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Proper Candidates [The Rise of Turmoil Chain II|D|Solo|Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Job Details:
Job Name: Infiltrating the Ranks I: Proper Candidates
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 xp + 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Distrust in Balbadd; Deceit from Kou Chain
Job Overview: With there being no cooperative Cabinet, the people of Balbadd demand that one be placed after the incident concerning the slaughtered citizens, which gives rise to an opportunity to cause chaos from within the government. Adrastos will select a five Balbadd citizen that he can trust so that he can place them in the Cabinet.

Within a mere week, candidates were found to put into the vacant cabinet positions. There were only a total of five candidates, all citizens of Balbadd since birth. The candidates were chosen carefully and discreetly, and the best part was that Adrastos Thanatos didn’t have to lay a hand on the matter. With the candidates chosen, all he had to do was sit back and watch the show.

Raza Imam was a wealthy individual that took pride in his noble heritage but also worked as the sole family accountant to ensure his family money didn’t get squandered. He was a well-kept man and very organized. Juda Mustafa was born in the slums but gained a position as a bodyguard for the citizens of Balbadd. He understood the struggles of the people more than the other candidates. Though young, he was serious about the protection of citizens. Samina Dania was a singer and teacher. She cared about the children and education system of the country greatly, but felt it flawed. Zia Naji was a former soldier that served in the Balbadd military with a stainless record of service. He took the defense of the country very seriously, and to learn about the recent slaughter was a slap in the face to the mighty warrior. How could his country leave the borders so wide open? Even worse the culprit had yet to be caught and if Kou was involved that meant war. Atiya Shayma had lost loved ones to the massacre that killed so many and had been an activist for change even before the disaster occurred. Of the five individuals, only two cursed their fate, allowing their rukh to be stained black, but each still had their own dark secret.

For example, Zia Naji lusted for war; he was intoxicated by bloodshed and death. Raza, being the only bookkeeper for his family fortune, set aside bits of money to pay off others to do jobs he wouldn’t want to be implicated in. Juda worked protecting underground criminals at night, wearing a hood and mask to conceal his face, for a high price. Juda, Atiya, and Samina had more mysterious backgrounds. The public had no knowledge of the candidates secrets, leaving the only ones with the information among Adrastos’ fold.

The blue magician, sitting in the dark, crumbling mansion, watched his cat, Thyme, play around with a ball of blue yarn. His two Alchemist subordinates, Zayn and Kenji, were amongst the crowds gathering intel about what the citizens thought about their cabinet candidates, but Adrastos was not alone. Behind him stood a man with a high collared shirt that covered half of his face. His narrow dead eyes stared at the blue magician’s back silently, waiting.

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“I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to give me the chills like you do,” Adrastos glanced at Yoshi, one of the leaders to his secret union, the Shadow Society, who was in charge of gathering the candidates for the cabinet positions. He was silent, but Adrastos knew what he wanted to hear. “You chose well. Now we just need to make sure they get selected. You did make sure they would follow any order I gave, yes? They won’t reveal anything?” Yoshi nodded. One less worry to forget about, thought the magician.

“I’ve been hearing some interesting rumors floating about concerning Kou. Has there been any news from your brother?” Yoshi shook his head, and Adrastos sighed, “I forget you’re a man of few words, much like him. At least he answers more verbally than you.”

When Zayn and Kenji get back, the blue magician would know how the people felt about their cabinet candidates. If there needed to be any convincing, then it would have to be soon. Something was brewing, something more important than anything Adrastos ever heard or experienced, and he had to be there to see for himself.

WC: 648/500


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