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Legion II: Uncovering Corruption [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: Extortion In Ibania
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Angelus
Job Overview: It is said from rumors that a prominent senator of the Ibania province has extorted others for land, for he can keep his position. Reim's council has sent out a legion to investigate and stabilize the region of Ibania to avoid corrupt senators vying for power via corrupt means. Angelus is a mere legionnaire who is assigned to protect an estate of a lord in Ibania with other legionnaires. Extortionists from the senator have been frequently visiting the lord to force money or land out of him. Defeat and capture the Extortionists. Angelus is elected by his peers as Decanus.


Enemy Name: Extortionists 4x
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Well equipped assassins in dark hoods that are suited in light armor. They have C-Tier throwing daggers as well as close range C-Tier daggers for combat.

  • Dagger Throw: They throw daggers at a target up to 10m far to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Quick Step: They take a step and vanish 2m away almost instantly.

  • Cross Cut: They slash with both of their daggers in an X across a target's chest or back to deal C-Tier damage.

Pristine azure crystal clear skies, galloping of horses of the cavalry led the marching of the legion towards its destination a few days far. Clops of the hooves and armor of soldiers echoed in the space they occupied and traversed by. It scattered any birds that may have been near. Flutters of wings sounded through the air as the young man with white hair, Angelus, began to come to the region of Ibania for an important task. It was said by high ups that various squads of the legion traveling to the region were to need to provide protection for certain individuals and properties. What did this mean? Angelus pondered on the task. White hair flowing in the light breeze of the green location, Angelus looked on in the distance, holding a resolve.

Aureus: "You stare deeply into the distance, Angelus. We should be in Ibania sometime soon now. Have you been there?"

Asked the veteran soldier, curious if Angelus had traveled much.

Angelus: "I have not been quite this far from where I was born and raised."

Said the young man, being bluntly honest about his travel experience.

Nerilla: "It is a beautiful sight, aye? Look on at the lush plains over there!"

Exclaimed the upbeat character, Nerilla, pointing over in the distance at a field of light greenery. Angelus were to smile and place his hand on the back of Nerilla as he would make a peculiar comment. It were to make Nerilla excited to display her ranger skills to Angelus when the time is right. Angelus knew just how to excite her.

Angelus: "How far do you think you can shoot accurately with this vast field ahead of us? I hope your aim is as good as your cooking."

With that, Angelus took his leave from the side of Nerilla, marching further on along his legion peers. Nerilla looked on at Angelus' back for a moment as he strolled off. She looked on blankly at Angelus' backside, before then crying out in high morale.

Nerilla: "You betcha! I've been practicing hard!"

It was amusing to see her morale heighten like that. Angelus smirked at her peppy and rambunctious voice responding back to him. How would he and his new peers come together in battle to triumph, and fulfill their tasks? It was seeming to be a very good squad of soldiers Angelus had found himself a part of. Yet, the man had to place his expectations low, despite his new sudden fondness of his friends. It was likely someone would die. Very rarely were people so lucky as to not lose fellow soldiers in arm whom they were close to. Angelus could not let his emotions get the best over him. If only Angelus could simply not be human. If only he was a monster.

After some time, the legion were to fully set up a hidden camp within Ibania. Being placed into squads tasked to guard various properties, with very vague information on why, Angelus and his close peers were to find themselves with a map directed to an estate of a noble. It was quite odd, Angelus and his fellow contubernium were to ponder on what was happening. With experience of serving a legion, Aureus spoke up and explained to Angelus and the others that rumors of corruption in this new republic may be the reason of the legion's arrival here in Ibania. Independent politicians were no longer devoid of power among a Republic, therefore now the powerful lords could manipulate others to remain a firm grasp on their high political authority. Upon hearing of this, Angelus could not feel surprised. It was just as he had expected of a half baked Republic. Once the conversation concluded, the squad had come to their destination as said by the map. Sundown was now nigh.

Estate Servant: "Are you from the legion? Our lord would like to have a word with you eight."

Said a maid of a minor lord in this region, guiding the way to the minor lord.

Antonius: "I welcome you all, I appreciate the help. I am afraid I cannot give too much information on why you are here, but I need you all to essentially stakeout for the night. I have men who will be coming here tonight, and they are unaware that the legion has come to Ibania. I need you to ambush them if they come, and capture them alive. Take the men back with you all to your legion for questioning. If you need anything, Clara is here, but ensure she does not get roped into trouble. Thank you again, soldiers. You are our pride of Reim."

