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34th Official Activity Check

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1 34th Official Activity Check on 15/07/17, 03:53 pm

Welcome to July, where most people would be on summer vacation instead of sitting at home, on the computer. So as a good person, I recommend you go outside and enjoy the summer sun. But first, make sure you check in or else I'll come after you your character(s) will be archived for eternity.

If you miss the activity checks, your characters may be archived and reserves on face claims will be removed for new members to use. But don't worry! If you decided to return, even if you've been gone for a lengthy period of time, you can recover an archived character by asking a staff member to do so.

  • The activity check will end on July 31st, at 11:59 PM (CST)!

  • All that is required to pass the activity check is one RP post after July 1st or a character created since July 1st.

  • Activity checks are a great way to obtain Huang. You must have participated in four separate RP threads in July to be eligible for 10,000 Huang. (You will also need to be able to pass this criteria in order to receive the consecutive activity check Huang bonuses.)

  • The Huang reward is only available for one character per player.

  • If you participated in the previous Activity Check and you're still active, you will receive an additional 10,000 Huang.

  • Players active for the past two Activity Checks will receive a total of 25,000 Huang.

[b]Account Names:[/b] (The name of the accounts you own. This should include alternate character accounts.)
[b]Activity Proof:[/b] (Link to 1 - 4 rp threads and/or a character application approved since July 1st.)
[b]Corps Training:[/b] (If you are in either the Fanalis or Unity Corps, please post a link to your training thread.)
[b]Reward:[/b] (Which character would you like the Huang reward to go to?)
[b]Past Activity:[/b] (Did you participate in past Activity Checks? If so put a link to your posts in them to claim your bonus rewards!)

32nd Official Activity Check
33rd Official Activity Check

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3 Re: 34th Official Activity Check on 16/07/17, 03:09 pm


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4 Re: 34th Official Activity Check on 17/07/17, 08:39 pm

Account Names: Reed Harper, Aoife Reis, Farrah Najjar
Activity Proof: Farrah Najjar

Just the one I know but do my posts in the event count? :)
Corps Training: N/A
Reward: Farrah Najjar
Past Activity: 33rd

Activity Approved - Vodarara, Event thread post's count however you need four separate thread posts for haung payout


Shards of Solomon x1
Trait Points x4

ALT - Aoife Reis | Farrah Najjar
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5 Re: 34th Official Activity Check on 20/07/17, 12:04 pm

Account Names: Jacklyn Seras
Activity Proof:
Corps Training: N/A
Reward: Jacklyn Seras
Past Activity: N/A

Activity Approved - Vodarara - Enjoy your time on the site.

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6 Re: 34th Official Activity Check on 20/07/17, 06:43 pm

Account Names: Diana Corvus | Setekh Fahim | Totodilo
Activity Proof: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Corps Training: N/A
Reward: Diana Corvus
Past Activity: 32 - 33

Activity Approved - Haung Can't be adjusted on your account - Vodarara


ALT - Setekh Fahim | Totodilo

If you want to roleplay message me!
I'm shy but I don't bite!
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7 Re: 34th Official Activity Check Yesterday at 03:39 pm

Account Names: Rami Naeem
Activity Proof:Proof Of Activity
Reward: Rami
Past Activity: Past Activity Check

Activity Approved - Vodarara

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8 Re: 34th Official Activity Check Yesterday at 05:42 pm


| Thorsten Ove |
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