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Forging of an Emperor [Plot/Training]

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In the dark of night, under the sea of white stars, Angelus was trying to prepare to get some rest when suddenly, he were to hear his comrade grunting. It were to wake the young man. Picking himself up from his right hand and then shimmying on his knees towards the tent's exit flaps, he were to open the exit and look on outside at where the sounds of the friend of Angelus came from. It seemed to be coming from a few tens of meters in the sub desert that the military camp was set up within. In this starry night, Angelus were to stand on up and exit his text to go search for the tundra minotaur man, Alceus. Peering his eyes closer within the dark night were to unveil to Angelus that his friend was stomping at the ground over and over for some particular reason. Why? Angelus was compelled to inquire about the man's persistent stomping. Was the tundra minotaur man infuriated perhaps?

Angelus: "Alceus. How come the stomping and grunting? Are you okay?"

Asked the white haired man with a curious tone of voice.

Alceus: "Ah! Yes! I am okay. I was just training. I am a body manipulator of course. I am trying to learn how to use my new power gifted to me by Jiryu."

Responded the rather excited minotaur man, panting after saying what he said to the young military leader. Angelus was intrigued. He was aware of the man's unique style of combat. It was a style unlike many others Angelus had ever seen before. It relied on the use of one's body heavily. Imagining the style as quite useful when not equipped with weapons, Angelus thought of trying to learn the unique combat style from the tough tundra minotaur. If he could not have to rely on weapons, then he could very well be a force to reckon with. If one could fight well even without the use of weapons, then they would have insurance ever in the case of their weapons being stripped from them. Angelus were to inquire further about this unique style.

Angelus: "Body Manipulator, huh? Well, can you teach me, Alceus? I am interested in your fighting style. If I could not have to rely on my weapons, then even unarmed I will be able to fight, right?"

Asked the intrigued and resolute man.

Alceus: "Heh, I guess you have a point, Sir. I guess I could teach you techniques I had created when I was a Human. Just keep in mind that I am not the most well experienced when it comes to body manipulation. I am trying to always improve!"

Exclaimed the pumped Alceus, quite eager to teach his new protégé. Angelus lightly smiled with delight at the tundra minotaur.

Alceus: "Now, strip your clothes!"

Roared the tundra beast, pointing his index finger at his protégé, a serious expression being worn on his face.

Angelus: "Eh ..? I can take my shirt off, but that's about it."

Said the uncomfortable pupil, grasping his top and taking it off. It were to be the farthest that Angelus were to go. Alceus had requested for the young man to take his clothes off for he could properly observe how his body may react when under pressure. It was key for Angelus' body to learn to adapt. For one to learn to control how their body functioned, one had to practice the art of adapting their body to a new environment and force change. It was a rigorous path to learn the very advanced art of body manipulation but a path that were to put him a notch above thousands of others. If he wished to be a true force to reckon with, he had to master his body and take himself further beyond other humans. It were to be an arduous next couple months to master his body. Angelus was set on this to not only prepare himself for an eventual dungeon, but to help him crush his enemies before him that may halt the likes of Reim. Shirtless now, the man began to train with great work ethic and ferocity. Angelus were to be faced with cold and icy techniques by the tundra minotaur, to which he had to overcome by trying to warm his body up.

Angelus: "Ah- Alceus, how am I supposed to do this.. ?"

Inquired the curious and in pain Angelus. It were to be rather tough to heighten his body temperature when he has never before did any body manipulation. It felt like trying to teach a person how to fight with nothing but his nails. Angelus were to be luckily quite calm though, so Alceus saw potential from him. It required a calm mind to master one's body. In order to give Angelus a rough idea on how to begin to control his body, he were to explain to him how body manipulation is present within every person but that not every person can learn how to use the innate phenomenon. Angelus were to listen to this and begin to calmly focus on his body.

Alceus: "What you have to understand is that body manipulation is an innate phenomenon of every person. It is not an art that can be mastered or learned by just whoever. It is important to know that you are already capable of body manipulation on a very minute small scale. It is known as your normal everyday bodily functions. First begin by practicing how to control those small bodily functions using your mind to warm your body. It is a very mental art. If you want to learn and master the art, you have to learn and master your mind before anything else."

