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Pursuing Enigmas [FOT/Chain]

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Shining ever so bright across the campsite of the minor leader, the morning light were to find itself somehow meeting face to face with the newly awoken young man whom had been hard at work trying to accomplish his goals within this torn land. It was his usual way of waking up, as he left his tent open by just a tad bit to allow the light to alert him of the brand new day ahead. Angelus were to yawn while he woke to the rather familiar cruel reality that was this world, a place that frankly he did not like very much. It was his past that made him quite somewhat dejected on fate but none the less accepting of the cruel world, one that could not and should not lose hope. For to lose hope, was to face defeat, and obtain no true satisfaction nor happiness within this one and only magical world that we all coexisted within. If one wished to succeed in life, they had to prove to everyone that he could create his most ideal reality closest to their home, however they could do. It were these understandings of life and fate that defined Angelus as quite a rather unique individual. Placing his hand on his white haired head, he were to sit up to get a glimpse of the outside world waiting for him outside his tent. Angelus was no stranger to cruelty, especially now, within this twisted and faction torn region he begun to learn more of with each passing day. It was at that moment, he was called.

Nerilla: "Angelus! Come quick! One of the men found something while hunting!"

Cried out the freshly woken Nerilla, a close friend to Angelus. Just now waking up and trying to start up his brain functions, he were to pick himself up from the ground and exit his text, facing the rather loud green haired fanalis woman who had brought him over to where she was. Perched over the shoulder of a man that had mapped what he saw when having gone out hunting for food, Nerilla were to gesture to Angelus to come look. Curious but also tired and lazy for some particular reason right now, Angelus slowly but not too slowly stumbled along over to behind the back of the man who had found something. Angelus hoped whatever the man found was worthwhile, else the young leader could have been occupied making breakfast now.

Angelus: "Huh.. What is this?"

However, to his surprise, the ranger did truly find something that may be somewhat worthwhile. To their surprise, the ranger found and mapped the location of a few small bandit encampments from around Parthevia. It was said there were footsteps leading far out into the desert from the encampments. Why are there these peculiar unknown footsteps? Who made these footsteps? Angelus' interest had been truly piqued now. Nerilla herself was just as surprised and interested in this phenomenon. Angelus were to decide to look into this. At once, he and Nerilla were to begin a short expedition that were to follow these footsteps. Once they had ate breakfast, they departed, riding on Gaaron to try and find the source of these footsteps. Had some faction begun spying on the others, and the likes of perhaps Angelus' faction? Whatever is happening, he had to get to the bottom of this. Nobody were to be allowed to perform reconnaissance on Angelus.

Wordcount: 570




Upon the trail of footsteps that led to elsewhere, who truly knows where, the two soldiers that were Angelus and Nerilla remained on guard. Is it that these peculiar footsteps are from that rather mysterious group, the Blood Camels? It was quite tough to tell. Whoever had begun making these footsteps may be leading people to certain demises. However, are these common found footsteps truly just here to lead people to traps set up by some odd entity? Angelus found this land to only be developing further into a murder mystery of sorts. It was an eerie feeling that had begun to arise within these lands, stretching from northern Parthevia to the likes of the south of the inner mainland Heliohapt.

Nerilla herself was quite on edge, for the events that had began to unfold recently were inexplicable, and hard to pinpoint why they were even occurring to begin with. Angelus himself were to ensure both of them remained safe, he was confident in his strength. It was not for nothing that he trained as rigorously he did the past months. Angelus were to not let his close ones out of his grasp. Nerilla were to stare into the distance, observing the sands to see if there was the sight of some entity who made these footsteps. It was at this moment that the sky overhead were to become clouded by a dark color, causing the view of Nerilla to be hindered and impaired. Angelus were to suck in his teeth.

Angelus: "Just keep on having an eye out. I am determined to find out why these sort of inexplicable enigmas are coming up so often. Do you not find it quite weird as well, Nerilla? Do you think an unknown entity of great power is behind this?"

