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Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
In the distance, the wails of the unfortunate pawns rose up only to be quickly silenced. Death, accompanied by accusations, would be the only scene by morning, and the culprits would not be found with just a simple glance. Plus, if anyone were to investigate now, it would only be a diversion for a certain Fanalis to perform his own task as part of a much grander plan.

The man with red hair arrived at his target destination, a gigantic white marbled mansion with rose beds lying against the house and a fancy gate enclosing the lush, green yard speckled with palm trees. As it stood, there seemed to be no signs of any security; after all, who would suspect anyone would break into a widely known and beloved politician’s home? Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Zayn contemplated his entry to the premises. Hmmm~ I can’t be letting down my master, now, can I? He’d be pissed if I failed. The Fanalis knew that taking the front entrance was a poor idea, one that would get him caught in no time if someone was awake inside. Not wanting to look too conspicuous, Zayn began to walk away from the gated entrance. He strolled along the wall, as if he was simply enjoying the beautiful night it was. And in a way, he was. Ooooh~! If I’m successful, what kind of accolades will the Death God give?! Accolades? Gifts? Or will he grace me with a gentle caress of his pale hand and glittering eyes of silver orbs? Zayn smiled, his tongue once flickering across his lips as he fantasized the possibilities.

Zayn halted his walk and examined. The wall stood about twelve feet in the air and looked to be about two feet thick. There was no chance of there being any breaches or openings, but he couldn’t force his way through. The noise would surely startle the dosing occupants inside. Fanalis strength would be out of the question, leaving the only option for Zayn to do was use his manipulation skills.

With not a soul in sight, the Fanalis stretched his arms upwards until his hands could grip the top of the wall, then, by using his legs to climb, hoisted himself up and over the wall, landing in the backyard of the mansion. There were no sounds of footsteps or guards patrolling the grounds.The owner probably thought that nobody would break into his mansion. The naivety made the Fanalis chuckle under his breath. Did he really have faith in his relationship with the citizens of Balbadd or was it just his own stupidity in thinking everyone was inherently good? Zayn didn't know, nor did he even care; he was just thankful that it made his job easier.

He silently made his way to the front door, an idiotic decision for one who was going to break in, but since his face was hidden in the shadows of his hood, there was nothing to fear. With his body manipulation, Zayn picked the lock to the door, which opened with a silent creak. He stepped inside, officially beginning his mission for his master's grand scheme.

Job WC: 532/1,000


Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] 3oCk1sb

Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] 7kZv0Du
Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] AmCJaPN Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] Ltg0RVb Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] VjD0Py3

Trait Points: 4/11 | SoS: 1

Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Enemy Name: Thug x2
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Two cloaked men that use daggers as their main weapons of choice. They deal C-Tier basic damage and are able to move up to 9m/s when sprinting.
Jabbing Twist: The men stab into their victim at 20m/s and twists the blade while it's still inside, dealing C-Tier damage.
Silver Rain: The men throw 2 knives each at the target that goes 20m/s within a range of 15m, dealing C-Tier damage if both knives hit, and D-Tier damage if only one of them has hit.

Adrastos landed on the ground in the alleyway behind his dilapidated mansion he used for a base and wrapped his silver hair within the magic carpet, using it as a turban. By now, the magician expected Zayn to be carrying out his mission, which meant all he had to do was wait for the reported success. Everything was going according to plan for now, but it was foolish to expect nothing to go wrong, especially after slaughtering a bunch of unsuspecting families in the middle of the night.

As Adrastos placed his hand on the doorknob of the back entryway, he heard the shuffling of boots mingled with voices getting closer to the alley in which he stood. He paused, listening. The men were hunting down someone, a beast tamer who had stole something important.

If they had good security, maybe they wouldn’t have some fool outsmarting them?  Adrastos shook his head at their stupidity and ignored them. He didn’t even pay attention when they began to call to him. They were just insects, after all. The grunts that did the dirty work and often failed time and time again. He would only acknowledge them if─

A hand grabbed his cloth and threw him against the wall right next to the door. One thug (A) was right in Adrastos’ face while the other (B) was right behind him. Spit spewed from the between the thugs lips, through the gap in his yellowed teeth, as he yelled in the magician’s face. “You, stupid! We asked you a question!”

“I’m under no obligation to listen to the dirt I walk on.”

