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Legion I: Angel Of Salvation [Solo/Job]

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It was a beautiful view. It was of a sparsely forested plains land, of fair hills. Angelus had come quite a way here. However, the land was a field of violence. It was a scape  where combat was taking place. There lied a nomadic group which was seeking in reclaiming land claimed by Reim long ago. They were Reiman citizens, but were an ungrateful group. Reim had ordered a legion halt any rebellious efforts.

Having come as an assistant for a Reim legion, Angelus was but an assistant, and rescue for any legionnaires which may have got lost in battle. Others from his previous job were present. It acted like a training, for those interested in joining a Reiman legion. It appeared that every one of his comrades from before sought to join a legion as well with Angelus upon eavesdropping on conversations. Angelus and hopeful new recruits of legions were to help the legion, wishing to rise through the legion ranks.

Nerilla: "Name is Nerilla Samira, and yourself?"

Said the green haired woman, curious who this dark eyed man was. It was also not very common for one to meet another person of mixed heritage here within Reim.

Angelus: "Hmph.. It is Angelus Spinam."

Spoke the man, focused on the work ahead on the field.

Nerilla: "You are quite quiet. Why?"

Asked the woman, pondering upon Angelus' reason for silence.

Angelus: "What do I have to say? My actions speak louder."

Stated the white haired man, running his hand through his wave like hair.

Nerilla: "You have a point~"

Said the young woman, refocusing her attention on the field. It had a camp atop a hill near a river where a legion was based. In the forest below the hill lied nomadic peoples of Reim whom were disaffecting from the nation. Angelus found the act of turning traitor against Reim merely odious. If he could, the man were to reign his gladius blade upon every traitor clashing with the legion down there. However, the orders were to be on guard, and assist the other men at camp with catering to the injured or ensuring camp was protected. If not for the quick travel of the nomads the legion here could have had a full fort up, but alas, only a small camp was set up.

Wounded Legionary: "M-my contubernium was wiped out! Aside from one other that is hiding, but is injured! There is one last enemy we were fighting!"

Cried out a soldier who had got away. Angelus' head flung back, seeing what the soldier had to say. One of the Centurions were to listen on too and after receiving the direction of the last injured soldier, a man known as Aureus Flavus. Nodding to the young Angelus, the Centurion were to give the go ahead for Angelus to retrieve that injured Legionary.

Clutching his gladius' hilt, Angelus dashed out of camp into the forest where the injured soldier pointed. Blowing in the light wind, his white hair flew up, with each leap he made down the large hill. Angelus were to unsheathe his gladius and don it in combat. Staring on at the location pointed out, Angelus were to ensure he was careful and that nobody attacked him from out of view. Once he made it to the location, Angelus observed everything around him with cautiously.

Aureus: "He is to your right!"

Roared the injured man hiding in the bushes. However, just suddenly as Aureus were to yell out to Angelus, the enemy were to come from behind a tree and bash the white haired male with his shield. It were to thrust Angelus back, causing him to fall on his side and eat dirt. Unaware what just occurred, but hurt, Angelus were to quickly lift himself up.

Angelus were to stand, and look to his right and see the man that the Legionary had fought with. It was a well armored man, of a tall stature but not in great health. It looked like with enough effort, Angelus could slay the enemy. It were to not be quite easy, but Angelus were to try and do his best. Angelus had an armband on him, gifted to him by his Coliseum sponsor. Unknowingly, young Angelus were to feed it magoi as he concentrated on his grip on his gladius sword.

Enemy Warrior: "Reim must fall alas, starting with you!"

Angelus: "Tch! Feel the might of great Reim, barbarian!"

Bellowed out the white haired man, dashing up to his foe. Angelus' gladius were to veil itself in a coat of razor magic. It gave the gladius' blade an unparalleled sharp edge like no other. Angelus reigned his blade down upon his opponent whom rose up his shield in defense of Angelus' slash. Yet, it were to not suffice under the razor magic coating that the gladius blade had underwent. Angelus' gladius were to tear right through the wood shield of the repulsive barbarian man. It were to even cut part of the man's clothing and torso, causing a bit of blood from him to gush out.

Enemy Warrior: "Gaah!"

Aureus: "That cut..!"

Angelus: "I told you, did I not!? Feel the might of great Reim!"

Roared once more the man, clashing with the blades with the barbarian.

Angelus: "Caelum Secare!"

Shouted the dark eyed fighter, coming out the victor in the clash. Unable to rival the razor magic of the gladius' blade and Angelus' technique, the nomadic warrior were to fall. Angelus' blade cut into the man's torso cleanly. It caused a large pool of blood to form from the deep wound. It looked as if the barbarian man had now returned to which he came, the natural flow of the world. Angelus were to wipe his gladius off with a large leaf from a plant, while he stared deep into the now lifeless eyes of the barbarian.

Aureus were to unveil himself, and thank Angelus for saving his very life. Aureus were to inform Angelus that an opponent had dropped an axe of possible high value. It had wavy patterned carvings on the handle. It would be a nice weapon to loot for himself. Angelus picked it up, and would escort Aureus now back to the camp to be patched and healed up. Aureus leaned on Angelus to there.

Aureus: "You have my gratitude. My name is Aureus Flavus. You?"

Angelus: "Don't mention it. You will be alright. I am Angelus Spinam."

Plot Log: Nerilla joined the party. Aureus joined the party. Acri Alba obtained. Axe of Ekgre obtained.

Wordcount: 1076

Magoi: 100

Stamina: 180

Ability Used:

Magic Item Used:


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