Spoke the resolved man, wishing to get to the bottom of this mystery. It was from his own personal experience with peculiar individuals that this hunch of his even came up within the first place. If there are people as capable as to spy and keep an eye upon Angelus, like the Magi, Jiryu, then what other entities may there be within this vast world that he have yet to encounter. It was not wise to tread further without knowing that unexpected twists and turns may lie within his path of fate. In the midst of the dark environment though, suddenly a silhouette of a camp from afar were to be found.

Nerilla were to yell out to Angelus, pointing to the camp. In that very moment, he were to begin to travel towards the camp, to find nobody within the mysterious encampment. Nerilla were to say to Angelus that perhaps they should scout the perimeters. However, upon them beginning to scout the area further, an odd dark figure in the corner of Angelus' eye were to be seen coming back from someplace elsewhere. Yet, trying not to raise concern from the figure, the clever Angelus were to pretend he had not seen the figure. Instead, he were to begin to ride atop Gaaron with Nerilla and follow the person that began to try to flee.

Angelus: "Be quiet, Nerilla. It seems they have not noticed we see them. We must pursue them from a fair distance."

Whispered the young man, beginning to pursue the source of the enigma.

Wordcount: 557




Who is this peculiar entity!? Where are they fleeing to!? Angelus had quite a lengthy list of rather hard questions that he sought answers to. Under the dark shade of the black clouds, the long locks of the soldier flew back behind him as he and his comrades pursued the figure. Meanwhile, the keen Nerilla kept her lioness eyes on the prey before them and did not let her eyes budge from their target. It was key that they did not lose sight of the fleeing figure. Clenching his fist tight, he had been focusing intensely on the person to not lose them.

It will be quite intriguing seeing how this hunt unfolds once they come face to face with the figure and perhaps their comrades. Angelus had the proper equipment on his person for when combat may break out and the two were to have to defend themselves. It was unlike the young man to not be well equipt for such occasions like this where the danger and threat level were unknown. Similarly to him, Nerilla were to be keep only her most great weapons on her and be prepared to use them if the circumstances happened to call for them. Angelus and his comrade were no lackeys nor people to push over. It was their might and cruel but tough nature that helped them prevail within even under great stress or when the circumstance seems grim.

Angelus: "It seems he is trying to find someplace. Am I the only one who notices? Be on the lookout near us, hopefully there are no enemies staking out. If we can follow him to likely where the others with him are, then we can force out answers from them. Just be quiet if you see anything. I know you like to be loud.. Nerilla.."

Voicing concern for the loud nature of Nerilla, he were to keep focus on the target fleeing from the area that was off to someplace elsewhere.

Nerilla: "Do not worry~ I swear I will be quiet. You can trust me."

Said the green haired woman, waving her right hand in her face as if gesturing to him to not worry. It were not relieve the young man for a moment, but he felt that perhaps what he told her may flee her mind in no time at all. So, he were to not have very high expectations for her truthfully. Upon traveling further, having been concealed from view of the figure, they were to finally alas come to what were to look like a meeting that the figure was part of. Angelus were to hide behind a sand dune as the figure and two others of unknown origin but seemingly identical coats were to enter the building of sandstone. Upon finding this building, Angelus were to focus his gaze on the entrance, quite amused to see that they had come to the moment of confrontation. Nerilla herself were to help Angelus by blasting the door to the sandstone building open to let Angelus barge within the walls of the building suddenly to capture the men by surprise.

Dashing forth for the entrance, Nerilla let out a shot towards the entrance, blowing the entrance apart, sending scraps and fragments of wood around the room. Angelus were to then present himself to the enemies before him and demand to know what was occurring here. However, to his dismay but expectations, the figures were to not let Angelus know what was occurring here. Upon the white haired devil entering the room, the mysterious figure and others from earlier were to rush and enter another room or flee while two others took care of the sudden intruder. Angelus were to brandish his blade towards his foes, and feed the blade magoi which caused the metal of the blade to disperse into a cloud of gold. Trying to reform and swipe his blade to cut the two foes before him, he were to fail when the dark green robed men ran quickly while dodging the reformed blade.

It was quite amazing. Who are these people!? It is best to not go easy. Angelus had to fight smart here. It was a first in some time now that enemies could evade him so effortlessly. Widened eyes, Angelus predicted he needed to defend very soon. Upon evasion of Angelus' strike, the cloaked men swung their cloaks at the warrior to unveil the existence of miniature razor edges coated with some sort of toxin. Angelus fed magoi to his gourd of iron sand to form a barrier before him, blocking the razors by sustaining the function; dancing sands.

