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Updates and News

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101 Re: Updates and News on 21/06/17, 11:13 am

Updates for 6/21/2017

Here are the changes for today:

◆ I've added a new rule to the General Site Rules:

Any accounts you make MUST be named after the character you're roleplaying on that account. A nickname for the character, such as a shortening of a name, is also permitted. All currently active member accounts will be occasionally checked to see if their username is correct. A private message will be sent out to anyone not following this rule. If you need assistance changing your username, please contact an administrator.

Please make sure if you are not following this rule that you change your account username. As it says above, if you need assistance changing your username, please contact either Rima or I.


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102 Re: Updates and News on 20/07/17, 10:24 pm

Updates for 7/20/2017

Here are the changes for today:

◆ I have lifted the restriction on the amount of jobs that you may participate in at one time. They still count towards your total threads.

◆ The amount of threads you are able to participate in has been upgraded from 4 to 8 threads at a time.

◆ Fate's Fortune will be changing from strictly an Omega Tier shopping area to a General shopping area. Alongside the Omega Tier shop it will include:

Ability Vouchers
Ability Slots
Fast Travel
Blessings of the Rukh
Unlocked Potential
Potion of Jadid Thal'a
& Food and Rest Sales

◆ The price for D Tier food will be reduced from 25k to 5k and the amount of magoi restored will be reduced from 50 to 25.

◆ The price for C Tier food will be reduced from 50k to 25k and the amount of magoi restored will be reduced from 100 to 50.

◆ There will be an additional tier of food that is priced at 50k and will restore 100 magoi.

You may still use any food as it's described that you have purchased prior to this change.


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103 Re: Updates and News on 01/09/17, 01:46 pm

Rima Fahim

Updates for 9/1/2017

After giving it a lot of thought, Diana and I have decided to "clean-up" some of the more inactive members of our team. We deeply apologize if we anger someone (the people who were fired) by doing this, but we simply needed to make room for a more reliable team to work with.

I don't think this should come as some sort of mystery, as just about everyone on the site should be capable of telling who has been active and who hasn't. Anywho, thank you so much for your time and effort put into the site, as we truly do appreciate it. ^-^ The following users have been demoted from moderator to a normal user;

  • Adrastos Thanatos [Will be remaining as a Discord manager of sorts, as long as they want to.]

  • Ariel Harel [Has been given an opportunity to join back as staff in the future, considering the incredible amount of work she's done as a creation mod.]

  • Vodarara

While it’s not a lot, we’re going to give each and every one of you a small staff-departure check. Everyone listed above will receive 75,000 Huang for the time they’ve put into helping the site, despite if that individual did much in the first place. (Not trying to sound condescending, I’m just bad at wording things.)

On a brighter note, Amaya has been recruited as a member of the new staff! She’s been of immense help this past week, so we’ve finally decided to make her position official. The following user have been promoted from normal user to a moderator;

  • Amaya


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104 Re: Updates and News on 30/10/17, 07:29 pm

Updates for 10/30/2017

Here are the changes for today:

◆ As promised, the Metal Vessel | Household System has been renamed, visually updated, and revamped. Most of the changes were regarding Magicians.

◆ Magicians now gain access to Metal Vessels and are allowed to have Household Members. However, they have been sufficiently balanced with higher magoi costs in all areas that were felt applicable.

◆ Divine Staves have been removed and may be added at a later date. However, we may remove them completely. If you currently have a Divine Staff, please resubmit it as a Metal Vessel.

◆ Everything changed was discussed and tested sufficiently. However, if any change is found unbalanced, we will take full responsibility and make changes accordingly. Even if we have to rollback the changes, we will.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns-- please privately message one of the admins. However, hostile arguments against the revamp will not be acknowledged. We know there were a few people still against this idea but we do not wish to argue. If you truly wish to express your displeasure, please do so in a civil manner and do not take it in public unless it is in the form of a petition.

◆ If you find any errors or missing information, please message me with details.

◆ Please stay tuned for an announcement for more systems which will have visual updates and some minor additions or changes.


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105 Re: Updates and News on 19/11/17, 01:18 am

Updates for 11/19/2017

Trently has been demoted from staff due to him stepping down for personal reasons. He has the chance to return to the team if he ever wants to in the future and we're sorry to see him step down.


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