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Balbbad to Reim by boat -Travel/Open-

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Looking for a place to sleep one night Jacklyn found a empty ship which lay abandoned at the time. It was dark and the moon was kept hidden by clouds as he went aboard the ship. Scouting the rather large ship Jacklyn felt he was alone so he slept. Slumbering deep withen the ship heart Jacklyn was fast asleep. At dawn light men and women began loading up the ship to set sail. Never once going below deck before setting sail to Reim for trade. The merchant and his crew never went near Jacklyn and thus he never woke up. Sleeping for a good half a day the ship was by the time Jacklyn had awaken been at sea for an hour or two.

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Barely awake and noticing the ship he had slept on was moving Jacklyn went frantic as he realized he was now at sea. Knowing that if the ship was moving he was no longer alone like before he went to sleep Jacklyn had no way of knowing if the crew to the ship where nice or cruel. Not wanting to risk fate and be seen by the crew for the duration of his stay on the ship during his unwilling travel. Deciding to stay below deck as where he slept it seemed not many ventured this far into the ship for some reason or another. Of which Jacklyn knew not why nor cared so long as he was safe from prying eyes and the possibility of seen. He didn't trust human's no more than he trusted the animal that hunted him in the wilds where Jacklyn grew up as a child.

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A few hours went and came before Jacklyn was seemingly lost and confused as to where he is aboard the ship due to forgetting how he got his resting place. New to being on a ship Jacklyn was fine for the most part that is as every now and again the waves crashed against the ship violently. The firtst time this happen Jacklyn fell and tripped gaining a injury in the process of falling down. A small cut nothing major just enough to leave behing a small amout of blood on the floorboard of ship. Walking for a few minutes Jacklyn arrives at the steps leading to the deck of the where the crew spend most their time together laughing and parting. If not for the life style the merchant crew have as a whole Jacklyn is sure he would have been caught the day they arrived on the ship.

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