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The Dirt of a Politician [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/Plot/Private]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Adrastos spent the whole day and half a night reading over the musty scrolls pertaining to Yahya Zakaria. According to the information that was gathered over the period of research, the man was in charge of overseeing public safety within Balbadd. Whatever happened to the people would fall on his head, making it one of his most greatest failures, especially when he apparently had such a perfect record during the years he served. Still, more information had to be gathered since nothing more could be learned within the mountains of scrolls. After placing all of the scrolls back, he took the parchment with his notes scribbled onto the brown paper and left the library without a word.

Remnants of the rain still lingered in the sky as clouds and in the still soaked ground. The temperature was still chilly, the sort of cold typically associated with the coastal region when the sun no longer warmed the world at night. Regardless, Adrastos wasn’t paying any attention as he headed back to his dilapidated mansion with a plan already forming within his mind.

The blue magician entered the house, and as he shut the door, his silver eyes looked around for Zayn, his Fanalis follower. There was no sign of him, which irked the silver-haired man incredibly. The Fanalis was instructed to stay here. Did he leave or was he merely playing the childish game of hide and seek? With a click of his tongue, Adrastos inhaled, then exhaled in a bellowing yell that would echo throughout the abode, “Zayn! Where the hell are you?!”

In a second floor hallway, scurrying footsteps made their way to the main hall until Zayn stumbled into Adrastos’ field of vision. The oddball ran at Adrastos, as usual, with the attempt to tackle him in a crushing hug, but Adrastos side stepped in the nick of time, causing the Zayn to faceplant into a bust that sat next to the entrance. “You stupid ingrate,” the magician growled, picking Zayn up by his hair. “You just left the entrance unguarded?! Anybody could have waltzed in here, then what?!”

He took his staff, Lux Animae Mortem, and used it to hit the Fanalis in the face. It wouldn’t have done much but give a bruise on Zayn’s face, but Adrastos hit him again, fracturing his nose so that blood dripped down his lips and chin to plop onto the stone floor below. Zayn whimpered, complaining about how his beautiful face had been damaged, but Adrastos didn’t listen to the man’s squabbles. “I have half a mind to fry your pathetic body, but I have a job for you.”

“A job?” Zayn looked up at his enchantingly cruel leader, blood still drizzling down his face. “Yes. Think of it as a way to redeem your stupidity.”

Adrastos walked up the stairs where his chair was and sat in it, placing his ankle on top of his knee while folding his hands together. His silver eyes glowed while looking down at Zayn. “It should be a relatively simple task, but I’m sure even you would find a way to muck it up so listen up because I will only say this once. There is a politician by the name of Yahya Zakaria who oversees public safety. I need more information on him. Find out where he lives, what his schedule is like, how he stands with other politicians and the citizens of Balbadd. I want to know everything about him; nothing is trivial. Understand?”

Emerald irises, sparkling with fascination, met silver, and Zayn nodded his head eagerly, bowing low with a sweep of his hand over his waist. “Of course. I will aim to please you.”

Adrastos watched Zayn leave the mansion. All that was left for him to do was wait for the information that the Fanalis would uncover.


Zayn wandered the streets just as the sun was peeking over the horizon, waking the slumbering country from its slumber. The streets began to be bustling with merchants, yet all that went through the young Fanalis’ head was the list that his beloved gave to him. Where would he even start? If the man was indeed the person who looked over public safety, then perhaps the citizens would know of him the most.

“Excuse me,” Zayn said to a couple setting up their shop, “but I seem to be a bit… lost. I have an appointment with Yahya Zakaria and I can’t seem to find my way to his house. I’d hate to be an inconvenience to him and miss out on our scheduled interview.” He tilted his head to the side, looking at the duo with his emerald eyes while he twirled a lock of crimson hair around in the air. The couple looked at the man strangely, their eyes questioning his reasoning for wanting directions. Zayn looked like he was part of a circus rather than an interviewer, and he certainly didn’t act like a professional at all.

“He lives among the other politicians, though his house is one of the more simpler ones,” the woman finally piped up, pointing in the northern direction. Zayn nodded and went on his merry way. So far everything was going smoothly, leaving the only thing to do was to be the politician’s personal stalker. That part would prove to be a bit more difficult unless he somehow infiltrated the household and acted as a servant. As he walked to the house, the gears in Zayn mind began to turn as he began to think of a plan, one that would most surely earn him praise from the handsome magician that sent him on this errand.