Angelus: "Nerilla! Now, fire!"

Roared the commander, having the woman shoot a ball from her sling and activating the function to knock back the foes that had evaded the strike. It were to catch the men off guard. Angelus took this time to slay the men. Once the men were thrown up by the vicious gust of wind, Angelus tried to quickly slash the men down with his blade before they fell to the sandstone floor. Briskly with his blade he cut the men apart midair. From the wounds, blood spurt out and painted the scene a crimson red, coloring the sandstone of the walls and alike. It was now to confront that man who escaped into another chamber within the sandstone building.

However, he were to not let the man escape. Angelus were to get to the bottom of this now. An eerie feeling exuded from the door to other chamber of the building. From the mess he had left, he were to clean his blade. Earrings jingling while he somberly treaded towards the door, the sound of his caligula resounded against the sandstone floor. In the background, Nerilla simply looked on at the man, staring at him and how his demeanor carried the feeling of menace and mystery. It was time to alas crack this case once and for all. Angelus placed his hand gently on the door before him, and were to caress it, before then just suddenly kicking the door down.

Nerilla: "Angelus.. Be careful.."

Voiced the woman just before he kicked the door open.

Angelus: "I have come.. You cannot stop me.."

Said the white haired reaper, with a menacing deep whisper.

Wordcount: 1046

Magoi: 270

Magic Tools Used:

NPC and Magic Weapon Attached:




In the essence of the being, the figure, Angelus' darkened eyes lied set on them, waiting for the person to unveil themselves before the white haired reaper. How may this peculiar person react to the man? Upon the ground laid the destroyed fallen door to the room. It culminated to this point. It was quiet, for the menacing air of both equally mysterious figures had met. Underneath a dark green cloak, the person were to be adorned with bracers of gold that held green gems within them. If the young Angelus was observant, he were to also see a personal design on the coat itself, which he did see, cause he was indeed observant.

It was as if time itself had frozen for this moment for the two. Angelus' ominous and dark presence waltzed further and further with each slow step the man made towards the shoulder of the figure. Until then, the Angelus rose his hand up slowly to touch the person that was facing the opposite direction of him. Twisting her head back to face the young man, she were to stare Angelus cold with a murderous intent. It seemed as if he had gone too far, now he had provoked a fated death of someone here and now.

Angelus: "What is this?"

Said the man calmly with his dead demeanor, before then being pinpointed by two fingers of the woman, being flown back by the force of the impact. Angelus had however fed magoi to his armor, having expected a strike. Crashing into the wall behind him, but being unharmed, he were to walk towards the woman again that now was preparing to let out yet one more strike, hoping Angelus were to fall to her high tier techniques. However, the young and hopeful to be King was far more capable than whatever the woman may expect from him. Angelus dragged his golden bronze mixed blade on the floor, scraping the floor and producing a rather eerie shrieking sound that were to fill the entire room. Nerilla were to be located in the other room, hearing this commotion, praying for Angelus' well being. It was now that the true duel were to commence, the toughest duel perhaps for Angelus.

In the air the cold chills and spine tingling sensations filled the space. Grasping ahold of his blade tightly, he were to break out into a full sprint to cut down the woman before him. Angelus performed Ictus, his technique that he had known for quite some time now that he used often when a gladiator. Being flown up from the rapid lunge of Angelus, his white hair wove violently. Unbeknownst to him, the foe was far more than capable to dance through the techniques of Angelus.

It were to not be so easy for him. As if flying past Angelus, the woman glided from the threat of the blade of the warrior that still had much to improve on. Angelus sucked in his teeth and turned back to the woman, placing his guard up as she were to strike the man but be blocked by the sword stance that he took. Instead of punching his body like she sought to do, she merely punched the flat side of Angelus' blade. Jumping back from the woman for a moment to gain space, he reasserted his battle stance.

Angelus: "Who are you..?"

