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Job Name: Bitter Rivalries
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Overview:
Within the priesthood of the Heliohapt temples, there is a group of individuals that reveres one god as more deserving and higher than the other. This group wishes to deal a blow to those who revere. They have learned of a shipment of important religious artifacts traveling east and wish them to be taken for their own purposes. They have no problems with hiring someone to steal the artifacts, but wish to retain their own anonymity.

Fingers dipped into a bowl of warm water, steam rising into the air with the scent of flowers. It was silent. It was calm. It was perfect. A female brought her wet hands to her face, rubbing the liquid in small movements. Food was waiting with fresh hot tea as a breeze came in through the Window.... and glass shattered.

The she-priest snapped out her fan, even as a chunk of glass flew into it destroying it, but protecting her face. She tossed the fan into a corner, heard it thump against multiple other fans. Apparently throwing cups at a wall was a source of tension relief. She didn't see the point in it. But she'd have to buy more fans. Perhaps from the same lady she had bought them from....

As glass shattered again, she yawned and stood up causing the male to stop throwing the cups. He looked like he wanted to say something, but she didn't have time for it. She nodded her head and snapped open an unharmed fan, her last one at that. She dropped a few coins onto the table, knowing it'd cover the cost of the broken glass and her fan mess. She left the small building, even as she fanned herself. It was late. The moon shone brightly and she needed to return back to her rooms she had rented. The she-priest had dozed off at the tea area, even after only a strong glass of tea.

She was exhausted. Traveling took a long time and though she normally slept in the carriage, the wheel had broken and she had taken one of her guard's horses while he waited behind. Now half her men were out fixing the carriage while the other half thought they were guarding her from outside her room... She entered the inn, seeing the shocked look on two of her newer guards. Older guards were used to her leaving at night. She pushed open her door and swung the wooden block down, locking it as much as possible. She placed her fan on a small table, and fell backwards on the bed. She should be doing something. Something useful.

She had visited her family and now... was awaiting news on what to do next. Because she preferred to work, she traveled around to get a feel on people and their views. Many disliked the chaos. Few flourished in it. And many lost family to it. She wanted it to end... she wanted peace... a simple peace... not complicated due to treaties... but one from the heart... She hoped that the artifacts for the god, Ra,  would appease him and grant a more time of peace. With those thoughts in her mind she drifted off to sleep.

A sharp rapping on the door had her eyes opening slowly. She rolled over and groaned, seeing rays of light enter the room. She heard one of her guards asking her if she wanted food ordered. She yawned and called out yes, even as she began disrobing because she hadn't done so the night before. She slipped on a light pink, silky dress and tied a white and gold robe over it. She began the process of lining her eyes with kohl, dabbing a pink color on her lips and skillfully arranging a comb in her hair to pin it back. Now she needed jewels... she was about to fasten a necklace when another knock sounded. Opening the door, there stood one of her guards with fresh bread and tea. She stepped back, watching him set it down and leave the room. They never talked unless it was needed. If she engaged them in conversation, they were polite but not much else.

She needed someone to talk to. Someone to laugh with. All the bowing, guarded words, gift giving; it got old. Not that she disliked it. But for everyday... she needed something to laugh about... within an hour, she left her room after eating, putting on a jewel or two and finishing her tea. She prayed to her god for a safe journey and readied herself for it, then made her way. Hopefully this would be just a normal casual trip. After some time of travel they reached an area with tough terrain and the carriage was called to a halt. Odd. She looked out of her window and saw tall and large man standing out in front of the carriage in the way. He wore a dark cloak and a mask of the same dark color. She gasped, expecting the worst and prepped herself for battle.

Hiro looked to the carriage inside there was needed artifacts his contractor needed. The guards walked up to him with their weapons in hand. He looked at each other them and counted only four. For something so valuable they had minimal guard. The warrior took a deep breath in and a deep breath out and made his charge. The guards were lightly armored and only had short swords, unfortunately for them, they were going to be easy pickings for the large and swift man. He clenched his hand around his shield and put his spear into the ground. His contractor asked for the artifacts, they never said he had to kill anyone. As long as they don't figure out who he was, there wouldn't need to be bloodshed.

He charged the the guards, he went from a light jog to a full sprint hitting a guard square in the chest with his shoulder and sending him flying back and dropping his weapon. He continued his attack as he punched another one in the gut so hard he was winded and fell over unconscious. He followed that attack swiftly spinning and kicking another in the face. As another tried to make an attack he blocks with his shield then uppercut the man in the jaw the hit knocking the man out instantly. At an almost blink of the eye the men were out. The carriage driver ran and hid at the closest and safest thing as Hiro made his way to the carriage.

When he opened the back doors of the carried and firebolt  hit him square in the chest sent him flying back several feet. He padded his chest putting out the flames on his chest, showing he was wearing his armor. He stood up and clenched his shield and stood up looking at the she-priest; the warrior sighed. He braced himself and made his charge. Frightened the woman tried to charge another attack but feeling rushed tries to fly from the carriage. Hiro ran and jumped grabbing her foot and then slammed her into the ground and punched her in the ribs twice in the same spot to brake a couple ribs to keep her from moving and broke her staff into three pieces.

He walked over to the artifacts and took them and made his way. She grabbed his ankle as he walked by and pleaded not to take those. A part of him wished to tell her and just end this mission right then and there but this was a contract and he was a mercenary. He looked down at her and sighed then spoke masking his voice. "Nothing personal." He said quiet kicking his foot out from her hand and walked away to deliver the good in a orderly fashion.


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