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Legion III: Reim Blood Spilt

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Job Name: Strike In Ibania
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Angelus
Job Overview: With enough gathered evidence among the legion soldiers against the senator, it has been declared that he is an enemy of the state of Reim by the council. It has been ordered that the legion begins to seize land from the senator, whom has begun to mobilize his own forces and a legion of his own in the Ibania region. Angelus' cohort he is in has been assigned to strike one of the camps in Ibania where recruiting for the senator's legion has been said to be occurring. During this, Angelus' centurion is injured greatly in battle and a new centurion is chosen by the lead centurion of Angelus' cohort, that being Angelus.


Enemy Name: Recruit Legionaries 10x
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Well equipped soldiers, using a C-Tier gladius and C-Tier shields in combat.

  • Charging Bull: Ibania Legionaries charge at a target with their gladius and shields up to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Shield Bash: They charge with their shield, and attempt to bash the target and trip them to deal C-Tier damage.

Enemy Name: Experienced Legionnaire
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: B
Description: Well equipped soldiers, using a C-Tier gladius and B-Tier shields in combat.

  • Charging Bull: Ibania soldier charge at a target with their gladius and shields up to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Shield Bash: They charge with their shield, and attempt to bash the target and trip them to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Wide Arc: They slash in a wide arc with their gladius to deal C-Tier damage.

  • Ibania Shield: They rise their shield to defend against up to B-Tier damage.

Wind blew through the trees' green foliage. Whistling of air traveled up towards the ears of young Angelus and his comrades. Winding of the airy gusts blew leaves around the vicinity of the on the move legion. Night was upon the large legion unit. It in only a moment, the moon were to hang high in the sky. Angelus' legion he is in had to begin preparing to set up camp. Enough information on the senator had been gained by Angelus' superb performance in capturing the targets. It was highly sought for info that could now convict the senator of high crimes. Angelus were to be called on by his cohort leader, a centurion, to be congratulated on his victory in his last job with his squad. It was seeming to be promising for Angelus, the military.

Lead Centurion: "Angelus, I hear you came from the Coliseum, right? You have been performing very well for a new soldier. Our cohort has been assigned to strike at a recruitment camp. I am sure you have heard the rumors by now. We have confirmed that a prominent senator here, Argus Ibanium, has been using underhanded illegal tactics to keep his position."

Angelus: "I see, I am not surprised that there is corruption occurring behind the scenes. Our job in this debacle is what may I ask?"

Lead Centurion: "He is currently mobilizing nearby personal legions to protect himself now from persecution. We have been assigned to attack a recruitment camp of his. It will likely be an intense battle, so prepare your squad, that is all for now."

Angelus: "Understood."

Said the white haired legionary. Angelus were to turn on his heel, and exit the tent to return to his men to inform them of the task at hand. It were to require the proper training procedures, and formation practices. Angelus were to be guided quite often by his veteran legionary, Aureus. It was quite beneficial to have such a well experienced man on the contubernium. If young Angelus was lucky he could be promoted again during this campaign.

He was confident, and ready to show off the elite abilities attained over a few months of rigorous training now. It was dire that he rose the ranks quick. Angelus was slowly opening up to his subordinates about the radical ideas he possessed. It was Angelus' only path though to knowing who his enemies and comrades would be later on. Angelus mused over strategies.

After explaining to his contubernium, his squad, the task, he were to walk out into the forest and just be a lone man for a moment for he could think to himself. It was then that his ranger comrade, Nerilla, decided to confront him on a particular topic. It were to be chilling for Angelus to be frank. Nerilla was the first person that the nationalistic Angelus had met and truly befriended. Angelus had rarely voiced his opinions to her. Nerilla were to surprise Angelus though. She spoke ever so softly.

Nerilla: "Aureus told me.."

It were to feel like time had frozen once more. Only suspense permeated in the air.

Angelus: "What did he tell you..?"

Inquired the on edge soldier.

Nerilla: "How you want to revive the Empire and be Emperor. You do know that it is an unlikely dream, Angelus, right? Even if we have found out about corruption within the government, reviving the Empire seems unlikely."

Said the young woman, caring for Angelus' well being.

Angelus: "Is that so..?"

Nerilla: "Yes, Angelus."

