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Solo Diving [Job/Solo]

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Kaveh Issa

Kaveh Issa
Assignment Details:
Assignment Name: Expanding Horizons: Pyramids
Assignment Rank: C
Assignment Location: Heliohapt
Assignment Rewards: 100 XP and 7,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Researcher Profession
Assignment Overview: The pride of the Historical Society in Heliohapt is their excavation of some of pyramids around. Take part in this tradition and excavate your first pyramid and study the messages left behind. This particular pyramid has messages left in the Torran language which you have specialized in.

So much for Kaveh's first pyramid. The young magician sat within the halls of the Historical Society's Heliohapt base of operations, twiddling his thumbs. The man was, for the first time since he's stepped foot in the building, unmotivated to read any of the texts in the building. The magician sat in a chair with his feet propped up on his desk. His eyes were closed and his body started to relax a bit. Anyone passing by would surely bet that the man was falling asleep. However, Kaveh was sitting there in a bit of solemn meditation. The unfortunate events that seemed to surround and follow him, constantly knocking at his door.

Why? Why is it that nothing goes right? He thought to himself. He thought back to the beginning of it all. It all started when the magician met the strange, one-eyed man: Mikazuki Tenma. The man seemed to impose himself upon Kaveh, and the magician allowed it. He tried to get to know the travelling swordsman and shared a few drinks with him. Their first meet, the man attempted to escort Kaveh home. It was then that the trouble began. The two witnessed a kidnapping and acted, almost thoughtlessly. That was Kaveh's first encounter with the cultist. He burned one alive and took the emblem of the other, in hopes of studying the emblem and deciphering what it was that the cultist were after.

The next thing was the emblem itself. Kaveh took it with good intentions: to learn about the cultists. Instead of finding out what they were after, because of the emblem, he became a target for the cult! The robed men invaded his home one night and attempted to kidnap him and his mother, as they did so many others of the city of Heliohapt. The red and blue magicians were able to fend off the cultists, but the fact that the men left that night empty handed wasn't enough for Kaveh.. So he pursued them. The three men weren't the easiest to catch up to by ordinary means. Luckily, Kaveh had more than ordinary measures to assist in his pursuit. After catching up to the first, Kaveh found himself in a magical standoff against the man. The cult magician used life magic, like the majority of the court magicians in Heliohapt, and was fairly advanced within his art. After his subduing of the magician, Kaveh found himself catching up to one of the other two men and obtaining the information that he wanted.

Apep. That was the name that stuck out to Kaveh. The cult were united under a 'deity' by the name of Apep. They kidnapped the citizens of Heliohapt in hopes to find a body for their master to host. Kaveh didn't believe any of this, but took the necessary precautions anyway. However, before the magician was able to continue mulling over the dark trend that he was noticing for his life, Akmet walked into Kaveh's area with a smile on his face. "Kaveh! I have an assignment for you. There is a grand pyramid a few kilometers north of the city. We have yet to explore it and need to send someone in. I have to head to Magnostadt soon and Hakim has to set sail for Kou. The others are busy with research for reports to send, so that leaves you. Can you handle going into an unfamiliar pyramid on your own?"

Kaveh nearly jumped at the opportunity and was out of the seat of his desk immediately. The long haired magician nodded and received the papers from Akmet about the pyramid. The magician rubbed his chin as he looked over the map. He couldn't remember being in that area of the desert before. Either way, he was fairly confident in the fact that he could dive into the pyramid and see what stories it held on his own. There wouldn't be any traps.... hopefully.

A few days passed and Kaveh was riding atop of his flying carpet towards the area of the forgotten desert that the pyramid was supposed to be. The magician's brown eyes scanned the area anxiously. It wasn't long before he encountered the very thing that he was craving. Descending from the clouds, Kaveh's feet lightly and elegantly touched the sands and his magic carpet lost its stiff demeanor and was wrapped about his shoulders once more. It didn't take long for Kaveh to find a way into the pyramid and begin his descent into the depths of the sand that the building was constructed around.

It wasn't long before Kaveh found himself in the center room of the pyramid. On an alter in the center of the room, was positioned a large piece of parchment. Upon further inspection, the pparchment seemed to be one of the more valuable things in the pyramid. It was a map. The only problem was that the area didn't seem familiar to Kaveh. There was a large central continent and then a few islands at the 'corners' of the main continent. An unnerving part of the map were the twelve images of what seemed to be a staff or a temple at random areas of the continent. Kaveh stared at the image for minutes, trying to queate it to any of the continents that he knew about. When he was at the point of giving up, having realized that there was nothing he could decipher from it, the magician moved on. Luckily for his interest, the walls around the map seemed to have a writing on them that was familiar to Kaveh, but not many of the public.

After hours reading the walls, Kaveh found the connection. The walls described the map that was in the center of the room. "Interesting. Now why would there be information of the map here. Wouldn't someone just be able to... Oh!" It all started to click with Kaveh. The people of Torran were considered a 'dying' breed. Their people didn't have much memory of how things used to be and the information was becoming harder and harder to find. Perhaps this was one of the places they went to try and keep their culture alive? Could the writings on the wall be for the elders of the Torran tribes to pass down information from their history to the newer generation of the Torran people? There was no certain way for Kaveh to know at the moment. All that he knew was that the twelve images on the map were labeled as "Divine Temples" or "Sanctuaries," and that the shaded area of the map was called the "Great Rift" that constantly referenced red lions.

Kaveh opened up his journal and began to take notes of everything that he saw. After reading over his notes once more, the magician separated what he wrote down. There was a file that he labeled HS. Within it, he marked information about the map and the writings along the walls that indicated locations on the map. In the other section, the one that Kaveh would keep for himself, he had more details. He was going to try and look into these "red lions" and the twelve "sanctuaries" at some point. He wasn't very comfortable with allowing the information to the entire society. Before he left the room, Kaveh looked back and narrowed his eyes. Hm.. Maybe I should... The magician shook his head and began to walk out of the pyramid. The thoughts of sabotaging the pyramid being forced from his mind...
Word Count: 1200/1000


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