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Altan Doing Odd Jobs : Fishing [Solo/Job]

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey
Job Name: Fishing Time!
Job Rank: D-tier
Job Location: Shu Fang River
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:  N/A
Job Overview: Some of the war refugees who is taking a shelter near the river are struggling to feed themselves and the weather to catch some fishes is just too harsh, making some of them end up eating leaves. Help them to catch some fishes in the river despite the bad weather and they will reward you.

With a small steps, a redhead marched slowly to her destination, slowly entering deeper into this hell. It might be some kind of exaggeration when she described the state of the country, if this was not hell then it might be just the small fragment of the damned place. Looking at how a country could be like this in the middle of a war was just heartbreaking and it almost swayed her from her mission. She needed to observe the country so someday when her clan was ready, they could get their revenge…but it was just too scary to imagine that the despair that she felt at the moment would appear again when the Bey Clan tried to declare war with Kou. Children crying as their parents wrapped around them, trying to keep them safe but the despair on their face was apparent. They were hopeless, they were caught in the middle of this madness…and they could only gather in the place that might be the safest one even though they know that somehow some bad people from the opposing side might find out about their whereabouts and slaughtered them. The darkness under their eyes was the proof of the sleepless night that they went through, none of them could sleep with safety or comfort, they were just…afraid.

Altan sighed, so many words inside her head that make her doubting herself and her purpose. But perhaps instead of just standing around and do nothing, perhaps she could just help a little bit. Actually the refugees had a good chance by living near the river as they could catch fish and get water, but the bad weather just made it worst for them. She saw a lot of children ended up eating leaves, grass…anything that they could eat to fill their stomach only to survive. Human was fragile after all…

The redhead would walk among the refugees without saying any words at all, she thought it was not necessary to spout any words as she didn’t intend to even interact with them. Only action was required and Altan began to walk towards the river, ignoring the harsh rain and rough wind as she stepped down to the river. As a trained person from a nomadic tribe, catching some fishes was not a hard thing to do although the bad weather just made it a little bit hard for her. She would began to look at the water, observing any fishes that swam before she swiftly caught it with her hands. Once she got the fish, she looked around to find the place to put the fish because she forgot to bring the basket with her. The redhead would realize that some of the refugees were looking at her, confused on why such a woman would want to catch a fish in the middle of a bad weather like this. However when Altan decided to put the fish on the ground and said, “I will try to catch more, so please take this fish.” The refugees was delighted, there was a smile on their face as they took the fish.

The Fanalis would begin to catch more and more fish, perhaps until she thought it was enough for the refugees to eat at the moment. When she was done with it, she would climb onto the ground and put the last fish that she had caught. “Hopefully this is enough.” She said as she squeezes her long skirt, trying to at least dry herself from the water. But something unexpected happened, some women grabbed her hand and lead her to the wooden shelter, wanting to keep her warm and changed her clothes into a dry one. Some of them even thanked her endlessly, happy that their children wouldn’t need to eat leaves. The leader of the refugees even gave her some coins, she refused but the refugees insisted, saying it was the coin that he gathered from the others and even if it was not much, he still wanted her to take it. Hesitantly accepted it, Altan bowed down and said thank you.

WC: 681/500
Magoi/Stamina: 80/100


Altan Doing Odd Jobs : Fishing [Solo/Job] EVN67aG

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