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Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Siege In Ibania
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Chain Reward: Very Minor Plot | News Post
Job Prerequisites: Angelus
Job Overview: Now the politician dead, Angelus' Century is asked to reunite with the rest of the legion that is narrowing in on the enemy legion. Angelus' Century enters the fray during combat. It looks like the enemy legion's fort is not holding up quit well. Angelus takes it upon himself to slay the senator from the inside of the fort using guerilla tactics, and escape with his head, destabilizing the legion and causing them to surrender.


Enemy Name: Legion Guards 4x
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Well equipped guards, using a C-Tier spears and C-Tier shields in combat.

  • Death Formation: Guards lift their shields up, and lunge with their spears through small cracks in the formation to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Charging Bull: Ibania Legionaries charge at a target with their spears to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Shield Bash: They charge with their shield, and attempt to bash the target and trip them to deal C-Tier damage.

Senator Argus Ibanium:

Enemy Name: Senator Argus Ibanium
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: A prominent Senator of Reim who had been using extortion to maintain his authority in the western province of Ibania of Reim. He is a man of early 40s and black hair with slight tan skin, and a worn down face. He wields just a gladius.

  • Fend Off: With his gladius, he parries an attack of C-Tier or lower.

From a cold sweat, he were to awake, heart beating, a tear of his salty bodily fluid dripping down the side of his tan right cheek. It was a nightmare. Angelus had did something sinful in his dark and twisted dream. How unusual nightmares were for the young man. It was once every year perhaps he had one. Yet, this one felt quite drastic from any other he has had before. Angelus could not remember very clearly what the nightmare was. However, he could did recall from the dream that he was afraid of death of someone close to him. Angelus had never in his life felt much of any love for someone, not enough love to be scared of the death of a particular person in his life.

Angelus were to place the palm of his right hand on his forehead as he sat up within his military tent. A face of anguish on him, Angelus could not help but ponder on why he had that dream. It was unlike him to care so much for someone. For just a moment, Angelus were to take a step outside to look up at the bright twinkling stars. Hopefully he could relax for a bit, and just calm his mind. It could be that what Nerilla had said to him the other day about caring about her and Aureus got to him. Angelus could allow let his emotions get the best of him.

Aureus: "Hey.. bad dream or something..?"

Out of nowhere, the blonde haired veteran were to ask the ambitious young man. Aureus were to begin walking to the side of Angelus where he sat.

Angelus: "Yeah.. something like that.. and what about yourself?"

Inquired the white haired man, essentially asking why Aureus was up. Angelus were to continue staring into the starry night as Aureus spoke.

Aureus: "I had a good dream. It woke me up to see the stars. I had a dream of a great and united Empire. It was one where people of the light fought for the light."

Responded the wise veteran man, placing his hand on Angelus' shoulder. In that moment, both of the men were to share the same view, wishing upon the stars that shined in the sky.

Angelus: "Is that so.."

Murmured the hopeful white haired man, as him and his friend observed the stars for the following hour until bidding goodnight once both of them grew exhausted.

-Next Morning-

Come sunrise, Angelus were to brushing his teeth before he went to eat his rationed breakfast that was to be served by his friend and comrade, Nerilla. It was by anytime now that new orders for Angelus' unit were to be given. Angelus were to be ensuring his unit was in well health, before suddenly, his new orders and task were to be given by an envoy. It was the same man who had given Angelus his last task to capture the fleeing politician. From what the notes said that the envoy had on him that had been wrote by the cohort leader, the high ups were upset that the politician had not been captured and that he had been reported to have committed suicide on Angelus' watch. Angelus could not care very much for what was done and over with frankly.

However, the young centurion had an opportunity to redeem himself in a battle that was about to occur a few miles from where Angelus was. It was important that Angelus got to the battle early, but the envoy had got to the young man late due to weather conditions. So, Angelus had to rush with his unit to reunite with the rest of the legion to fight in the battle. If Angelus did not get to the battle, he could risk losing his rank. Therefore, Angelus had every incentive to not be late to the battle. Angelus were to begin to set out with his unit at once to fight.

Angelus: "Men, we have a battle. They have begun engaging Senator Argus Ibanium and his legion. We must root out evil from Reim, let us set out!"

Roared out the natural born leader, leading the march to the fort in which Argus was posted up at with his legion. Argus was trying to protect a crucial Ibania city located on the side of a long river that Reim wanted to retake. However, Argus was not planning to give it up. It was up to the military of Reim to stop his corrupt and unjust actions. It was crucial that the legion Angelus was part of did not let the enemy win this exchange. It were to be a horrible embarrassment for Reim if they could not protect their own territory and outroot a corrupt Senator.

