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A Minor Setback [Job / Solo]

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"When your castles of sand crumble into the ocean, will you stand by that which you held in splendor, or will you fade like the beautiful lie you lived in?"
1 died to Volley. 2-4 died to Bouncing Blades I, and 5 died to The Bigger They Are...

The gentle trod of the horse beneath the woman indicated to her only that she was moving towards her destination, although that wasn't much of an accomplishment, given how barren the surrounding area was. Perhaps barren wasn't the right word. It wasn't devoid of presence, the trees and brush made sure of that, and it's proximity to the river guaranteed that the trail would never be quiet, but rather it was devoid of anything worth noting. The woman had chosen to distract herself from what was, in her point of view, a rather pointless civil war, with what was to be an act of civil service that would both justify her desire to use her skills, and do so in a legal manner. There was a strange sense of karmic validation that Amaya felt as she took a life of someone who had taken another, almost as if she was delivering recompense to the universe. Much better than the dull life tending the herbs that she was expected to live.

If only you could see what I've become, Uncle. The words echoed across the woman's mind as the horse trotted towards town. What would you think of me, of the path that I've chosen?

"Hey, Girlie." Her gaze swiveled. She hadn't noticed the man brandishing the sword at her until he spoke. She cursed herself for letting her guard slip as she was lost in thoughts. The tattoo of a crescent moon on his shoulder marked him as her prey, a fact which made her rather relieved at how simple this job would be, and yet rather disappointed that the villagers weren't capable of clearing out the threat on their own.  "Yes, you, girl. Get off the horse, fork over your belongings, and walk back the way you came. You won't get hu-" His words were cut off instantly as the dull slice of her Volley cut into his throat, the now lifeless husk collapsing to the ground (D-tier Damage). "If you're quite done, I'll be continuing. You'd be wise to evaluate your opponents before you take to robbing them."

For being controlled by bandits, the town was a lot more peaceful than Amaya had anticipated. It seemed like life went on as usual, and she stowed away at a local inn, searching for something to fill her stomach from the journey. She let her mind wander back to her Uncle, and to her time living their. He'd wanted her to have a peaceful life, away from war, strife, violence, and death. He'd wanted her to be content to simply tend to the gardens. She was sure that his initial willingness to teach her to fight was only to humor her, in hopes that she would one day "come back to her senses" and be content to sit quietly in the garden. She hadn't seen the man in years, and she wondered what perhaps life would have been like, had she yielded to his requests. A peaceful life, yes. But would it have been a satisfying one? She didn't think so. She let her gaze drift out the window, taking another sip of the rice wine she had purchased. Four men, all wearing clothing that exposed their right shoulder to the moonlight, stomped towards the inn. She left the proper money on the table before excusing herself, wishing the innkeeper a pleasant night.

The stone street between the singular woman and the group seemed to stretch indefinitely, the men stopping their advance as she emerged from the inn. She turned her shoulder and pushed around towards the stables, banking on the idiocy of the group in front of her. Her disguise was barely passable, only utilizing the scarf to cover her hair as she moved behind the inn, but that and the cloak seemed to have been enough to keep them from figuring out her identity. She deftly scaled the rear facade of the inn, pushing herself into the shadows, lacing her hand with three daggers concealed beneath her cloak. The crashing of the window and obnoxious yelling only brought a smirk to her face. They were just as stupid as she had hoped.

The came charging around the back of the inn, slamming into the stable doors in a frenzied attempt to open the locked shelter. It was too easy, fighting thugs like this. She let loose the flurry of Bouncing Blades I, the chime of the knives colliding in the air ringing out before plunging into the necks of three of the would-be assailants (D-tier Damage). "Fufufu~ Did you think I'd be so stupid as to corner myself like that?" She dropped to the ground, her scarf falling into place as she stared down the last one. "Or did you honestly think that no one would put a price on your heads?"

"You bitch!" The last man leapt at her, delivering a blow to her jaw that merely turned her head. She turned her gaze to him, the frigid grey of her eyes piercing into him, the chilling look stopping the man cold. "Be a good killer and die for me." Her scarf was already coiled around him. He'd run into it as he was throwing the punch. All it took was a simple tug, a gentle kick, and the man fell, the blades piercing his throat as he bleed out into the gutter (D-tier Damage). "You know what they say, don't you? The bigger they are..." She flicks her scarf from around his neck, chuckling the same eerie chuckle as her Holy Protection kicks in to effect, the woman disappearing like a specter. Her voice rang out to the dying man from the nothingness around him. "It matters not what path you choose, boy. All paths lead the same fate. In the end, it is only death that waits for us all."

