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Updates and News

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26Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 13/03/15, 09:29 pm

Edits and Additions to the Profession System (Changes marked in red)

Profession System

The Profession System is intended to open up opportunities for people to have other venues for earning Huang and XP as well as offer character development in other areas. You may have up to two professions, a Primary profession that will be related to your specializations and a Secondary profession that can be related to anything your character enjoys. Some examples of Primary professions might include:

  • Strength – Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Farming
  • Dexterity – Trapping, Pottery/molding, Circus Entertainment/Dancing
  • Stealth - poison making, information gathering, private investigator
  • Body manipulation – Dance instructor, acrobat, performer
  • Intelligence – watering crops, growing fields, electroshock therapist
  • Dominance - beast training, animal deterrence, horse whisperer

Secondary professions might include:

  • Cooking
  • Tailoring
  • Babysitting

These lists are not comprehensive and you are welcome to come up with your own ideas. The professions will need to be approved by a staff member and will need to relate to at least one of your specializations for the Primary profession. You may make your own “jobs” around these professions, which will need to be approved by staff.

Some basic guidelines/rules:

  • Tier of profession will be based on the tier of respective spec (or character tier for secondary)
  • Quest chains may be given by NPCs or can be self-created.
  • Heavily RP based
  • Would be rewarded with XP for quests based on tier of job and will be paid by the NPC in exchange for “services.”
  • May only create Profession Assignments up to B-tier.
  • Must establish IC knowledge through either previous posts or through Profession Chains that will allow you to “level up” your profession to the appropriate tier.

If you use your profession to craft your own weapons, you may role-play out creating your weapon. You will still be granted XP, however the normal Huang reward would be instead deducted from the purchase price of the weapon, to pay for supplies and use of equipment (Forge/Smithy/etc).

Professions should be fairly specific. For Primary Professions, you may choose up to three possible social perks that would result from the profession. This profession must be chosen based on one of your Specializations, though it does not have to be your Primary Specialization.

Secondary Professions may have 2 social perks. This profession is not limited to any of your Specializations, and could be something that would normally fall under a different Specialization.

Possible perks could include an actor having a stronger speaking voice, thus being able to be heard in large crowds or a weapon-smith being able to identify the quality of a weapon at a quick glance.

Professions are something your character is doing to make currency. As such, you must establish IC that your character has knowledge of the profession. If no prior evidence is given to support this profession, the player must have a series of Profession Assignments that shows them learning the profession to a certain degree of proficiency. If you have never been in a forge but wish to be a blacksmith, you would not immediately be able to begin producing weapons at B-tier proficiency, thus your character would need to learn to craft a weapon and then work up to learning to make stronger/better items before being able to “sell” these items or services to PCs or NPCs.

As this is a new system and still in the testing phases, each case will be judged on a case-by-case basis until we have a more standardized format for professions.

As part of the profession system, crafting professions are now available that will allow players to create items for others based on their profession. These professions may include:

-Blacksmithing/weapon crafting
-Magic tool creation

Much like the other professions, these crafting professions may not extend beyond B-tier and all normal profession rules will apply. In addition to the normal rules, there are guidelines for anything that involves selling to other players.

  • Selling to players MUST be included as one of the perks.
  • If crafting an item for another player, you must have IC interaction to show the order being placed, as well as the other player accepting the work done and making their payment.
  • No player may carry more than 3 player-crafted items.
  • Weapons will still count against your weapon count.
  • To achieve each tier of crafting, you must perform a job chain/test to show proficiency in your craft.
  • Minimum prices will be set for selling to other players.
  • You may not craft an item higher than your own tier.

