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The Flu [Solo/Job]

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Job Name: Down With The Flu
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The local forge has a problem; their driver is sick and can't make the trip to the nearby mines for a shipment. They need to ore to fill an order. You'll be rewarded if you take their horse and buggy to pick it up.

Hiro was looking at the world, after his work with he university and the weapons he was planning on making. It was interesting and had inspired him to bring the man on some more adventuring than just drinking the night away. It would also get him out of that stuffy inn room and allow him to breathed in the fresh night desert air, it would also give him a chance to enjoy the sounds of nature.

"Hey are you okay?" A voice called out from the distance followed by heavy coughing. Hiro looked his shield in hand and spear resting his shoulder. He walked over to the out of curiousity and saw the a young girl and her father. The older man seemed ill, too ill for all the things he was carrying. Without a word Hiro picked up the heavy load placed it into the cart with the greatest of ease.

He nodded to the little girl and began to make his way with a light tug of her cloak, he turned back around and looked back at. Her eyes were wide and fill slight tears on her eyes. In response, the warrior merely blinked in confusion. "Sir! Please, we don't have much but as you can see my father is ill and can't even lift our let alone go on this venture. Could you please accompany me to the destination...Please?" She asked him with her big puppy eyes. Hiro scuffed a bit, the little girl reminded him of Lestacia when they first met. With a reluctant sigh he gave the girl a nod. The girl was overwhelmed with joy when he agreed.

The little girl looked at Hiro with a peaked amazement never seeing such a large Fanalis before. They spoke or rather she spoke about everything she knew about Heliosept. From it's people to it's society all from the perspective of an upbeat little girl. Her and her father were mid classed citizens of the country, so they couldn't afford keeping a slave even if they wanted one. So they took care of everything on their own. Despite that they did everything remarkably well. "So after all this talk Mr, what is your name?" She asked him with a smile on her face. In truth, he did know his name, he has been called many names but Hiro seemed the most common.

"They call me Hiro." He said quietly to her as the rode across the night. The rest of the way she fell into a slumber resting on his lap. When reaching the destination he quietly moved her head and made the delivery and headed back to their shop. Once he reached her family's forge the picked her up quietly and moved her to her bed letting her sleep soundly and as he walked out the father appeared and gave him ,his due. "Thank you sir, if you ever have a need let us know." He said thanking Hiro. "It was not problem, I am no healer but I would advise getting sleep." he warrior gave a nod to the man and made his way back to the inn.


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