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Slayer of Desert Monsters [Training]

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Heat beamed down upon the south of Reim intensely. From the oasis waters of a sub desert area arose the head of Angelus whom had just bathed in the pool of utter bliss. It was quite irritating to be here in this dry climate and not have had a proper bath in some time. Angelus was traveling with his men to this region on orders of the legion he was in, when they came upon this fresh oasis. It was a nice change of pace, not having to be dirty and mucky no more. Angelus' white hair flung back onto his back upon lifting his head out of the water. It had been quite some time, perhaps two months since he last trained vigorously his warrior skills. However, now was coming time for Angelus to train with the utmost effort on his physical abilities if he sought to contend with the toughest emissaries imaginable.

Nerilla: "You look more muscular, Angelus!"

Said aloud the petite green haired Fanalis woman. Indeed though, Angelus did gain muscle during his training regimen lately. It was crucial he never halted his progress and continued on gaining more muscle. Provided a very well balanced diet by the military of Reim, he had a much easier time growing stronger. It was the lack of a healthy and nutrition dense diet that had not let Angelus flourish into his true self. However, now he worried not about his diet or trying to scrap up money for a good meal as a mere peasant. Angelus' body was chiseling out, though he was not quite there yet in regards to his potential. Nerilla had witnessed firsthand how quickly the previously peasant man had grown and progressed. If he kept up with his rapid rise to power, Angelus could very well surpass even the highest and strongest men within the state of Reim. It was here, between the state of Reim and Heliohapt that the young mixed blood were to train viciously. Angelus stared back at Nerilla who commented on his body. Piercing her eyes with his, he told her with his eyes that this was only the very beginning of what he was to become. In every sense of the word, the white haired devil was a narcissist. What people said to him only fueled his larger than life ego. It was now for Angelus to begin his rigorous new training.

Angelus: "I must hone myself for a dungeon."

Stated the resolute man, grasping for a towel for he could dry his long white locks of wet hair. Coming out of the water, his bare chest looked decently built with defined lines forming on his torso and abs but not fully unveiled. It were to take further training to acquire the physique that he sought out. Angelus was not too far from his desired physique. After bathing, he were to begin training with Aureus, his most capable in combat friend. Aureus' teachings though were being rapidly learned by Angelus. It may begin to be necessary for Angelus to figure out his own path for enhancing and honing his physical skills. Aureus had to explain this to him.

Aureus: "Your training has exceeded my help, Angelus. You ought to carry it on from here and take those skills a step farther."

Said the veteran legionary to the prodigy rookie, while the two sat down, resting.

Angelus: "Is that so?"

Asked the visionary, contemplating on where he should take his training. It were to be just plain out redundant to persist training with Aureus or people that could not prove to be much of a challenge. It was necessary to start to get used to fighting beasts and treacherous creatures that could kill a man with ease. Angelus began to ponder on the idea of slaying sub desert beasts. It could prove to not only be great training for the man, but could reap him more meat to come back to camp with to cook up and gouge down on. Angelus were to do just that. It was an inevitable task too though. If the young warrior sought to conquer Heliohapt, he were to have to get used to slaying any sub desert beasts that may emerge from the depths of the sandy soil.

So, with his new training thought up, Angelus were to depart the very next morning from his camp on a day where he had no jobs and went to cut down a large sub vicious desert lizards. Riding upon Gaaron, Angelus were to don a new accessory that fit him well, a blue, black, and orange, bandana with a ruby adorned to it. Intense heat beamed down upon Angelus this morning. He were to brandish a blade before the mighty swarm of beasts, and begin swiping the demon's blade across the scaly skin of the lizards. Angelus stared at them with intent to slaughter.

Angelus: "Hra!"

Roared the in combat warrior. Blood were to gush from the long gashes in the lizards' bodies and paint the sandy soil. Angelus continued on and did the same when met by more lunges from the monstrous lizards. However, they proved to be quite fearsome foes. From the corner of his eye, Angelus were to be lunged at and caught by the sharp jaws of the lizard. Angelus grasped the lizard with his left hand and crushed it, before then throwing it to the ground. It was a tiring activity but one that truly proved to be worthwhile and full of learning of how to fight when met with great ferocity and numbers. Angelus were to continue this for weeks on end.

Aureus: "You've been returning with so much lizard meat, Angelus. It isn't bad food though. It is tough but a nice change of taste."

Said the content Aureus, glad to notice Angelus has been not only eating well but has found training for him that has been working to hone his skills. Angelus were to have not only begun slaying monstrous lizards, but massive snakes as well that may burrow in and out of the ground at times. It required great focus and quick decision making to not only dodge the fast and large monster reptiles, but also great muscle and technique to deliver decisive blows. Angelus had begun placing on more and more muscle at an exponential rate, leaning him out a bit, though he was no marble statue of Graeco Reim just yet. For him to get there, he had to undergo even more intense training, but less focused on sword technique and more on his body itself.

Angelus: "I have to say though, Aureus, these desert creatures are a challenge."

Responded the desert warrior before sinking his teeth into the rough and tough meat of a lizard tail.

C-Tier Warrior to B-Tier Warrior

Wordcount: 1131


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