The pricing requirements for selling to players will be based on if it is a single use item (poisons, potions, etc) or permanent items (weapons, tools, etc)

For single use items, the minimum price requirements are:

  • D-tier: 3,000 Huang
  • C-tier: 10,000 Huang
  • B-tier: 15,000 Huang

For permanent items, the minimum price requirements are:

  • D-tier: 7,000 Huang
  • C-tier: 15,000 Huang
  • B-tier: 40,000 Huang

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27Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 14/03/15, 02:34 pm


Due to a lack of effort by some players in the Coliseum, the NPC entry fee has been removed and replaced with a word count requirement. All changes can be found below, marked in red.

NPC Matches

  • NPC matches require no entry fee, however, they must meet the word count requirement of 800 words. This word count may be used to train abilities.
  • Any NPC fights must be B-tier or lower. All fights of A-tier and higher must be between players, aside from the Reim Omega-tier opponent.
  • If fighting an NPC, at least half of their listed abilities must be used for the match to be approved.
  • NPC fights do not require a pre-approval, simply choose an opponent below and then post once the match is completed to be awarded.
  • If you killed an NPC opponent once, you may not fight them again.

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28Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 29/03/15, 09:49 pm

A Country Creation System has been created and put into play. Please keep in mind that, as it is a new system, it may be subject to changes.

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29Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 01/04/15, 08:34 pm

The Fanalis Corp has officially been re-open for applicants~

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30Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 01/04/15, 10:43 pm

Regarding Warning Bar docks:
If a player has had their warning bar docked, they may now have a chance to earn those docks back. If a player can make it through 1 full activity check period without receiving a dock to their bar, one warning portion will be replaced. If you receive a dock during the period, you will not be eligible for this.

Example: If you were docked April 1st, you would not be eligible to have a warning dock replaced until the May activity check became available.

For those who have reached the full warning bar’s allowance, the length of the ban will reflect the severity of the infractions that occurred up to that point. After the ban’s duration is finished, you will be brought to 25% warning amount and will have to make the activity check periods as outlined above to remove more warnings from your account. “Accounts” are defined as all characters owned by a player.

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31Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 01/04/15, 11:36 pm

The Djinn page has been updated and condensed. Several sections of the page have been removed and combined into one section.

This includes a 'progression' expectations portion that explains what kind of things will be looked for when training is done for a particular stage of the Metal Vessel.

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32Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 20/04/15, 10:28 am

Changes to Ability Guidelines

Several changes to the Abilities Guidelines page have been made. Most of the changes were to condense/simplify the information, hopefully making it easier to understand and find the information you are looking for. There were also changes made to add in some status effects and/or alter existing status effects.


  • Removed Illusions/Invisibility from Water Magic
  • Added Disorientation
  • Added Bleed
  • Changed Burn damage to include additional damage for higher tier abilities
  • Simplified Freeze wording
  • Added additional Dominance Roles to the Guidelines
  • Social Abilities no longer have to be approved, meaning you are welcome to come up with interesting non-combat abilities on the spot, assuming they abide by normal ability guidelines.


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33Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 22/04/15, 11:45 am


  • Made Edits to the Kou Country Page
  • Made Kou available
  • Added/reworked Kou jobs

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34Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 04/05/15, 08:07 pm

Added examples and explanations to the Tomb of Spells for different specializations. This area will continue to grow in the coming weeks to offer a more complete view of different abilities and what they are capable of.

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35Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 04/05/15, 09:26 pm

Omega-Tier Shop now open!

Fate's Fortune has been opened in the Marketplace!

Poignant Professions

The professions shop has been moved to the Job Center.

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36Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 08/05/15, 01:30 pm

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37Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 18/05/15, 09:33 am

Please welcome Merrze as our newest Intern for Staff. Merrze with be training to be Staff over the next few weeks. She will be grading abilities and jobs and, if they are acceptable, "Pre-approving" them. Please keep in mind that a regular member of staff, Azix, Garret, or myself, must ALSO approve things before you may do anything.

