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An old storyteller [Job/Solo]

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1An old storyteller [Job/Solo] Empty An old storyteller [Job/Solo] on 13/01/17, 10:45 pm

Toth Alexander

Toth Alexander
Job information:
Job Name: Reliving Glory Days
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, telling bawdy stories of his better years. The customers are getting annoyed and the tavern keeper wants him out. Either escort the man home and listen to a story or put him out of his misery.

The drunk went on, thrusting his full mug of ale at Toth as he relived his story for the tenth time that night. Toth had heard it so many times that he could finish the old man’s tale himself, and it would seem he needed too as the old man began to slurr his words, trying to think of the right one to say.

“...of bandits! And you said “ Today isn’t the day I join my dear Mary”
Toth began to recite, just as vividly as if the old man was telling it himself. The only difference was that Toth wasn’t drunk, and as he told the rest of the story, there was a certain charm to it, unlike when this drunkard tried to tell his tale.

The evening went on as a long back and forth between Toth and the drunk, although eventually the barkeep demanded that the old man leave and that he was cut off from drinking any more. Toth felt bad for the old guy, knowing how it felt to just want his story heard by someone. And so, before anyone else could jump on the guy to keep him quiet, Toth got up to his feet and politely began escorting the elder gentleman outside the establishment.

“I still can’t believe you fought off an army of them all on your own, come now, you must tell me the rest of this story, perhaps over a cup of tea? Or some water to sleep this evening!”
He said warmly as the two walked out of the bar together. The man laughed, now drinkless, as he continued to tell his story of his younger days. It seemed he had been a mercenary of sorts back then, taking on all sorts of odd jobs for various noble families that needed things kept under the rug. This story with the bandit was one such story, though Toth didn’t put too much faith in the story being true. He was drunk after-all and no doubt exaggerating. Though who was he to judge? He told such wild tales regularly! In fact… This old man had quite the story to tell, and Toth was sure he could spin them to suit him.

With that in mind, Toth escorted the man home, listening to every story he threw at him. He told him everything from his days as a man his age to now.

“You know lad, I wasn’t much older then you when I took on my first job as a mercenary! It might look like dirty work but a paycheck is a paycheck! HAHAHA once you can get past the nasty business, it really isn’t all that bad! Those nobles pay a pretty penny to keep their secrets!"
Toth found himself sitting with him for hours listening to the man’s ramblings of days long gone, taking mental notes of the stories that sounded like they would have the most impact, that sounded like they could truly build him up to be the hero he wanted to be.

Like the story of the mercenary standing alone vs an army of bandits~

WC: 539
No use of stamina/magoi.
Sat with the old man for hours into the night.

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