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Hi Mom. Bye Mom.[Solo]

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Alexander waited until late at night at the entrance of the Colosseum, when only the scum of the night would loiter about, doing their business. He waited for quite some time, but still no sign of Octavia. Growing impatient after nearly an hour of waiting, he barged inside, going past the doors by using his fanalis force to get himself inside. As he saw the passages under the Colosseum, he remembered his life before being a slave, but as horrible as life was, the rose-tinted glasses came off. He began to remember how lonely and boring his life was with his mother around. His mother who would do the bare minimum to keep him alive, give him food and let him sleep beside her, and that was about it. Alex couldn't even speak to her as a child.

At the end of the hall, he stumbled onto his mother passed out in the hall. He looked down on her, and Alex's callous thoughts made him kick his stoned out mother to wake her. She was roused from her sleep but she didn't recognize Alex after the new face. Alex agreed it was for the best. "Wait, do I owe you money...?" That was the last thing he heard from his mother as he walked away and back into the darkness of Reim.


Hi Mom. Bye Mom.[Solo] UwPVdcs

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