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Going to the top(Solo Job)

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Job Name: Removing the Slave Traders II
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Western Front, Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang & 50 XP
Job Overview: The slave trade is only going to continue growing until people take out the leaders of the organization. Although there are head honchos, the first level of boss is the one that you need to worry about right now.


Enemy Name: Trafficker
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 1 C
Abilities: This guy can call in his guards at any time. He also has a mace, that can do C rank blunt damage with every impact.

Enemy Name: Guards (x3)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: 1 D
Abilities: each has a shortsword, able to do D rank damage with each slash.

Aulus once again was going to be taking care of some inhuman people, his definition of those who force others into slavery. Aulus was assigned this time to take about a higher up member in the slave game; in a attempt to try to halt it's growth in the great nation of Reim. But the first thing he needed to do was figure out the location of one of the leaders.

This was pretty difficult since Aulus had killed the slave trader and his guards, not getting information out of them before he did. I guess that a problem all Fanalis have, letting their anger take over before of thinking of a plan. Even though it felt good to take out those guys it hurt his current objective. But this drawback won't stop Aulus from finding one of the leader's of the slave organization. So the first thing he did was return to the camp that he killed the men from before, their bodies gone when he got there. Since he killed them about five days ago they where either eaten by some animals; or their comrades came and took their bodies to give them a proper burial. But neither of those things mattered to Aulus as he made his way into the tent. The tent had been ransacked, all the valuable thing being taken. But lucky a few papers were in a small chest that had been left.

"Seems they just wanted to take things they could sell." Aulus says to himself as he began to read through the papers. The majority of the papers were useless, but finally Aulus looked at one of the papers with joy ."Finally!" Aulus says in joy. The paper had information on one were they were to meet for a drop off. Holding the paper Aulus would make his way out of the tent. The paper said that the regular drop of for the new slaves was at a small house east of this location. But Aulus took his time as he went to the location, he wanted to at least try and think of a plan before getting there.

"I don't know if I should burst in and take out everyone that comes at me. Or sneak into the place and talk the leader out of his evil ways." Aulus says speaking to himself. To others it wouldn't be that hard of a decision on what they should do but Aulus was different from others. His passion to see others treated equal made him want to beat up those who went against this. But that wasn't always right and he shouldn't think that way, he should try to understand the slave traders and turn them from the oath the walked. So I was settled, Aulus decided he would sneak in and have a talk with the trafficker.

Aulus made his way to the home, which wasn't small like it said in the paper. It was really the size of two homes, bigger then the one he stayed at. Making his way to the door he put his ear next to it, and heard nothing. So without having a second thought he slowly opened the door, which was surprisingly unlocked. When inside he noticed that there was a guard who had fallen asleep while he was supposed to be watching the door. Aulus would use this opportunity to sneak passed him and hurry into a room, lucky for him the room didn't have anyone inside it. It would seem that that guard was the only person in this place, how unlucky of Aulus. He was successful in sneaking in but the target wasn't even here. So he decided to wait, standing still in the darkness of the room.

After a hour of waiting a tall man entered the room, and lit a few candles. He didn't notice Aulus at all ,even though the candles made him visible, the darkness of the room no longer hiding him. But the guy seemed to started checking a larger book other then checking his surrounding.

"Hey, I need to talk to you!"Aulus said to the guy. When Aulus spoke he spoke to loudly, making the guy jump in fear."Guards! Guards! INTRUDER!!!" He yelled turning to Aulus, staring at him with fear in his eyes at the guy who stood in his home. This guy wasn't going to talk it seemed, he wanted the intruder dead and out of his sight and home.

The guard that had been asleep awoke and came into the room first, quickly two other came. They standing out side of the home when the trafficker came back. The guys would stand in the doorway, waiting to seem what Aulus would do. Aulus shaking his head, his plan to talk the out of their wrong doing wouldn't work now. The trafficker would run being his guards as the stood staring at Aulus, only two words he would say before running out of the house."KILL HIM!"

Aulus had no other option now, he had to kill them to stop their evil doings instead of talking them out of it. Aulus rushed the three standing at the door, them surprised at what he did hesitated to attack. Aulus would use that hesitation to kick the first one in the head and then round house kicking the other two. Taking them out due to where the kicks landed. Now it was time to take out the trafficker.

The trafficker, even though tall and lean, was out of shape. He didn't make it that from the house, not escaping the Fanalis. How pitiful the guy was as when he saw the fanalis exit the house he tripped trying to run again. Aulus made his way over to the guy, standing above the guy. A smile was on Aulus's face when he saw the guy trembling in fear as he held his mace."Stop!" The man said before Aulus could take another step."Work for me and be my new guard! I can pay you anything!" The guy tries to plea for his life by offering Aulus to work for him. But Aulus wasn't taking any pleas, as he strikes the man. Stopping his head into the ground."Scum like you doesn't deserve to exist!" Aulus says as he make his way back to city, wanting to return and tell them the job was complete.

1061/500 :D Job complete


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