and knew where his land was. Angelus looked at him in his eyes for a moment, before kicking him off a tall ledge into a river where he were to fall to his death. Angelus' deed was done now.

Angelus: "I have no words for scum like you."

Murmured the soldier. Returning back to the caravan, he was to tell the others that Angelus went to question the man when he was to escape and jump off a ledge to his death. In the wake of the destroyed caravan, lied some tools and money that Angelus were to take with him. It was a gourd, blade, flail, pendant, amulet, and bracers. It was likely that the man planned to give these to the senator's rebellious faction. However, now they were in Angelus' possession.

Plot Log: Gourd of Iron Sand obtained. Demon's Blade obtained. Flail of Radiant Faith obtained. Pendant of Serenity obtained. Revenant's Blessing obtained. Faux Archer's Wrist Quivers obtained. IC politician wealth confiscated.

Wordcount: 1284

Magoi: 170

Stamina 190

Magic Weapons Used:

Name: Axe of Ekgre
Tier: A
Type: Magic Axe
Magic Type: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Appearance: An axe 3m long with a flat, diagonal blade which takes up 1m of the length, the axe being thinner near the base and reach 36cm wide at the top. Connecting the blade to the handle is fluid and wavy patterned carvings.

Protection of Ekgre - Upon filling with this weapon with magoi the user attracts nearby copper in any form in order to form a complete shell around it's user, fitting to their joints and such to allow movement, the armor taking a similar appearance to the user. It requires A-tier damage to break through, and missing parts can be replaced with leftover copper constructs, lasts 4 posts. 10 Magoi to Cast | 5 Magoi to Sustain

Fury of Ekgre - With a horizontal or vertical swing of the axe the user fills it with magoi, creating an axehead of copper 1m in length which flies forth following the arch of the swing going up to 20m doing A-tier damage to whatever it strikes.

Magic Item Used:

Legion IV: Wilting Republic [Job/Solo] 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.

NPC & Magic Tools Attached:


Legion IV: Wilting Republic [Job/Solo] 2377eb12

Name: Nerilla Samira
Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Born with a mixed heritage of Fanalis Reim descent on her mother's side and of Heliohapt descent on her father's side. Nerilla is a young ranger of Reim, hailing from southern Lucania. Nerilla met Angelus upon joining a legion and helping farmers. She is the person closest to Angelus. She believes in Angelus' views that Reim has fallen in might and deserves to become great again, for the people. Her height is 5'4. Nerilla is a charismatic but merciless young woman, with a kind heart towards her friends and loved ones.
Weapons: C-Tier Bow and 10 Arrows
Traits: Exceptional Speed [C-Tier]

  • Iactus Saggita: Nerilla aims an arrow shot up to 50m far and fires, dealing C-Tier damage with the shot at whatever is hit.

  • Eludo Sagitta: Nerilla locks her bow and rolls quickly to evade a D-Tier attack or lower, and fires the arrow up to 40m far to deal D-Tier damage.

Name: The Wind’s Delivery
Tier: B
Type: Magic Sling
Magic Type: Wind
Appearance: A Sling 1.5m long when unfolded the wind’s delivery is made from a silver chain strap with a black leather pouch the hold the ammunition. The ammunition for this weapon is a set of 15 black metal balls with gold engravings in the shape of a tornado. Each ball is about 17cm in diameter all around.

  • Passive: The Wind’s Guidance- Ammunition thrown with this weapon produces a vortex of wind 1m in diameter around it which can knock away projectiles B-tier or lower. (Does not affect damage or clashing against defenses.)
  • Blown Away- The user activating the magic tool throws a ball out forming a vortex of wind around, it grows to be 20m wide, the blast of wind travels 20m, knocking back everything caught in it 5m backward in the air.


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