Angelus were to soon begin to set foot upon the field of battle. In the distance, the unit of the white haired man could witness arrows being fired and soldiers trying to scale the brick fort walls. It was a strong fort. Blood of men were being spilt left and right and corpses were falling to the ground every minute. Angelus' legion commander could only persist with the siege. Angelus were to reunite with his legion, when suddenly the cohort leader were to direct Angelus' to begin scaling the walls. It was not a great task for his unit who were mainly new soldiers. It was almost certain that they were to perish. Angelus were to glance at his close comrades, Nerilla and Aureus for a moment before staring back at his cohort leader. It were to be a tough battle, an emotional and physical one.

Angelus were to lead his men to begin scaling the wall and clench his teeth, while directing some of his few rangers like Nerilla to just fire at any of the soldiers on the wall who might try and cut ropes of Angelus' men who are scaling the walls. Yet, as this were to be occurring, Angelus were to take his eye off of his lead ranger for just a second, Nerilla Samira. It was at that moment, that an arrow were to spiral past Angelus' sight, as Angelus was helping to grab ropes for his men to scale the wall. Nerilla were to have been aiming at soldiers on the fort wall, when suddenly an arrow were to spiral for Angelus. Nerilla were to notice the arrow go for Angelus right as it released, so in a spurt of the moment, with wild emotions running through her head, she were to run in front of Angelus to take the arrow for him.

Angelus: "Nerilla!! Nerilla!! I won't let you die here!"

When the young man saw Nerilla run in front of him, he were to look down at her and realize quickly what had happened. In that moment, Angelus' eyes were to completely widen. Clutching her close to him, trying to see the arrow and the blood, Angelus were to panic. In that moment, his heart were to race and beat unlike ever before. Angelus were to begin breathing faster and harder, grabbing her to bring her over to cover, checking her wound. It was a horrible wound. She was moaning in great pain, grasping Angelus' arm where his prideful armband was. It was a dire moment. Angelus were to scrummage through his bag of tools that he had collected from his journey thus far. Angelus were to grab a pendant with a green tree, and lend the tool magoi, removing the arrow and then placing on the tool on her wound to heal her enough so that she was not in a fatal condition. It was a close call.

Angelus sighed in utter relief, but was quite vengeful and enraged. Grasping ahold of his Axe of Ekgre, as the Gourd of Sand lied on his back, Angelus rushed to the fort walls to scale them. Angelus' dark eyes stared up at the men that were to try and shoot down the white haired reaper. However, the young man lent magoi to his useful magical Gourd of Sand. It were to pour out iron sand and form a floating shield for the reaper as he were to scale up. It were to protect Angelus from any arrows of the soldiers on the wall. It gave Angelus a chance to reach the top of the wall before then reforming his iron sand into a floating ball to encapsulate the devil as he found where Senator Argus Ibanium was.

It was at this moment that the men from his unit and legion were to begin yelling out to Angelus, cheering him on to change the tides of the battle. That, he would do. With his target found, being guarded by four well equipped guards, Angelus floated down to him and gave magoi to his Axe of Ekgre to equip copper armor. Angelus would follow up by giving his armband magoi, followed by his axe yet again, sending out a copper axehead to cut down two of the guards. It were to cleanly cut the men down who were trying to charge at Angelus with spears tips.

Angelus: "Senator Argus Ibanium, I am here for your head!"

Senator Argus Ibanium: "Stay away!"

Roared out the dark eyed Angelus, his eyes piercing deep into the man's very essence of life. Angelus was the reaper that were to take the life of the Senator. It was enough of the Republic, a failed system that had to be dismantled. Angelus' first target to show the entirety of Reim that the Republic was dying, was to cut off the very head of a Republic leader. A brand new era of Reim was upon us. One which would usher in true glory for Reim, and forever alter its history in the world. Angelus rushed out of his half ball of iron sand, swiping his axe horizontally to clash with two remaining guards who rose their shields and tried to stab Angelus through the cracks in the shields with spears. Angelus were to overpower their spears and shields and rip through them like butter with his Ventus Tactus empowering his copper axe.

Blood were to fly through the scene, splashing on Angelus' darkened enraged face that were to lie its menacing eyes upon the Senator now, to remove his head off his shoulders. Angelus' widened dark eyes were to get a closer view of the man as other soldiers nearby tried to rush to help him. Angelus' axe rose up high to prepare to cut the man. Staring back at Angelus with a worried face, the ugly corrupt Senator tried to fend off the axe reigning down, but alas, resistance was futile. It was the end. Angelus with one quick movement, cut the man's very head off at last. Angelus were to grasp the Senator's decapitated bloody head by his hair.

Angelus: "This is what happens.. when you serve yourself, and not Reim."

