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Bow fishing[Job/solo]

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1Bow fishing[Job/solo] Empty Bow fishing[Job/solo] on 05/05/18, 01:42 pm

Bass Mikiaru

Bass Mikiaru
Job wrote:Job Name: Fishing time! Part 1
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50xp | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A fisherman requests help in catching fish. He's looking for 20 fish; they must be the same type by the end of the day.

Walk through the docks Bass was looking to get familiar with this area, he was likely to be setting out on one on these ships on day and wanted to get a feel for how they looked, how those who rode on them were and starting to learn to talk of the life of a shipmate. While walking down the docks with his quiver of 5 arrows, and his large black magical bow, he was stopped by a man who would appear to be around the same age as his father would of been today if he hadn't died.

"Care to lend a man a helping hand, of course I'll pay you" With a smile Bass nodded his head before parting his lips to speak to the man. "What do you need help with sir? "I need you to catch me 20 of these red sea fish."

Agreeing to fair wage for the work Bass head back down to the start of the docks, there were small row boats for rent. It would cost him half the wage he would earn to pay the fee for the boat but, in his eyes it was going to be worth it. After getting his rental, he also brought with him some bait given to him by the fishermen and salt water tank to house these fish. The good thing about these types of fish were they weren't deep sea fish, well not really, they were easily caught off docks and places along the shore in these areas. Though catching 20, well that was a bit of a push.

Bass was also given a line of string, most fishermen would time the catches to the boat before placing them in the tank to keep them alive longer since the tank didn't give much room for them to mover around much which would result in some of them dying. Instead of using either of these items as such Bass would tie the line to his 5 arrows.
Once he was ready he set out about a 20 minute paddle out from shore, not too far but far enough were other fishermen wouldn't be bothering him.

He'd toss some bait out on the hooks he was give right off the side of the boat, while the fish would slowly come and nibble upon the bait he would start removing his shirt and boots, this was followed by his pants as well until he was only in his underwear. He'd lay back and enjoy the smell of the sea, the ricking of the water and the nice warm sunlight for about an hour. After that time passed he felt it was long enough of a wait to start catching.

There was a school of fish now under his boat playing and trying to steal the bait from his lines, this was fine as it allowed him to knock an arrow up and line up his shot, he'd watch the swimming patterns of the fish for a few seconds before gathering all the knowledge he needed. See hunting and fishing were the same thing, just different styles, he had bow fished with his father back in his homeland Of Kou when he was a boy, so this was no different. He fired his bow hitting 4 fish in a single strike, he'd toss more bait out before pulling in the line on the end of his arrow. He placed the tank and then went back at it. Another shot another four fish, then again and again until he had caught all 20.

His job was done, and he had extra left over from his lines on his boat he rented. Pulling those in he tossed them in his tank too these would be for him later when he got home. Rowing back to shore after getting dressed, he went back to the fisherman and dropped off the fish, this wasn't what he had in mind when he asked for 20 fish, apparently he wanted them caught with fishing hook, but knew he didn't ask for them to be caught in a certain way thus he owned the man the wage he promised.

After collecting his coin Bass waved off as he carried his 3 fish over his shoulder heading home to clean and cook them



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