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Altan Doing Odd Jobs : Vet Job [Solo/Job]

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey

Job Name: Vet Job
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: When you are walking around the mountain, you will be meeting an old lady living alone in a small wooden house. She seems panic because her beloved wolf pet is sick and because she still needs to sell some woods and vegetable to the town market, she couldn’t watch over her pet. Help her to take care of her wolf so she could still make some earnings until the wolf is healthy again and she will reward you.

The mountain seemed peaceful enough at the moment and the redhead decided to gather some food from there, perhaps on her way there she could find a nice spot to watch how the war was going. She sighed again, for the several time maybe, burdened by the responsibility that she needed to be in the country to observe it. Altan started to miss her home, although the place that she called as home was not existed in an exact place. Where her clan lived, that was her home. She wanted to nap on the elder’s lap, being sung a calming lullaby as she tried to sleep. The sound of the wind blowing the grasses, the smell of the greens… She wondered why she thought about that at the moment.  

There was a lot of mushrooms growing in the mountain, so the redhead thought she could get some of it and perhaps some edible plants would be nice as well. With a quick movement, the Fanalis gathered the mushrooms, her keen eyes allowed her to pick the the correct mushroom as she was able to distinguish between the edible and the poisonous one. However in the middle of her activity, she saw a small wooden house and paused her food gathering while wondering who would live in the middle of the mountain. From the house she could see someone went out, her face seemed frustrated and from her movement it was clear that she was panicking. “Umm, what is wrong?” Altan approached the old lady slowly while carrying her basket and as if an angel had came to her aid, the old lady smiled brightly to the redhead. “Ohhh, please help me. My believed Fang got sick!” She said, but when Altan asked to see the wold, the old lady let her in before saying, “I need someone to help me watch over him, since  i need to sell some woods and vegetables to the town market, if I dont do it soon then it will be hard for me to live because i couldnt get money for this month.”

The redhead frowned, hoping that she misheard the lady’s word but in all reality she knew that she didn’t. “But the war…” She said, hesitated sputtering her words. The old lady simply shook her head and answered, “Yes, but don’t worry, young lady. Just please help me to watch over my wolf for a bit. You don’t seem like a bad child so that’s why I give my trust to you.” After saying that, the old lady left Altan with the sick wolf, making the redhead wondered why the old lady trusted her that easily since she was a stranger to her.

“Hmmm….” The Fanalis began to sit beside the wolf who was curling herself, not wanting to move. She began to inspect the wolf, slowly wanting to touch the beast but it seemed the beast didn’t mind to be touched. It was a little bit strange because even if she was a pet, when she is sick she would be alarmed more than usual and didn’t really want to be touched. Well, based on the experience that she had though. “Thirsty?” She asked the wolf before standing up and looked around the house to find a bowl and filled it with clean water so the wolf could drink. The bowl would be brought closer to the wolf’s mouth and she would begin to drink it. After several minutes had passed, Altan decided to pet the wolf more while inspecting her even more, wanting to know why the wolf fell sick. Turned out, when she touched the belly, she could feel something different there and she noticed that the wolf’s stomach was indeed a little bit bigger.

Altan assumed it was not time yet for the wolf to deliver her baby soon, so perhaps at the moment she just need to make sure she got enough water and food as well as some warm blanket so the wolf could stay warm. The hours passed with the Fanalis sit next to the wolf, tirelessly petting the beast as if she was trying to comfort her. No words escaped Altan’s lips though, her eyes kept staring towards the wolf as she waited beside her until the old lady was home.

The door was suddenly opened and the old lady smiled towards Altan as well as the wolf. She brought a big sack with her and she dragged it into the house before closing the door, “Thank you for helping me, is she getting well?” The redhead would nod and she would answer the old lady, “Yes, she is more comfortable now and she is getting better for sure. She is pregnant though.”

The old lady’s eyes widened, she was surprised but soon it was clear that she was relieved. “Ahh that’s why, I understand. I couldn’t notice really well, probably because of my age, hahahaha. But thank you for telling me, I know what to do to look after her. Also…” The old lady would take something from the sack and she would approach Altan before giving some vegetables. “For you as a token of my gratitude. It is late as well right now so why not accompany this old woman for a little bit until the morning come?” Altan was hesitant at first but she gave in when the old woman asked her again, thinking it would be a proper thing to do. The redhead would continue watching over the wolf with the old lady though and she got to hear some old tales from the old lady who was a beast tamer and a herbalist, gaining new insights.

WC: 940/500
Magoi/Stamina: 80/100


 Altan Doing Odd Jobs : Vet Job [Solo/Job] EVN67aG

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