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Flourishing Potential [Solo/Job]

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Lucius Cornelius:

It was a late evening upon the capital of Reim. People bustled about on the streets. It was just a few hours following Angelus' second victory within the Coliseum. He sat underneath a tree in a green area of the capital outside of the Coliseum while munching on a peach. It was a relaxing and calm evening. He would spectate the sun's fall. It was beautiful. While the young hopeful gladiator lied under the shade of a tree, an older man with blonde hair and blue eyes began to step up to him. Who is this, Angelus pondered. In garbs quite well kept, the man looked to be of some noble status. Was it someone that saw his duel? Perhaps he just merely sought to congratulate the novice gladiator. Angelus' view partially blocked by the man, he would greet the man at the same time he were to greet Angelus. Lying his peach down on his lap for now.

Lucius Cornelius: "Hello, I am Lucius Cornelius. I am a merchant from the city of Portsmouth. I live here in Reim capital. I only sponsor the gladiators that I see have the most potential. I saw your duel and I am quite impressed. It has been a long time since I seen anyone fight like that."

Angelus: "I thank you for the compliment. I am Angelus Spinam of Ariminum."

Lucius Cornelius: "It has been a long time since I have sponsored anyone. However, I am interested in sponsoring you, Angelus. That is a nice name by the way. How about you join me on a walk to my house right by here?"

Angelus: "I appreciate it. I will take you up on the walk."

Said the white haired man, biting again into his peach. He would stand up, and join the older man on the walk. It looked like Angelus had an opportunity to be sponsored by someone of a very wealthy noble class. Is he truly that great at Coliseum duels? It made him very pleased with himself at the fact that his efforts were noticed. Angelus smiled, walking with the man as they conversed back and forth for a while. If he could keep up a good reputation with the older man then he may be able to get sponsored by him. Angelus did not want to be bound by conditions though if he made a sponsor deal. It seemed though that the man just wanted to get to know him first. That was fair enough. After some walking, they would come to the steps of his house.

Lucius Cornelius: "I need some help shopping for a small banquet with some friends. You are invited but can I ask of you to pick up some ingredients on my list?"

Angelus: "I am up for the task. Just give me the list and I will come back as soon as I can."

Lucius Cornelius: "Perfect then. Here is the list and money."

Then young Angelus was off. He would go out to the markets and pick up a large array of spices which were a bit of a pain to find. It would be about forty minutes before he could find all the spices. Angelus was not very used to the markets and streets of the capital. After picking up spices, he would grab the freshest tomatoes he could find along with other vegetables like carrots which would be for a soup. Once spices and vegetables were attained he were to get cuts of pork and beef. It would be about fifty minutes to find the right and specified cuts of meat as Angelus was not used to buying such specific and expensive cuts. Now with the meats, he were to quickly grab some breads for the banquet with some alcohol and head out back to the house of Lucius Cornelius. When he returned, the man were to reward him with some huang. Angelus would thank the man and join him in his banquet.

Wordcount: 662


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