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Major Villain NPC Groups

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

  • Alchemist: This group has slowly begun making a name for itself in the Reim area, though there have been sighting of them around the world. Rumored to be working with the help of The Brotherhood of Ash, these magicians are believed to be trying to perfect the art of making Chimera, combining beasts and humans to make unnatural creations.

  • The Organization: Not much is known about the goals of this group, only that they have been spreading fear, despair, and destruction across the world. Their leader is not known, though the Contractor has often made appearances in or around areas the Organization has been known to operate.

  • The Contractor: This Magi has been seen in nearly every country of the world, attempting to guide and sway major rulers. His goals remain unclear, though he tends to spread destruction anywhere he is spotted. He has also been rumored to be providing Dark Metal Vessels, artificial Djinn constructs, to promising candidates.

  • The Brotherhood of Ash: This group was involved in the initial invasion of Reim and has been spotted in various countries. Their headquarters is believed to be found somewhere in Reim, though it has not been confirmed. To those who work on the darker side of society, this group is the largest known criminal organization, operating in every major country. Their influence has seemed to wane from Kou, however.

  • The Black Spiders: The Black spiders is a massive slave trading group that has connections all over the world. They have massive compounds in open areas of the world that can be hard to find unless one is captured by them. Rumors in the criminal underground say the provide people for other organizations, it is also said that their main base of operations is somewhere in Balbadd and is lead by the man Remus Roma.

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