Explained the veteran of body manipulation, trying to get Angelus to begin the initial steps to learning the fundamentals of the fighting style. It was a speech that were to leave the young Angelus truly curious of the inner workings of his body and the phenomenon that is innate in every person, body manipulation. It was waiting to be mastered. In this moment, Angelus were to focus rather intensely on the heat that his body produced and exuded. It made the young man begin to think on what he could control to increase his temperature. Alceus were to chill the white haired soldier using his icy cold breath, hoping that the protégé could get an idea of how his body functioned, so that he could begin the steps to learning how to control his body.

Angelus were to try and think of heat, imagining a fire within a dark void that wished to burn with more intensity. It was just his first step. Angelus were to then begin to think of things that could make him hot. It involved lewd ideas, but this is what the young man was willing to do to try and better understand how his body became hot. If the young man could try and understand this process, he may be able to replicate the process with non lewd thoughts he could string together that could begin to heat his body. Angelus were to be quite meticulous with this, but he were to catch on rather quickly on how his body functioned throughout the coming days and how his body generated heat. Awakened he began to feel, now that he was understanding how his thoughts could change his body. It were to invigorate the white haired soldier to train even when Alceus was not helping pressure him on.

Once a few days had passed, Angelus were to have learned how to ignite his internal temperature enough to not feel too cold. It was a start, but understanding how his thoughts could change his body was a fundamental building block to then changing his body further at will. Alceus were to be quite impressed. It had taken the dedicated Alceus much longer to control his internal body temperature. It was clear that the hopeful King was much more dedicated though, and was a natural genius of how the brain and body operated in tangent to each other. Angelus could very well master this much faster than even Alceus himself. However, there was much more for Angelus to learn before he could call himself a full fledged manipulator of his body. Alceus were to ask the man to try and feel less pain. It was the next gradual step to learning how to manipulate the inner workings of his body.

Angelus: "Hmm, let us see then. If.. I could control my internal temperature with thoughts and my own will, then can I do to control my feeling of pain? If I can control that with my thoughts and manipulating how my brain functions then maybe I can shut down the physical pain that I can feel."

Mused the highly philosophical figure. In this next step, Angelus were to realize that his thoughts and knowing how his brain functioned was a start of understanding body manipulation. It was a stepping stone for his training. It were to very rapidly build upon itself more and more with the passing days. Angelus had to without rest continuously harm himself, for he could learn what thoughts could mitigate the pain that he felt with each cut he gave himself on his arm. It was a painful and very agonizing training, but one he was dedicated to.

Angelus given some time were to figure out the complicated thought and brain patterns involved to shut off his pain receptors. Coming to be proficient with knowing the thought and brain patterns that altered his body, he were to be able to then alter other things rather than just merely his internal temperature and his pain receptors. Angelus were to wake on one particular morning, having finished a vigorous training last night. Picking himself up from the floor and exiting his tent, he were to look on at the distance.

Alceus: "I know it is tough, Angelus. You have progressed very quickly though."

Suddenly the tundra minotaur came out from behind a rock to try and cheer up the pained Angelus. However, there was much more on his extensive mind rather than just his training. It was up to the young man to conquer a dungeon. It was up to him to conquer this desert land lying stretched out before his very eyes, waiting to be claimed and a King crowned. Angelus' training was just what he had to do to ensure his victory, to ensure his fate as a King, as an Emperor, a leader of the western world who could fight the darkness that was starting to become rampant. Quite despicable the evil was. However, he himself, Angelus, was rather despicable and evil to a degree too. It was the only path to a world to prosper and bathe within the light. Angelus did not mean to cause others to suffer, but this were to be an inevitable product of slaying the evil.

In a certain sense, Angelus was the most dark minded and evil, for who was evil enough to want to commit genocide to an entire ideology or way of thinking? Angelus was that despicable, for the greater good can flourish and prosper without the likes of scum. In the end, perhaps Angelus may have to be the last one, the last evil, to escape this world and return to from which he came. No matter his fate though, he had a mission to complete that he were to try and see through.

Angelus were to resume his training, and practice trying to boost the flow speed of his blood and increase his vascularity for a better performance when fighting. It were to take a few days to try and understand how his blood flow functioned. Yet, once understood, he could give more blood cells to certain body parts and increase his speed or strength of a limb. Angelus was well on his way to becoming a prodigy of body manipulation given more time. Over the next few weeks, he were to further practice and hone then skills he learned and were to develop them into more than just what they were. If he sought to do more though with his the foundations he has learned, he had to innovate on further.

D-Tier Body Manipulator Acquired

Wordcount: 2060


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