Inquired the young man, however, to no avail. It seemed the person truly was trying to hide something. Why though? Angelus sighed heavily. Facing the white haired man to try and slay him, she was quite uncooperative. Angelus were to rush at her for the second time, trying to strike her down using his gold bronze mixed blade. Yet the same thing occurred each time, she were to meet Angelus' strikes with her very own and come out unscathed. How rather peculiar and frustrating. Once more he were to try and clash, but this time trying to parry the strike of the woman to then try and strike her with his knee. Angelus clashed, parrying the strike, then did what he sought to, pouncing up to smash his knee into the face of the woman but he were to be met by an incredible surge of strength from her. It were to find him being thrown back from the mere force of a few fingers. Angelus found himself quickly rolling on the floor, smacking into the wall of the room. Having suffered from the likes of broken bones suddenly, Angelus' eyes widened greatly.

What just happened here!? Angelus smirked, not from his confidence, but from his utter bewilderment of this woman. Who is she!? Angelus could not lose here. Parthevia was a very weird land. Angelus had dreams and more. Not here, he could not let himself be defeated here by this unknown person. Remembering his pendant that he had took with him, he were to feed the necklace magoi, having the necklace's magic heal him twice until he was back to perfect health and condition. Yet, he had to truly be careful. If he had received any more damage than that, he could have been out for the count or worse, dead. Standing up from where he had lied, he gripped his blade tighter than before. Angelus were to revaluate his techniques and how he should duel this woman to reign victorious. Placing his guard up, he thought for a moment. Meanwhile, the woman came right for Angelus, seeming to try and rid of the stubborn Angelus, or well, Gilgamesh. However, he were to not let himself fall.

Angelus: "Dancing Sands.."

Said the young man, feeding his gourd magoi. In a tired and hunched position while his arms laid crossed and hands open, he were to form a barrier before him for he could defend himself from the magoi technique of the woman. Angelus' mind though in that moment were to realize how he could win. It were to not be an easy method though, definitely not. Incredibly fast paced, this woman were to not be an easy person to catch.

However, he were to ensure his foe was put to rest within the proper way and was given a right execution. Angelus were to likely have no choice on if to let her live to try and interrogate her, due to her unprecedented strength. It was far too risky to let her live, then have a chance to defeat Angelus for good. If he could play the right cards, he could have her trapped. Yes, that was Angelus' plan. It was just now to execute the scheme and not let her escape or evade his iron grasp.

Angelus: "Caelum Secare!"

Loudly roared out the white haired man, reigning his blade down upon his foe that were to try and meet his blade with her immense strength. Adamant on having this be his last clash, he fed generous magoi to his silver laurel band. Angelus were to coat his blade with razor magic from the function of the item. Reinforced by magic on both sides, the two began to clash. From her side, she threw her five fingers of her right hand coated with magoi at the stubborn Reiman warrior. Angelus were to frankly though not be able to contend with her strength and magoi that was just truly overwhelming.

However, he were to try and use the clash to just have her be occupied and frozen for a moment for he could set his trap. Angelus stared solemnly dark at her. Having fed magoi to his gourd, iron sand began to flow out of the vessel to begin to surround the trapped woman. It was her coffin of black sand. It signified that she were to return to the sands, but the black sands, the dark grains signifying her death and end. Gilgamesh came out from his shell to say two words.

Gilgamesh: "Parthevian Coffin!"

Exclaimed the white haired desert reaper, sealing her death by feeding magoi to his gold bronze blade and reforming the cloud into a blade that were to stab into the iron sand mound as if a finishing touch to the death sentence. From the black mound of sand, blood were to leak out, forming a pool where the woman was stabbed and put to death. It was over now, alas. Angelus' dead expression and eyes stared down at the blood and the dead woman while the iron sand returned to the red gourd. Similarly to the iron, the bronze gold blade reformed back onto the hilt that the man grasped within his right hand. It was time to inspect the body that bled out and investigate what had been occurring. Upon kneeling down to inspect the body of the woman, Angelus were to call out to his green haired friend to come to the room and that the woman was dead. It was now for them to figure out the truth to this enigma that had been occurring here. Overhead the building, rather dark clouds floated high, somberly ending the scene that was this mystery episode.

Wordcount: 1513

Magoi: 250

Stamina: 140

Magic Tools & Abilities Used:

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