With that being said, Angelus and co were to set up stakeout for the night. Slightly tired from staying up, Nerilla was quite tempted to fall asleep. However, Angelus made sure to poke her often. She had the best eye among the team, and if the enemy came, her quick firing could defeat the enemy. Aureus was very on guard due to his experience, but lacked as good as an eye as Nerilla. She had a duty.

Nerilla: "S-sorryy~ Everybody~ I will focus. After all, I am part lion. I should focus on my prey."

Turning his head casually over at Nerilla who he sat beside, he would inquire about her statement of being part lion.

Angelus: "Hm? What do you mean part lion?"

He asked curiously.

Nerilla: "Y-yes, I am part lion, part fanalis."

Mumbled the girl tiredly.

Angelus: "I see."

As young exhausted Nerilla were to begin drowning in drowsiness once more, he were to catch eye of someone, Angelus got a glimpse of the enemy. At that very moment Nerilla woke like a true lion, with her eyes on the prey! Angelus were to dart around behind the bushes with a light step, yet quick pep. Nerilla cocked back her bow and the others were told that they were here. Once more of them came out of the shadows, the soldiers of the squad would strike. Nerilla let off her rapid fire arrows that would hit one of the soldiers but the other arrows only grazed the other targets. Unbeknownst to the squad, more extortionists were lurking in the back from a hidden location. So they were to jump in and quickly take out the ambushers who would have taken down the initial revealed extortionists. Yet, being patient with the situation, Angelus had restrained himself from jumping in too soon.

Angelus: "Fury of Ekgre! You underestimate me and my men in arms."

Yelled the warrior as he were to cut down two of the extortionists. Yet, suddenly after that, the last two extortionists were to vanish from the vicinity instantly. It were to frighten Angelus truthfully for a moment. However, with the Axe of Akgre, the dark eyed soldier, stood unmoving, and gave magoi to the magic weapon that he had begun to learn how to use. During his training, he not only became stronger with his body, but also his mind and learned how his tools functioned. In a mere split of a second, copper from the area began to form an armor for young Angelus.

Angelus: "Ventus Tactus! Hail before my feet.. Buffons.."

Said the menacing figure, who would now find his enemies in view attacking him from absolute opposite positions. Shield bashing Angelus was futile. It was over for the extortionists. Pouncing back to get view of the two, Angelus quickly ripped his copper blade through the unguarded sides of the enemies. It were to gush out a stream of blood, causing the two men to fall. Pools of crimson blood formed, and they were to wet Angelus' feet as his copper dissipated off his body. Only a blank expression lied on his face. It seemed two of Angelus' comrades had succumbed to the enemy, having lost their lives. Angelus did not quite know the men though. Anyways, from his exceedingly great performance, Angelus was elected Decanus.

Aureus: ".. Thank you.. Angelus.."

Angelus: "Don't mention it.. Aureus."

Plot Log: Angelus elected to Decanus.

Wordcount: 1340

Magoi: 80

Magic Weapons Used:

Name: Axe of Ekgre
Tier: A
Type: Magic Axe
Magic Type: Metal [Strength + Lightning]
Appearance: An axe 3m long with a flat, diagonal blade which takes up 1m of the length, the axe being thinner near the base and reach 36cm wide at the top. Connecting the blade to the handle is fluid and wavy patterned carvings.

Protection of Ekgre - Upon filling with this weapon with magoi the user attracts nearby copper in any form in order to form a complete shell around it's user, fitting to their joints and such to allow movement, the armor taking a similar appearance to the user. It requires A-tier damage to break through, and missing parts can be replaced with leftover copper constructs, lasts 4 posts. 10 Magoi to Cast | 5 Magoi to Sustain

Fury of Ekgre - With a horizontal or vertical swing of the axe the user fills it with magoi, creating an axehead of copper 1m in length which flies forth following the arch of the swing going up to 20m doing A-tier damage to whatever it strikes.

Magic Item Used:

Legion II: Uncovering Corruption [Solo/Job] 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.


Legion II: Uncovering Corruption [Solo/Job] Vault111

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