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Reim Nationalist [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: Capital Guard
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: It has been announced that more random attacks on Reim have been occurring, thought to be terrorist attacks from groups outside of Reim. Due to this, there is a higher demand for people to patrol the streets and keep the peace. Help reduce the amount of crime by patrolling areas with higher crime rate that are under patrolled. You see a peculiar mage preparing a spell on some civilians. Defeat and capture the mage. This patrol job is issued by Reim's Council for any who are of combat experience.


Enemy Name: Mage
Enemy Tier: D-Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-Tier
Description: A well cloaked Mage who tries to hide his identity. He carries a wooden staff and small dagger that can deal D-Tier damage.

  • Fire Ball: Mage casts this spell, sending a sphere of D-Tier flames 2m in diameter out up to 5m far. It deals D-Tier damage.

  • Carrying Wind: Mage casts this spell, sending out a 5x5m wave of wind that travels 10m far. It is used to spread the fire.

  • Borg: Mage casts this spell, creating a D-Tier Borg. Can be broken with C-Tier strength.

It had been increasingly rising in criminal activity, the city of Remano that is. It was an issue that the council were to have come together to discuss. New job postings asking of warriors to help had been stamped onto walls around the areas where the military and authorities of Reim were based. It was not a huge fuss, but the jobs did bring attention to any people of Reim who could fight that help was needed and in the legions nowadays. It was a dream of Angelus' to join a legion. It seemed to be a good time for him to try it out. First he would take up these jobs that had been posted up by the council and city of Remano authorities. Angelus had got a fair deal of combat experience under his belt by now. Though, he did not consider himself even at his most genius in combat. Angelus felt like he needed more blood. Quite a menacing idea in his head, but the idea was not indicative of him wanting to necessarily kill and take lives of others. Rather, he just felt he needed fiercer fights for him to grow as a warrior. It was only a natural way of growing strong.

Angelus: "I ought to take this offer up."

White haired Angelus said, staring at the poster. It was at that moment the young man decided to sign up to be a short term mercenary, and take the jobs up. It were to begin though in Remano. It sought out people to help patrol the high crime parts of the city that are under patrolled. Angelus as a nationalist of his great nation were to be content in his job. It was for a mere day, and Angelus was expected to bring in crime of some kind due to the expected continual behavior of the area. It was an alright day to spend his time meanwhile he was not fighting in the Coliseum.

In the scape of the city, Angelus looked at the crowd and street. It was a foggier day and due to that, some other hired patrol men had found some pick pocketers. How interesting Angelus thought. For him though, nobody had come out and performed a crime before him. That is until a man in black robes, with red accents, came out and had begun chanting out anti Reim sentiments out loud. It was an absurd and evil magician obviously. Quite stupid he was, seeking death by Angelus' gladius.

Terrorist: "Burn Reim! For the darkness comes! Fire Ball!"

Cried out the magician, throwing a spell out and burning some civilians.

Angelus: "Hmph! How pitiful for you to believe such nonsense."

Said the warrior of Reim, donning his gladius! Dashing for the magician as he came from out the fleeing crowd, he began to take aim on the grotesque man.

Terrorist: "Who are you!? What!?"

Angelus: "I am Angelus Spinam of Reim!"

Roared the ferocious and protective warrior.

Terrorist: "Borg! You want to die, huh!?"

Said the magician, raising up his defenses.

Angelus: "Hmph!"

With the utmost strength, Angelus pummeled his knee into the borg. It would shatter and dissolve instantly.

Terrorist: "Eh!?"

Angelus rose his gladius' blade up, stepping to the face of the man. Then suddenly he would swing his blade down upon his foe. It would cut deep, drawing a gush of blood out. It had concluded now. It was over. Reim had been protected. It was a proud moment for Angelus, but, he could not feel much pride. It was saddening people were going against Reim more now.

Wordcount: 600

Stamina: 140

Coliseum Gladius:

Reim Nationalist [Solo/Job] 462px-Weapon_b_1010000900
Name: Coliseum Gladius
Tier: D
Type: Gladius Sword
Material: Steel
Appearance: It is 65cm, with the blade being 50cm and the hilt being 15cm. It is made of bronze in the hilt. It has a dent streak through the middle.

Abilities Performed:

Genu Ictus
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User's legs must not be restrained and have sufficient space to strike.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 20 Stamina (Scaled)

    User lifts his knee and strikes at a target's lower body or stomach with his knee to deal D-Tier damage.

Caelum Secare
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must have a free arm to perform the overhead slash.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 20 Stamina (Scaled)

    User lifts his blade in the air above his head, and strikes down suddenly onto a target's upper body or head to deal D-Tier damage without Scaling.


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