Welcome, Merrze~

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38Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 25/05/15, 03:51 pm

News Boards have been added at the suggestion of a player for each section to make it easier to keep up with minor, but important, events in each country. Find them below:

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39Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 25/05/15, 04:29 pm

Added major NPC villain groups to the plot section for easy reference for players:

Major Villain NPC Groups

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40Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 24/06/15, 09:47 am

Congratulations to Merrze for becoming a full-fledged staff member! She will be able to approve and reward jobs, approve abilities, and all other official staff duties~

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41Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 26/06/15, 03:26 am

Not sure what the word count is for a travel thread? The Travel System has been updated for everyone's convenience, and has a complete list of the word count necessary for the shortest route to each country:

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42Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 19/07/15, 01:34 pm


Recently a member had requested a D-Tier effect be added to a combination magic. Due to this request which staff is currently processing, we went and added an effect to all applicable combination magics currently available. Feel free to update any spell to have the inclusion of the passive effect at your own convenience, but keep in mind that you may not use the passive effect unless it is in the spell descriptor. These changes can be seen below:

  • Lava Magic [Strength + Heat]: [Founder: Staff]
    Those who are struck by this magic suffer D-Tier disorientation for 1 post.

  • Storm Magic [Lightning + Wind]: [Founder: Staff]
    Those struck by Storm Magic are knocked away from the caster by 5 meters at 5 m/s.

  • Animation Magic [Life+Lightning]: [Founder: Tsuki Yomi]
    The animation persists 1 post after releasing the spell.

  • Holy Magic [Light + Life]: [Founder: Staff]
    If the caster of a Holy Magic spell is wounded, the spell also heals the caster for 1 D-Tier of damage.

  • Steam Magic [Water + Heat]: [Founder: Staff]
    Upon casting of a Steam Magic spell, a 5 meter diameter cloud of steam will remain in the area of the spell for a single post, impeding vision.

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43Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Mmmm....bacon.... on 27/09/15, 11:47 pm

Profession Update:
Profession System Page wrote:In addition to crafting perks, a player can now choose between a few new perks:

  • Reduction in Job Word Count - Two jobs once a month(activity check) may receive a 25% word count reduction.
  • Reduction in Ability Training Word Count - For one of your specializations, ability training word count is reduced by 25%.
  • Reduction in Weapon Huang Cost - For one of your specializations weapons that take up a weapon slot, the huang cost is reduced by 25%.

Only one reduction perk per profession. These perks do not stack with other items that give reduction bonuses.

Those who wish to switch out a perk in their profession due to the changes are welcome to do so.

  • Weapons that a player creates are no longer restricted to taking up both a weapon slot and player-crafted item slot. This means that any weapon created for a player would take up the respective Specialization slot only, and not the player-crafted maximum number of items. This means that it is possible for others or yourself to craft weapons for yourself while still enjoying the possibility of obtaining player-crafted magic items or consumables.

Manipulation Specialization Update:
Manipulation Specialization Page wrote:Manipulation is a specialization which revolves around the manipulation of one’s own body in battle. This can include forming whip-like arms, forming boulder-like legs, the possibilities are extensive. They are also masters at manipulating their bodies to apply buffs to themselves and heal their wounds. Those with the Manipulation specialization are often known as “Monsters” for their disconcerting abilities that can form their bodies into unusual and often frightening proportions.

*Important Notes -

  • All Manipulation-based techniques must use the body as its only weapon. Adhere to the Manipulation Ability Guidelines page.
  • Manipulation abilities cannot be used to create extra “appendages” meaning you cannot make separate wings, however you could make wing like flaps coming from your arms.
  • Manipulation users are capable of healing themselves. Healing Abilities are limited to A-Tier and below.

Ability Guidelines wrote:Support Beasts, Life Mages, Manipulators and those with items that give them access to Life magic (like some Djinn Equippers or some magic tool wielders) are capable of registering these abilities.

Dungeon Beast Xform:

  • A Dungeon Beast Xform is now counted as having a Metal Vessel when challenging a dungeon. Djinn's not interested in those who already have a Metal Vessel, will also not grant their power to a Dungeon Beast Xform user.