For a moment, he stood quietly, inhaling and exhaling deeply once.

Angelus: "Then so be it. I will accept my chances, Neri-"

He was speaking before being interrupted by Nerilla.

Nerilla: "I will help you!"

It made Angelus' heart skip a beat. It would feel as if time began to move once again. Leaves of trees began floating down to the surface once more, no longer frozen in time. With that being said by Nerilla, the time to begin acting began now.

Angelus: "Nerilla.."

-2 Days Later-

It was the ripe time to strike. Angelus and the cohort he belonged to was quite quick to march to the recruiting camp of the corrupt senator. It had come at last. Hooves of horses blew up dirt from behind them. Angelus was to be entering the camp from the side, by Nerilla blowing in a new door with her weapon. Once the soldiers in the camp were to see the cavalry, they began firing at the horses and men. It was now Angelus' moment. Nerilla were to stand on a branch, with her magic sling she had bought with her own money from some eastern vendors.

Nerilla: "Blown Away! Commence the attack!"

Roared out the green haired half lion, throwing a ball at the fortified wall that was fed magoi. It were to form a vortex of wind and blow the wall apart. It was time!

Angelus: "Lay siege to these traitors, men!"

Yelled out Angelus as he himself dashed forward front lines with his scythe out to decapitate his opponents as if the grim reaper. His dark eyes set fixated on ten charging men, and one other leading man behind them. With his intricately designed scythe, he were to swing wide and lend the magic circle magoi. It illuminated bright, forming two individuals from magic. Dolos formed first from the two and he was a man garbed in dark black greek like robes, and blue accents. It was then that his partner, Aceso, a woman in white robes, and gold accents, were to appear on the field. She was the healer, while Dolos was the warrior of deceit and tricks.

Together, they were to assist Angelus. With his spear and magic splinter illusion, Dolos and his clone lunged at the enemy as Angelus swooped in from the side to slash two enemies in the backside with the scythe. His enemies tried to bash the clone and Dolos, but failed when Angelus cut them down. Blood spilt, flying in the air and drawing attention to Angelus. As the bodies of the men fell to the ground so quickly, the dark eyed killer recalibrated his scythe onto other enemies.

Angelus: "Advance.."

Whispered the man, pouring magoi to his white arm band. Six more men came at him charging with blades. Angelus had his illusions pincer the men from each direction to slaughter the enemy like cattle, trapping them in a dangerous circle of death orchestrated by the white haired devil himself. It was quite gruesome. Spears from the illusions lunged through their bodies. Angelus rose his scythe to cut them down swiftly and promptly. In only that short matter of time, six men dropped dead. Pools of blood formed in the circle, but the men of Angelus proceeded forward to slaughter the enemy.

Others could only look on in horror at the frightening magic and battle genius of Angelus. However, two men with a vengeance that came for the terrifying Angelus came with a veteran soldier, slashing men down. Yet, wasting no time in battle, Angelus raced on to face the trio head on. He used the illusions to once again hold back two of the soldiers. Angelus were to leap at the veteran who were to brace himself for a hit. He predicted right, but not Angelus' combination.

Angelus: "Genu Ictus! You've fallen within my trap.. Caeulum Secare!"

Bashing the shield with his knee, Angelus broke the shield in pieces. Then as he had broke the shield, he rose the blade of his scythe up to bring the man down with a slash from the iron scented air. It was done now. Angelus' scythe sliced along his opponent's shoulder, and were to gush blood from out his body. Angelus noticed his splinter illusion coming undone as it could not hold up well enough. There were to be one last enemy for him. Angelus' main illusion Dolos were to stab its target to death and succeed, but the white haired warrior had a small clean up. Driving his scythe's blade through his enemy's shield, Angelus cut the last man down at last.

Aureus: "The rest are surrendering! Our century leader is no longer able to walk though! He was shot by arrows! He needs medical attention!"

Angelus: "Aceso, heal him best you can! We will take the few surrendered men in for questioning then or they can join us."

Commanded the white haired legion soldier. It was over just like that now. Men on both sides were lost, but not very many whatsoever on Angelus' side. It was a great strike by Angelus and Nerilla together. It was at this moment that after seeing the young gladiator fight so well and ingeniously, that Angelus were to receive a sudden promotion to a century leader known as a centurion by the prior leader whom was now injured but being healed by Angelus' and co. It was a great battle.

