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Hi Dad. [Solo]

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It was a week after he had seen his mother, and it was the middle of the day. Eight was sitting at the bar drinking. doing his best to get the image of his addict of a mother out of his mind, to no avail, but it was certainly fun to try. He was so blinded bu his disgust, that he hadn't even thought to think of his father, suddenly it was at this moment where a stranger walked into the bar, with gorgeous long green hair, in robes. He walked straight to Eight, observing him for some time, Alexander was weary, intoxicated but at the range, he was sure he could handle just about anyone with his racial prowess.

Eight felt the recognition, but as this man spoke he said his name and told him a wild story that he was Eight's father. For some reason, despite his defensive nature, between the alcohol and his gut instinct, he readily believed this man and through his arms around a man his height, but more slender and cried into his shoulders.

"We have much to talk about."


Hi Dad. [Solo] IfkPc3h

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