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44Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 29/09/15, 01:04 am

Changes made to the Rebirth System (addition to the current system):

@Solomon's Proxy wrote:
  • Sometimes a member may find they did not like the choice of primary Specialization they had chosen, and they do not want to make a new character. Such a player may choose to lose 1 life from their total number of lives and become Reborn. At this time, you may change your primary specialization. The two other downsides is that the topic in which you die and revive must be 2000 WC (training a new Specialization - in this rare instance you do not have to 'train it' over the course of weeks, but take note of the changes in your body) and you lose all of your prior training and abilities for your current specializations. You retain player rank, Magoi/Stamina amount, and all items that you had before the death. Make sure to choose your primary specialization wisely.

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45Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 04/10/15, 02:05 pm

A change has been made to the Imuchakk Race.

Imuchakk are now able to take Dexterity as a specialization if they are willing to lose 1 tier of their passive strength for taking it.

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46Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 16/10/15, 09:57 pm

All Dex Weapons are now able to use abilities that would normally be usable for that archetype of weapon, including Dex Magic Weapons.

This does not provide the ability to create extra magic abilities beyond what the Dex weapon has, but allows the Dex user to also use non-magical Abilities that would be used with normal weapons of the same type; i.e. 2 Bows, 1 magical and 1 non-magical.

Any Dex Magic Weapon such as Bows or Crossbows that does not depict a string instead creates a string of magoi that can launch the arrow from the regular ability.

You may share basic ammunition between your normal Ancient Weapon and your Dex Magic Weapon if they are of the same type, but you do not get extra ammunition for it.

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47Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 17/10/15, 09:48 pm

Due to difficulties approving member's requests, Ari has agreed to join staff once again.

She will only be doing approvals for characters, abilities, item purchases and job/professions, however. She will be providing support where she can, which is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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48Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 24/10/15, 12:18 pm

As per the recent discussion from members here:

A change has been made to the purchasing of the Third Spec Slot, which has been renamed to 'Unlocked Potential':

Furthermore, Supplementary/Supplementary abilities are now valid for use following the normal class nerf restrictions when having multiple effects on a single ability.

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49Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 16/11/15, 10:56 pm

A change has been made in the old ruling for purchasing items:

You are able to purchase the item so long as you have the Specialization for it, however you will be unable to use it until you have the same Specialization tier as the item.

If you are purchasing an item, or being given an item by another member, you must have the same Specialization tier as the item you are purchasing/obtaining for that Specialization in order to purchase it.


In addition to the above rule, we will now be limiting the number of purchases any single member (note, this is not any single 'account') may make when purchasing items from the dungeons within the first month of the release of those items. The limit will be 1 per member.

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50Updates and News - Page 2 Empty Re: Updates and News on 27/11/15, 10:51 pm

Some changes are going to be made with the items in general to help manage inventory from players and keep items from being consolidated by individual people. This has come up due to the large amount of Huang people have accrued over time, and the somewhat limited number of items that go out to the market.

Starting now, all weapons go against the maximum number of weapons allowed in a player's inventory. The maximum number of weapons will increase to 5 weapons for each Specialization that has a weapon. The maximum number of weapons a character can take into a topic will be 3 of each of their Specialization, if applicable (ex.: Dex/Str gets 3 dex weapons and 3 str weapons, but Man/Str only gets the 3 str weapons).

Any weapon in your vault that currently says something along the lines of 'does not go against the maximum number of weapons you own' will now go against that number. (Magic weapons do not count against the 1 magic weapon spot a Strength user has. They just count towards the normal weapon slot of that specialization).

Strength users will now have the option of assigning a second magic ability of the same magic type to their Magic Weapon that they created once they hit A-Tier.

Intelligence users will now have a maximum of 3 Advanced Staff/Wands that they may own, though they still may only take 1 into a topic with them.

Please keep an eye out on the Marketplace, as you will notice some items appear shortly.

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