Aureus: "You have come so far so quickly, Angelus. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect someone to rise at this such fast of a rate."

Angelus: "Well, I do not talk so seriously for nothing, Aureus. I have to admit a lot of this was sheer luck, but I do work hard. After all, you know my intentions."

Plot Log: Angelus elected to Centurion.

Wordcount: 1544

Magoi: 90

Stamina 170

Abilities Used:

Genu Ictus
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User's legs must not be restrained and have sufficient space to strike.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina

    User lifts his knee and strikes at a target's lower body or stomach with his knee to deal D-Tier damage.

Caelum Secare
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must have a free arm to perform the overhead slash.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina

    User lifts his blade in the air above his head, and strikes down suddenly onto a target's upper body or head to deal D-Tier damage without Scaling.

Magic Weapons Used:

Legion III: Reim Blood Spilt E5bd1d11

Name: The Keeper's Scythe
Tier: A-tier
Type: Magic Scythe
Magic Type: Perfect Illusion [Light+Sound+Strength]
and Holy [Light+Life]
Appearance: Taking the form of a 3m tall scythe with a 1m long blade this curved and ornately carved weapon radiates with power. Its green orichalcum and bronze filding fit the weapon well. Its strange and ancient design seems to elude of its origin.

  • Gemini Caesar - Fill the Scythe with magic the user swipes it creates a pair of individual constructs that last for 4 posts each being B-tier in durability. One is made of holy magic and can use its passive to heal and is also able to heal D-tier damage each post as apart of its effect. The other one is perfect illusion magic has a spear which does B-tier damage and has splinter illusion from perfect illusions passive which has D-tier durability. The user can name them, they have memories and will develop personalities like NPCs each time recreated.

Magic Item Used:

Legion III: Reim Blood Spilt 71bfs610
Name: Acri Alba
Tier: B-tier
Type: Magic Armband
Magic Type: Razor [Strength + Wind]
Appearance: A silver laurel armband 36cm in diameter with somebend to clasp or rest on an arm. Its white silver bands and twists with life like details to real leaves of a laurel. The magic symbol glows lightly on the face atop the arm when in use.

  • Ventus Tactus- For 10 Magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain the user covers whatever they touch in a veil of razor magic which lasts for 3 posts in their hands dealing B-tier razor magic damage.

NPC & Magic Tools Attached:


Legion III: Reim Blood Spilt 2377eb12

Name: Nerilla Samira
Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Born with a mixed heritage of Fanalis Reim descent on her mother's side and of Heliohapt descent on her father's side. Nerilla is a young ranger of Reim, hailing from southern Lucania. Nerilla met Angelus upon joining a legion and helping farmers. She is the person closest to Angelus. She believes in Angelus' views that Reim has fallen in might and deserves to become great again, for the people. Her height is 5'4. Nerilla is a charismatic but merciless young woman, with a kind heart towards her friends and loved ones.
Weapons: C-Tier Bow and 10 Arrows
Traits: Exceptional Speed [C-Tier]

  • Iactus Saggita: Nerilla aims an arrow shot up to 50m far and fires, dealing C-Tier damage with the shot at whatever is hit.

  • Eludo Sagitta: Nerilla locks her bow and rolls quickly to evade a D-Tier attack or lower, and fires the arrow up to 40m far to deal D-Tier damage.

Name: The Wind’s Delivery
Tier: B
Type: Magic Sling
Magic Type: Wind
Appearance: A Sling 1.5m long when unfolded the wind’s delivery is made from a silver chain strap with a black leather pouch the hold the ammunition. The ammunition for this weapon is a set of 15 black metal balls with gold engravings in the shape of a tornado. Each ball is about 17cm in diameter all around.

  • Passive: The Wind’s Guidance- Ammunition thrown with this weapon produces a vortex of wind 1m in diameter around it which can knock away projectiles B-tier or lower. (Does not affect damage or clashing against defenses.)
  • Blown Away- The user activating the magic tool throws a ball out forming a vortex of wind around, it grows to be 20m wide, the blast of wind travels 20m, knocking back everything caught in it 5m backward in the air.


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