She took her seat at the inn once more, sliding some extra money to the gentleman at the counter. "For the window," she nodded. Another purse of coin followed soon after. "And for a room as well."


  • Stamina = 110/160
  • Magoi = 130/140
  • DMG = D-tier blow to the cheek

Job Name: Thugs in the Mines
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The mines where metal is retrieve for weapon production has been overrun by thugs. Go to the mining town, free the workers and kill all those that stand against Kou.

Enemy Name: Petty Thugs x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Petty Thugs deal D-tier damage with their swords and daggers.
Jab – Petty Thug thrusts their blade forward at to inflict D-tier damage.

A Minor Setback [Job / Solo] Varisianscarves
  Name: Nightingale
  Tier: D
  Type: Bladed Scarf
  Material: This weapon is made of a loose fitting fabric meant to disguise the weapon that lies beneath. The weapon is cored beneath the fabric with a segmented steel rod, that is large enough to provide structure, yet still nimble enough to move with near fluidity (Each of these bars is small, roughly 5-6cm in length) The inside of the scarf is affixed with leather mounts sewn into the fabric that hold a plethora of small razor blades spanning the scarfs width. Uncommonly, Amaya has removed some of these razor blades and affixed knives, complimenting her dance-like style of fighting with the tiniest bit of added range.
  Appearance: The scarf is nearly black in hue, appearing entirely mundane on the outside with two iron rings at each end to serve as ornamentation. The scarf is 15 cm wide and 136cm long, allowing it to conceal the razors effectively, and the knives as well is coiled properly. The total length of the scarf is extended by an additional 4cm for each iron ring, providing Amaya a handhold

  Each razor on the lethal face is roughly 10cm in length, and 2cm in width, and their length runs the width of the scarf every 12cm and they are mounted in leather casings. they can be easily replaced if broken, and the leather is easy to mend.

  Of the 11 places where razors would be affixed, places 2,6,and 10 have been substituted with 20cm knives that are 5cm thick at the base and taper like daggers. These hang freely, and perform slashing motions as she spins the scarf around.

  The final (roughly) 8 cm of each end are left untouched, as to prevent any noise of the razors from colliding with potential armor.
Angel's Grace:

A Minor Setback [Job / Solo] BVRNRye
Name: Angel's Grace
Tier: B
Type: Amulet
Magic Type: Light
Appearance: A 10 cm amulet in the shape of wings set with a brilliant gem that appears like holy light. The magic circle is inscribed on the back.

  • Holy Protection - The user manipulate the light in a ten-meter area around him, making everyone in the ten-meter area invisible to the naked eye.
    10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Abilities Used:
Name: Volley
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Scarf must be either wrapped around her neck, or in a defensive position (stretched in behind her shoulders) before initiating this skill.
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10
Amaya hurls a hidden daggers at her opponent. These daggers increase in number as she scales.
Bouncing Blades I:
enter]Bouncing Blade I[/center]
Tier: C
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Short to medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Amaya must have a free hand with which to throw the dagger, and cannot be at close range. Each of these daggers can be clashed.
Scaling: Scales with an additional bounce per 10 Stamina, allowing Amaya to hit more targets simultaneously.
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina
Description: Amaya hurls two daggers at a target, slamming the first into her opponent, the next dagger ricochets of the first, bouncing into another enemy within 5m of the last. Each of these daggers deal D tier damage.
The Bigger They Are...:
Name: The Bigger They Are...
Tier: C-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Range: Short.
Requirements/Drawbacks: Amaya must be either hidden from her opponent, or behind them to execute this move. Amaya must also use a weapon that can be wrapped around her opponent's neck
Scaling: Damage dealt.
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 + 10(x) where X is the scaling for damage.
Description:Amaya spirals her weapon around her opponent's neck or torso, slicing into them and yanking them off balance. The resulting move grounds her opponent, forcing them to either fight prone or waste time getting up. Amaya also releases her weapon after her opponent begins falling, pulling away into either an offensive or defensive stance.
Holy Protection:
The user manipulate the light in a ten-meter area around him, making everyone in the ten-meter area invisible to the naked eye.
10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


A Minor Setback [Job / Solo] GHN16xD

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