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Returning to Reim [travel/solo]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ari frowned as she loaded onto the boat after saying goodbye to Vin. She worried about leaving the boy in Magnostadt, but it was not safe to take him back to Reim yet. Milling around on the deck were the magicians that had volunteered to help out with the rebellion. Below decks were boxes and crates full of all manner of magical tools that were donated to the cause. They knew time was off the essence and it had only been two weeks since the meeting.

Ari had been impatient; after reading the note from Azix about Kios falling under assault, all she could think of was destroying every trace of Kou from the land she had made a home for herself. Her sense of urgency was pushing the mages around her into a hyper state, each of them eager to get on a battlefield, some to get back at Kou for attempting to invade Magnostadt, others just wanting a chance to stretch their battle skills once more.

They had arranged for a very quick ship and, with the assistance of a few water and wind mages, they would be able to push the vessel to travel much quicker than would be anticipated. Ariella had also made arrangements with the light mages on board to make their arrival unnoticed, wanting to have an element of surprise to the Kou troops. They planned on landing near an unoccupied stretch of coast and traveling in secrecy to Kios, which was the only place Ariella could think of to place so many people on short notice. Azix had mentioned in his message that he had evacuated the village, so there would be ample room for the mages she was bringing along.

Adius had been sad and worried as he wished her farewell. His only hopeful notion for her safety was the presence of their father in Reim. He knew Adamus would fight to the death to protect the last female in the family. It was not that he did not trust his sister’s abilities, but rather a brotherly concern and desire to protect his family. Ari had stressed to him the importance of keeping Vin safe and Adius took the responsibility seriously.

As the boat left the harbor, she pulled out her Journey Book and scribbled a note to Azix.

I have gotten Reim as much help as I could, I only hope to arrive in time. Some of the magical tools were shipped before our boat left, hopefully they will arrive soon. I will let you know once they arrive where to pick them up, as my father is trying to make sure they get into the country unnoticed.

I am heartbroken at the loss of the kids and when I arrive, you and Iatsu may be the only Kou natives safe from my wrath. I eagerly await your embrace. Please send the families my condolences.

Much Love,

Closing the book, she went below deck to get some rest. She had left Nilexa in Magnostadt, intending to return after the struggles to bring Vin home personally. She wanted Nilexa and the babies safe. As they set sail, she allowed herself to drift into a fitful slumber.



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