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Job Name: Master and Slaves
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Several slaves ran away from their master! Now the master is asking you to chase the slaves and bring them back to him, as he plans on teaching them a lesson.

Capture the slaves and bring them back for a reward, or assist in their escape and be approached by them later to be rewarded for your assistance.

If you choose to let the slaves go away, you will face the slave master’s rage

Slaves. The little live wire and constant earning in the slave master’s but at time a royal thorn when they all decide to be resistant. The slaves have formed a small group of "traitors" to escape his grasp. Fortunately, his guard was able to capture one of the rebellious slaves and was now flopped on a bench in the detention cell of the of the slaver territory. Hiro walked in slowly after being informed of a job. He looked down at his reluctant prize and would find the slaves's situation somewhat familiar. Getting the short end of the stick. Hiro disliked sticking his nose into situations like this, dealing with slaves and their masters. It was a nasty ordeal all together not to mention he was a Fanalis, a rather huge target was on his back if anyone found out who or what he was.

He wore his darkened armor, mask and hood to hide the red of his hair. He let out a heavy sigh as he looked back to the slave master. "What?" The man asked him, Hiro said nothing in response and looked down at the captured slave. He felt the hand of the slave master on his shoulder. "I heard a great many things about what you can do. You better be worth the money, you cur. Find out where those dogs are hiding so we can get my revenue, ya? She's a fairly resilient one so you can do what you want with her." The man said with a laugh before spitting down at the captured slave. "Do what you will I had my fun with her, now we just need to find the rest." He said leaving the cell and up to quarter to enjoy himself. Hiro let out another heavy sigh as he squatted out to examine the down to examine the slave. He lifted her chin lightly and moved it from side to side. Her face was beaten and there was numerous tears of flesh in the entirety of her person.

As strong willed as she was every one had a limit. From the depth of her wounds, he could tell she was strong mentally and would do anything for what she cared for, or so he assumed. The poor girl endured much for the sake of her fellow slave something to be admired for sure. Alas that was not going to sway him from his job at the moment. He quietly sat back and took a drink of wine he had from his pouch. Though it would be faster to make her crack from a lack of sleep, Hiro chose to let her lie there peacefully for some time. Not as an act of mercy, or maybe it was, but either way her body was done spirit could not hold that together. She could at least enjoy one more nights peaceful sleep or rather as peaceful as it could be on the floor of a old cell.

An hour and half later...

The slave awoke to find herself on the floor of a small but clean detention cell with a slave collar fitted tightly around her neck. Her eyes looked up at him, her eyes widened and a smile came onto her face. Hiro was taken back by her reaction and looked at her intently with abundant curiosity wondering why her reaction was the way it was. "You must be wondering why..." She started off and dragged herself on his lap. "I am smiling at you.." This was one of his strangest jobs he picked up thus far from this act alone. The woman rested lightly on his lap breathing lightly. "That was the longest sleep I've have had in a while, I thank you." The warrior remained silent and took another drink of his wine. "Not much of a talker are you? You're really not one of the masters men." She said lightly reaching upward for his wine.

It seemed she was in control of the situation, out of reaction he lowered his wine and allowed her a good long drink. She coughed lightly and giggled. "It's not water but thank you so much." She placed a hand on his masked face. "You were here to torture me some more right?" She asked. The warrior nodded. She grinned a soft grin, "You're not doing a very good job." She said softly, she closed her eyes for a moment and then looked up at him once more this time a gleam of hope showed as she looked into his own. "I don't know your name but I do know your character." She coughed lightly. "You are kind...I know it, a warrior of honor I am sure." The warrior was about to raise a voice of objection and she lightly placed a finger over his lips to keep him from speaking.

"I don't have much time. But I come from a once royal family, as you can see I don't have much more time here." She said quietly. "But please...Save the slaves....They are.....Only children..." Tears began to drip down her cheeks. "They are going to an old contact, fight for them and you will be rewarded...Please." Hiro remained silent, looking away from her. "Promise me and I will tell you where they are heading..." He looked down at her and grasped her hand and gave her a nod, she asked him to lean down and told him where they were and where they were heading and even the secret phrase to use if she were to perished. Not long after her hand dropped, lifeless. Hiro let out another heavy sigh, now the choice was his take the word of a dead woman or that of the slaver and solid money.

He closed his eyes for a moment and reflected within in his mind what would he do? Next thing he knew he could feel tears drip from his eyes. He looked down at the girl, who asked him to help. She didn't beg, she didn't demand, but rather she just hoped that he would and give everything on that hope. She was someone to be admired despite not knowing her name. He lifted her wounded body and held her tight, why was he feeling this way over someone he spoke to for less than a few hours? His eyes raised, darkened and blood shot. He had never felt so angry since he lost his memory. It was an anger that he for whatever reason knew and hated. He lightly picked up her body and slowly walked up to where the slave master was staying. Going to a slowly walk to a steady jog, upward. He felt the anger, the hate grow and grow, He thew the body of the woman over his shoulder going into a full sprint.

"Oh.." The man started off before taking a full force punch going at 15 m/s being caught off guard he flew back several feet. The slaves in the room quickly ran out screaming. Hiro lightly placed the body of the unnamed woman on his bed. "How dare you!" He said holding his fractured nose and flaring up and prepping for a flame attack. "Do you know how powe--" He shouted but was cut off last second by a kick in the face. He clenched his fist tightly and punched the man in the throat not allowing him to move or unleash any attacks. An undeserving quick death, it was his kind that were the true monsters in this world. He wrapped the woman's body in the slik of the slave masters garb and walked out quickly. His men stepping back not wanting to face his wrath.

He took the body to the destination point and told the other slaves what had transpired and the secret phrase. The old contact gave him his reward and thanks. As did the child slaves. The woman told the truth, the slaves were just children and one young teen no older than Lestacia. He clenched his fist, feeling warm know he did the right thing. Their time was short but he spent as much time as he could with the children before departing back for the city. A smile on his face.


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