Days passed with no news from Zayn, and Adrastos was becoming restless. He paced throughout the dilapidated mansion mumbling to himself about how he shouldn’t have let an ameteur do his work. Still, the magician was a lenient man, even if only to a minor extent, so he would allow Fanalis a few more days to report. If he didn’t return by that time, then he would surely burn and freeze five times over.


Zayn had been a very resourceful Fanalis the past few days. He had spent about a week on the outside of Zakaria’s observing him, getting a feel for his daily agenda, before blending into his life to get the more hidden information. He had dressed as a servant to be inside the mansion and dressed in alternate clothing─Zayn was a rather gifted crossdresser when needed to be─for when Yahya went out.

During his observations, Zayn found out quite a bit of information: Yahya was close to the people and their concerns, his stance among the other politicians was 50/50, many thought he could easily be influenced by a seemingly innocent family to turn against the government or gain support to be a part of the empty Cabinet, he lived in a simple yet elegant mansion surrounded by the more extravagant and wealthier politician houses, he was absent from his home from around two hours after sunrise to about sunset, unless it was the end of a long week, and then he was away all weekend, drinking and mingling with the common folk─Zayn’s skin still crawled at how the man, viewed to be hideous and revolting to the Fanalis, tried to flirt with him while in disguise─and even found out about the more useless facts concerning eating habits, sleeping habits, contacts, and whatnot.

Zayn was proud with what he had uncovered, and eagerly went to Adrastos with his findings once the blanket of night had covered Balbadd. The Fanalis let his mind wander on his return trip, visualizing the reaction his magician comrade would give once the Fanalis reported in.

Zayn’s Brief Imagination:
Zayn walked through the door and called for Adrastos, announcing his arrival. He was already excited to see the magician and tell him all that he had learned, but the hug he received made the Fanalis giddy. The pale skin and soft, long silver threads that flew through the air to him were a sight to see for his emerald eyes. But oh, oh that luscious voice made Zayn melt and drool. "I've missed you, Zayn. You were gone so long I almost went mad. What took you so long?" asked the voice of chilled death.

Adrastos pulled away, revealing those icy calm irises molded from silver. Everything about this man was still shrouded in mystery, and yet he still managed to make the Fanalis' spine tingle and legs grow weary. Zayn reached out to caress the magician's face, feeling that soft skin of his for the first time. "Oh, my dear beloved magician, my heart is warmed by your concern. If I had known that my absence would spark this sort of reaction from you, perhaps I should have left sooner."

The silver-eyed man opened his mouth to say something, but Zayn would have no words ruining such a perfect moment. Instead, the Fanalis took the Adrastos' hand in his own and stood there, gazing into each others souls, and wondering what would transpire before morning came.

Zayn’s imagination was short lived as soon as he entered, however, and stared at the scowling magician who sat in his throne looking down at his subject. A lump formed within his throat. This was not a welcome the Fanalis had anticipated, but at least he locked door promptly after entering. If he were to receive punishment, he wouldn’t get hit in the face this time for leaving the door unlocked.


“What took you so long?”

“What?! No warm embrace? Just a killer scowl and cold eyes?” Zayn squirmed, clasping his hands together dramatically. “You were much more welcoming in my mind than reality. Can’t you be more like that?!”

“Enough. What did you find out? Or did you waste all those weeks on pointless daydreams?”
Adrastos clenched his jaw. He did not need to know what this twisted individual was conjuring within his deformed mind. All that was important was the information regarding Yahya Zakaria.

Zayn sighed and relinquished the information he had acquired. The magician’s expression was neutral, devoid of any emotion. Once he was done telling his story, Adrastos leaned forward, placing his chin atop of his folded hands. “That is all of it? Every last scrap of detail?” “Yes. I wouldn’t lie.” Adrastos smirked. Now the plan could continue and life within Balbadd would start to take an alternate path.

The Dirt of a Politician [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/Plot/Private] 8096547437_810a10a1c7

He motioned Zayn to follow him to the meeting room, a rather large dining room consisting of a long table with five chairs, one sitting at the head of the table which Adrastos sat in. Zayn took the seat to the right after shutting the door behind him.

“Now, here’s what’s going to happen─”

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