Said coldly young Angelus, only having just began his military career a month ago but now has decapitated a corrupt Senator of Reim. It was now for Angelus to bring his head back to his legion. Angelus' victory were to resound over Reim, and his name echoed out as the man that decapitated a Senator. It was inevitable now. It was only now a matter of time when Reim came under his thumb. Angelus had to continue on, to conquer. It was his fate and Angelus knew this. Without much time to escape, he were to reform his iron sand in a ball and have the ball fly out of the chaos as arrows flew. It was over now though. Without the Senator, this entire rebel legion was nothing at all. Nobody could lead them. Angelus had caused disarray to the men. Once the white haired reaper had flew out of the fort, and the iron sand dispersed and returned back to the gourd, he were to stand before his comrades yet again, but with the head of the Senator in his very grasp, held up by his hair.

Angelus: "I have returned.."

Said nonchalantly the cunning devil.

Soldiers: "Hraaaaaa!"

Roared in unison the cheering and celebrating men.

Wordcount: 2035

Magoi: 130

Stamina 190

Magic Weapons Used:

Name: Axe of Ekgre
Tier: A
Type: Magic Axe
Magic Type: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Appearance: An axe 3m long with a flat, diagonal blade which takes up 1m of the length, the axe being thinner near the base and reach 36cm wide at the top. Connecting the blade to the handle is fluid and wavy patterned carvings.

Protection of Ekgre - Upon filling with this weapon with magoi the user attracts nearby copper in any form in order to form a complete shell around it's user, fitting to their joints and such to allow movement, the armor taking a similar appearance to the user. It requires A-tier damage to break through, and missing parts can be replaced with leftover copper constructs, lasts 4 posts. 10 Magoi to Cast | 5 Magoi to Sustain

Fury of Ekgre - With a horizontal or vertical swing of the axe the user fills it with magoi, creating an axehead of copper 1m in length which flies forth following the arch of the swing going up to 20m doing A-tier damage to whatever it strikes.

Magic Item Used:

Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] 6aDfhhr

Name: Pendant of Serenity
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool - Necklace
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The pendant is 6 cm in diameter, and within it is a tree with leaves made of emeralds. The chain is able to be replaced, as the pendant itself has the magic circle engraved upon the back.

  • When fed magoi, the pendant pulses with purple light which spreads over the user's body healing them for B-tier damage. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.

Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] A4852-01-1024x683
Name: The Gourd of Iron Sand
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Gourd
Magic Type: Metal Magic
Appearance: Taking the form of a wooden gourd about 1m meter in size this magic item is filled with iron sand to the brim. The old looking item carries a heavy weight and is tied to the individual with a red cord. A magic symbol glows on the top half of the gourd.

  • Dancing Sands- The user activates the gourd causing the sand to pour out being able to cover up to 20m in diameter by attracting other small nearby metal particles the sand can be freely controlled and condensed into a 5m sized object with B-tier item durability and lasts three turns or until destroyed. As Iron it treats physical attacks as 1 tier lower and water damage as 1 tier higher in clashes. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

NPC & Magic Tools Attached:


Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] 2377eb12

Name: Nerilla Samira
Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Born with a mixed heritage of Fanalis Reim descent on her mother's side and of Heliohapt descent on her father's side. Nerilla is a young ranger of Reim, hailing from southern Lucania. Nerilla met Angelus upon joining a legion and helping farmers. She is the person closest to Angelus. She believes in Angelus' views that Reim has fallen in might and deserves to become great again, for the people. Her height is 5'4. Nerilla is a charismatic but merciless young woman, with a kind heart towards her friends and loved ones.
Weapons: C-Tier Bow and 10 Arrows
Traits: Exceptional Speed [C-Tier]

  • Iactus Saggita: Nerilla aims an arrow shot up to 50m far and fires, dealing C-Tier damage with the shot at whatever is hit.

  • Eludo Sagitta: Nerilla locks her bow and rolls quickly to evade a D-Tier attack or lower, and fires the arrow up to 40m far to deal D-Tier damage.

Name: The Wind’s Delivery
Tier: B
Type: Magic Sling
Magic Type: Wind
Appearance: A Sling 1.5m long when unfolded the wind’s delivery is made from a silver chain strap with a black leather pouch the hold the ammunition. The ammunition for this weapon is a set of 15 black metal balls with gold engravings in the shape of a tornado. Each ball is about 17cm in diameter all around.

  • Passive: The Wind’s Guidance- Ammunition thrown with this weapon produces a vortex of wind 1m in diameter around it which can knock away projectiles B-tier or lower. (Does not affect damage or clashing against defenses.)
  • Blown Away- The user activating the magic tool throws a ball out forming a vortex of wind around, it grows to be 20m wide, the blast of wind travels 20m, knocking back everything caught in it 5m backward in the air.


Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] Vault111

Legion V: Senator Decapitation [Job/Solo] Gilgam11

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