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Whispers Through the Night [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|D|Solo|Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
The objective was simple: spread a rumor about the politician, Yahya Zakaria, being involved with the massacre and that the Kou Empire’s Emperor, Yoshiro, had the opportunity to stop, but did not do so. Rumors of a plague spreading throughout Balbadd were swarming between the people on the morning after the bodies were found. However, since the crack of dawn, Adrastos and his two loyal followers, Zayn and Kenji, had been busy passing on their own rumor.

They slithered through the whispering crowds as they discreetly slipped their own version of what happened into their confused and scattered minds. Their story spread like wildfire in the streets of Balbadd during the day and seeped through the dark crevices at night until the trio found themselves in a musty tavern filled with drunkards, wenches, and various individuals.

“I heard that the bodies were the product of a soldier gone rogue from the Kou military.”

“No way, really?”

“Many soldiers left the Kou army once Yoshiro killed his own father and took over the throne. He knew there would be deserters and that they still believed in the old Emperor's ways and could pose a threat to citizens in his own country or in others, but did nothing to set up countermeasures to stop them.”

“How is that possible? It was a plague; just look at how many died.”

“Nobody has shown signs of this plague and they suddenly fall over dead in one night? Don’t be stupid. If it truly was a plague, then we would be dead too. This was a deliberate attack confined within a certain area.”

Someone slammed their mug onto their table and abruptly stood, screaming, “How the hell do you know all of this?”

The magician, wearing  turned along with all the other heads to see the man that cause the outburst. He was a burly man, young, but still had a decent amount of facial hair along his jaw and chin. His eyes reflected the dancing flames of the candles and shadows played across his face in a tempest as he glared.

“It’s the story that’s going around, isn’t it? Besides, you need to look at the facts. There were no signs of illness within the city, not one that obviously affected an entire section of the city. Yet somehow so many people just died overnight and nobody else seems to have contracted the so-called plague. If you ask me, it was an attack on a country with a weak government. The enemy, whoever they were, probably took advantage that there’s no Cabinet. I’m even willing to bet a politician had a hand in this massacre.”

The man grabbed Adrastos and lifted him into the air. The sudden advancement caused the Fanalis and Tamer to almost spring into action themselves, but a subtle signal from their master halted them.

“You dare insult the politicians of our country?!”

“Please,” the magician responded with a small chuckle and a tiny sympathetic glance, “A ton of people have been slaughtered in your very own country, and who has not been heard of since the incident? Yahya Zakaria, the politician that oversees the safety of the people. You’d think he’d have something to say after such a tragedy.”

Adrastos watched with his silver eyes as the man’s face melted into that of saddened realization. He had been convinced that what the magician said was true. Everyone else wore the same expression. He could see the anger in their eyes, the sadness brimming into tears, and could feel the emotion of betrayal the filled the room.

“Of course, this is a rumor. I’ve only been piecing together what makes sense. We should investigate Zakaria and see if this is true or not. We can’t be doubting the government which is supposed to look out for it’s people. Chaos is brewing and it can’t continue.”

A series of nods could be seen around the room at the magician’s proposal. They slowly moved, as if still stunned from the information that was fed to them. By dusk the next day, a crowd would surround the abode of Yahya Zakaria with soldiers storming inside to find out the truth.

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Whispers Through the Night [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|D|Solo|Plot] 3oCk1sb

Whispers Through the Night [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|D|Solo|Plot] 7kZv0Du
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