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Ambition of an Emperor [Plot/Training]

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It had begun, Angelus' climb within the Reim military. It truly was initiated once he were to pledge his undying fealty to the authority of Reim. Having impressed a legion as a mercenary, blessed Angelus was given the opportunity to join a legion alongside some others who had helped Reim when in need. It was a major stepping stone in the beginning of the journey for the young man thirsting to grow stronger. In only a few minutes now, Angelus were to be woken to join the rank and file of his legion he had been designated to. It would be there that Angelus was to be made an official Legionary of the Reim Republic, with the duty of protecting the nation. However, when sworn in, Angelus were to uphold this duty far more violently and zealously than the majority of his peers, for better of for worse. In his eyes, Reim had fallen from its once glorious state. It was his passion to see Reim thrive great.

Centurion: "Sunrise is here! Line up! Your designated positions will be set today and we will begin basic training!"

With the first glimpse of the morning light, an officer of the legion were to cry out to the resting recruits about to be sworn in as Legionaries. It was a highly respected position in Reim, alongside the Fanalis Corps. However, the legions had fallen in strength overtime as Fanalis Corps grew. It gave rise to very influential figures now like the undeniable leader of the Reim Republic, Octavius, leader of Fanalis Corps. A few years ago now the government changed and whatever backbone the nation had was lost to the weak.

Angelus was a young teenager when this had occurred. There were others like Angelus whom loathed a Reim Republic, believing it made a nation weak without a main command. Angelus believed Reim was destined to one day return as an Empire, a new one forged by a new fated Emperor. For now, he were to just simply climb up Reim's military, and attain great power and authority.

Arising from his deep slumber, Angelus were to peel back his tent's opening to unveil the morning light. It were to shine upon the faces of his other comrades. Yawning and stretching her arms, a woman known as Nerilla were to face the radiating morning, opening her eyes as she then covered them. In the tent one other soldier were to wake. It was the man whom Angelus had rescued from a battle the other day. Angelus had been pestered a lot by Nerilla, but she would seem to be a capable ranger, so Angelus were to tolerate her. Nerilla may have been quite talkative, but was someone that Angelus could rely on.. as a friend.

It was not very common for him to rely on people as a friend, but Nerilla seemed to be very genuine of a person. Aureus on the other hand, he was an experienced legionary that had to now be ordered into a new squadron due to his previous sadly dying. Aureus owed his life to Angelus, and pledged to help Angelus as he was not only his savior, but a capable warrior with vast potential. Experienced with the way of life of a Legionary, Aureus bolted up from his sleep and prepared to line up. It seemed to be an innate trait of Aureus now, from years of battle and training.

So, together alongside his new comrades, Angelus were to line up and stand by for the official event of joining the legion. In only a moment though, the legate of the legion were to appear before Angelus and co. It was a well built man, garbed in a unique high quality Reim gear, sporting purple hair, and slight tan skin. Marius was his name. Shouting aloud, no hesitation in his voice, Marius asked of the new recruits to repeat after him an oath of the duty of the legion. Hundreds were to chant out loud the oath, placing closed fists over their very chest. It resonated loud.

New Legionaries: "We pledge our faith and loyalty in the Republic! We shall not desert the service, and shall not avoid death for the Republic!"

It roared loud to the blue skies of Reim, traveling far, scaring nearby birds to fly away from the loud pledge. Now began Angelus' training. Vowing to train harder than all of his peers, Angelus were to train extra hours following hours of already intense training set up by his legion. During his beginning of training, his legion were to be notified of a floating rumor in which the council had got a word of. It required the legion Angelus had just joined to travel to the province of Ibania for investigating. It was a secret task however, so Angelus himself would not know why he and his legion were headed to Ibania for.

However, along the way, Angelus had made great effort in honing his swordsmanship and packing more muscle atop his frame. It was an arduous few weeks, but training vigorously and eating food that were high in nutrients and protein were to pay off. Angelus trained his body and mind to be sharp, to wake at dawn, to cut a leaf falling from a tree with his gladius.

Aureus Flavus: "Angelus, my friend, I see your rigorous training. I have never seen one man train with such ferocity, or will. I have served Reim for years now, so let that be a great compliment. What drives you, may I ask?"

Silence filled the air for a moment, as leaves from trees blew past Angelus' face. It was quite a windy day, with light gales sweeping through the forest which the legion had put up camp. However would Angelus word what he sought to say?

Angelus: "To put it bluntly, my own selfish desires."

Aureus Flavus: "What are your own selfish desires? Even with one's own selfish desires, I have yet to see a man train as diligently and rigorously to no end's rest."

Angelus: "To revive Reim as an Empire, and instate myself as new Emperor."

It would feel as if time had frozen. Had the veteran heard that correctly? It were to shiver a man whom had seen comrades' deaths dozens of times to his very core. In what world was Angelus? It felt as if Angelus truly did not give any regard for what that oath of his he had said; faith and loyalty to the Republic. Slowly turning on his very heel, young Angelus' white hair blew gently in the strong breeze. Angelus were to unveil his dark eyes before his now subject, his obedient, and stare down upon him with a solemn promise.

Resolve lied painted on his face, whilst fright washed over his comrade that had now stumbled back, falling on his bottom as his hands propped him up from behind. It was in that moment, Aureus knew he had come across a monster. Yet, something in him was worth perhaps hearing out. Why did he wish to revive the Empire? Aureus sought to understand this man, Angelus Spinam.

Aureus Flavus: "Why d-"

Nerilla Samira: "Oooi! I made us our rations! Come eat!"

Angelus: "Perhaps I will divulge into why another day. For now, keep quiet, and let us nourish ourselves, Aureus.. my friend."

It was over, just like that. Aureus could not believe it. What a frightening monster he had befriended. As if nothing had just been said, Angelus strolled off to consume his rations to only jump right back into his intense training. Angelus had a far better diet now than when he was only a commoner. In the legion, the nutrition required to build more muscle and a soldier was more than provided. Angelus could focus most of his time into training now. It were to appear Nerilla, the ranger whom was keen on being a close friend of Angelus had used her training time to practice her skills of gathering supplies and hunting. It was a very useful skill to have on a team.

Angelus: "Ah, thank you, Nerilla."

Nerilla Samira: "Whaaa!? Did you just thank me?"

An uncommon set of words to come from Angelus' lips which made Nerilla quite pleasantly surprised. Aureus looked on at the two of them for a moment, before gathering himself to eat with them. How would Nerilla react to Angelus' desires of reviving the Empire, Aureus could not help but wonder. It was quite rather eerie to him how the young man could be so nonchalant. Could that man become Emperor?

In the days that passed, Angelus were to train and spar with whoever he could. It was crucial to him that he learned how a soldier fought, for he could best learn his enemy in turn, the soldier. Aureus were to teach him how veterans fought, and what to look out for when in a battle with a soldier. Grasping the knowledge of Aureus at a quick pace, Angelus were to excel. Not only that, but the strength he were to reap from practice with a veteran and other soldiers would further his body, toning it a bit with slight noticeable muscle.

It was coming towards the time for the rumored mission within Ibania, where a potential small scale battle may occur. If what the rumors said were true, then Reim may be dealing with corrupt politicians in Ibania. It only gave Angelus more basis behind his claim that the Republic is failing Reim.

Angelus: "I am coming for you.. Octavius."

D-Tier Warrior to C-Tier Warrior

Wordcount: 1500


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