The magician looked away for a bit, toward the twinkling of stars overhead, before dropping his head in a slightly tilted manner, staring down at the thug with his cold, silver eyes. There were a number of ways he could take care of them, but he didn’t want to waste any unnecessary energy on garbage.


Adrastos roughly grabbed the man’s arm with his right hand and fed magoi into Dantalis Serpent. The arm of the thug (A) cracked and withered as the moisture was sucked out of it due to the magic ring acquired from the dungeon Dantalion. He screamed and backed away, trying to pry his now shell of an arm from the magician’s grasp. The other thug (B) had drawn his dagger in an attempt to perform a Jabbing Twist, but Adrastos was too quick as he whispered to the rukh under his breath and aimed his wand at the oncoming thug (B).

A cannon of water formed at the tip of the wand and struck the thug (B) in the chest, sending him back a bit. As the thug attempted to regain his balance, the silver-haired magician threw the first thug into the second, sending them toppling over each other.

The magician scowled, wiped off his shirt like it had been dirtied, and glared at the thugs. “Since when were worms on the same level as a magician? I didn’t give you permission to talk to me, let alone touch me with those foul fingers of yours.”

The man with silver hair increased the distance between him and the thugs to 4 meters and sighed to himself. “I really didn’t want to waste any more energy than necessary, but I can’t very well let you live. Consider this punishment for your insolence,” Adrastos said with a smirk before he whispered to the rukh and pointed his wand at the pair. A black mist appeared from the tip of the wand and enveloped the thugs. They would soon suffer the same fate as the unfortunate souls from earlier did and would be left to drown in their own blood. Unfortunately, Adrastos could not watch them die.

A sound from behind some crates made the magician turn around. There, emerging from behind a stack of crates, was a man dressed in all black with slicked-back deep auburn hair and green eyes. He looked at Adrastos with appreciation glittering in his eyes and bowed, getting down on one knee and sweeping his right hand across his waist.

“I am Kenji Yuuto, a beast tamer born in the Kou Empire. I am forever in your debt for dealing with those thugs for me since my beasts are off elsewhere on other errands. To show my appreciation, please allow me and my beasts to serve you.”

Adrastos narrowed his eyes. How cliche, he thought. It’s not like I did it for him and yet he’s overreacting. Still… I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have someone indebted to me. He could prove useful, more so than that incompetent Fanalis…

“Do what you want, but if you serve me, I do not tolerate insubordination and failure.”

He went inside the dilapidated mansion with the beast tamer following close behind. By now, the Fanalis was returning after planting the necessary objects inside the politician’s house. The next phase could begin.

Job WC: 1,344/1,000
Magoi: 330/400
Stamina: 100/100
Abilities Used:

Aqua Canno II
Tier: C
Specialization: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Character must say the name of the spell and aim it with their magical conduit.
Scaling: Range - The distance the ability can travel may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 Posts
Cost: 20/10 Magoi

    Using Water Magic, the caster forms a horizontal pillar of high pressured water that is 1m in diameter which is launched toward an opponent within 10 meters, dealing C-tier damage to opponent(s) when struck.

Black Death
Tier: A
Specialization: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Character must speak to the rukh
Scaling: AoE - The area of effect may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 40/20 Magoi

    By using Liquid Shadow Magic, the combination of Light and Water Magic, the user creates a black mist, in which he controls freely in both direction and shape, encompassing an area of 2m that enters the body of any living creature through pores or other entryways and damages them internally with tiny ice shards causing A-tier lacerations while also causing a body part to freeze for 1 post due to the magic’s passive.

Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] Tumblr_lwmf3z2CbH1r61irho1_500
Name: Dantalis Serpent
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Ring
Magic Type: Dehydration [Heat+Wind}
Appearance: A 19mm ring made of gold and emerald in the shape of a snake with a magic circle on the head of it.

  • The magic tool is activated whenever the user feeds magoi. They will then rapidly remove the moisture from whatever the user's ring bearing hand is touching. This could be an object, an opponent, or even the open air around them. If touching an enemy, the dehydration will deal A-tier damage to the limb being touched, crippling it into a shriveled shell. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] 3oCk1sb

Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] 7kZv0Du
Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] AmCJaPN Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] Ltg0RVb Planting the Blame [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I/C/Plot/Private] VjD0Py3

Trait Points: 4/11 | SoS: 1

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