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The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
The thunderous footsteps of an angry mob grew ever closer to the mansion of Yahya Zakaria. Since the incident that killed multiple families, the populace demanded answers. Rumors had spread, pointing to the politician named Yahya who oversaw the safety of the public. Now, they marched forward according to the plan of a certain individual who lingered within the growing crowd.

Upon arrival, city guards had the perimeter on lockdown. They stopped the angered mass, telling them not to come any closer. To Adrastos, the city guards had not went inside but only just arrived moments before the swarm. Meaning there was still time. Around him, people were murmuring amongst themselves, wondering why the guards hadn’t stormed in yet. The front row was more vocal, demanding to let them inside. At the entrance, however, the city guards were already in position to break down the door.

With watchful eyes, Adrastos witnessed the house of Yahya Zakaria be intruded. A few minutes passed, each second feeling like an eternity, before the politician was seen being dragged out. Many gasped and stared in shock at the scene: the man that was being carried out by the guards was just a lifeless corpse. A sly smirk spread across the magician’s face before he turned, maneuvering through the crowd to return to his base of operations.


Once back at the rundown mansion, Adrastos was met with his two subordinates, a human beast tamer, Kenji Yuuto, and a fanalis body manipulator, Zayne. “You did well to carry out your missions,” commended the magician. “The evidence was placed to incriminate the politician just as planned. I am to assume the viper from Kou was utilized as instructed as well?” The beast tamer nodded. “Of course.”

Adrastos clasped his hands behind his back. “Good. The general public will most likely hear about what happened tonight soon. Hopefully by morning if we’re lucky.” He opened the door and turned to face his subordinates. “For now, you two should rest. I will handle the rest.” Kenji and Zayn bowed before heading inside, but before Adrastos could follow, a deep voice boomed.

“You! You must be the one who killed two of my men.”

“If you’re referring to the trash I had to take out a few days ago, then yes. Why you care about them is beyond me since grunts are just pawns to be disposed of once useless,” Adrastos responded as he turned, shutting the door, and stepped forward. The man was bulky with veins popping up from his bare arms as they were crossed over his chest. More than likely the man was a warrior. A warrior against a magician? Nothing he couldn’t handle. “I’ll assume you’re here to avenge them and appropriately respond,” sneered Adrastos while revealing his wand, Malevolent Shadow. “You’ll wish you never made such a foolish decision.”

The thug boss charged with a brandished sword, aiming for the magician’s abdomen, yet the blade could not reach its target before the magician mumbled, whispering commands to the rukh around him. A vine grew from the ground and caught the foot of his opponent, who fell face first and dropped his weapon. Adrastos whispered again and a black mist spewed from his ink-black wand and swirled around the thug boss. The magician listened to his coughs as he struggled against the dark cloud which seeped into his pores and lungs, causing internal lacerations. He was drowning in his own blood. With a cold stare, Adrastos left the man and entered his secret base where he ordered Zayn and Kenji to dispose of the corpse.

Once he sat down in his chambers, Adrastos twirled a thick strand of his silver hair around his right index finger where a black ring rested against his pale skin. The ring was a gift from a fellow magician, Ariella, though truth be told, they had not been on friendly terms. Their relationship was under the category of acquaintances, but the sly magician still tricked Ariella into giving the obsidian piece of jewelry, a magic item that allowed Adrastos to summon mindless undead to fight for him. It was a prized object, along with the second ring that sat on his right middle finger, a golden ring with serpents intertwining with one another. That magic item had been earned through the agonizing dungeon of Dantalion which had been conquered by Noir Ecryola, a former pupil of Adrastos.

Memories. Everything he owned consisted of those things called memories. From his rings to his wand, everything had a story. More importantly, however, they gave Adrastos more power and a broad range of connections.

Adrastos remembered the time after he had helped with the abduction of Roark. He travelled back to the Alchemist's secret base when the moon was high. It was there, in the room where previous meetings were held, that he waited for the elderly man or anyone, really, to walk in. He had passed his tests and was now supposed to be here in order to discuss his new position within the organization.

The wait was agonizing, but soon the elderly man, Zordon, hobbled in. Adrastos wanted to ask what would happen to Roark, but he didn't ask because it wasn't his business. Whether or not he was allowed to know would be up to Zordon.

Zordon shuffled towards the closest chair, using it as support while he took a seat. The simple act of sitting seemed to exhaust the elderly magician of most of his stamina. Wheezing, the old man carefully studied Neo, as if he were still considering the silver-haired man's usefulness.

"You did good work the other day. With your help, we were able to incite enough confusion among those leading the country." He paused to let out a wracking cough, which he covered with a cloth. "Now that you have passed our tests, you can consider yourself a part of the Brotherhood of Ash. As a magician, you may also consider yourself one of the Alchemists, as well. Now, it is time for you to find your place within our organization.”

Gesturing to the pocket where Adrastos kept the obsidian orb hidden, Zordon cleared his throat. "That orb is your link to the others. You will know when one of your brothers is nearby. Also, if you know the name of another orb holder, you can transform the orb into a raven that will deliver a message to them. Their code name, of course. You will need to make one as well. It should be a name that no others know you by or will know you by."

He let out a tired sigh, "Any questions?"

There was a lot he needed to know, a lot that was necessary to know for the future if anything happened. It was best to find out what he could now before waiting and never being able to acquire the information needed. Depending on the old man’s answer would depend on what else he would ask. It was obvious that the elder was sickly and frail in terms of age, but he did fairly well against Roark with Vaughn and Ra’Zhul to aid him. The young magician slightly wondered how Zordon was during his prime, while he was still young and strong.

Adrastos listened carefully to the old man's words. So far, everything was simple enough. “A code name..." he mused. He couldn't go with a name meaning death since both his real name and alias consisted of the meaning "death" in some way. Perhaps Kareem... It meant 'very generous' and was originally a Heliohapt name. "Easy to think of. How does one transform the orb into a raven? I will need to know in case I find myself having to use it. Also," the magician leaned forward, pressing his elbows on the table and resting his chin on his hands, "what will I be doing now that I passed the tests? What role, if any, will I be assumed take on?"

Zordon tugged on the sleeve of his robe while humming softly to himself. He then held out his hand, balled into a fist, towards Neo. He opened his hand, palm facing upwards, to reveal his obsidian orb. ”To call forth the raven from the stone, you must proclaim your name to it, while feeding it magoi. That will establish your identity to the other orbs, allowing you and others to communicate to each others. That need be done only once, after which, you may pass a message by feeding the orb magoi while whispering the intended recipients codename and the message.”

Taking a bronze goblet from the table, Zordon tapped it with his wand. The goblet instantly was filled with water, which was greedily gobbled down by the old man. ”Your duties will be your own as the senior brothers watch you. It is clear you are an ambitious man and we would like to see what you are capable of with our resources. Go out, travel the world, and build up a team. When necessary, we will provide you orders, which you are expected to fulfill. I know it may seem odd, but the Brotherhood provides a wide-variety of services for those who have money. We want to find your niche to better determine your place in our organization. I expect great things from you.”

Having said his piece, Zordon pushed himself to his feet in a chorus of groans and creaky joints. Once he was standing, the old man gave Neo a firm nod and hobbled to the door. ”Of course, it should go without saying that your life would be in jeopardy if you spill our secrets or betray us. Goodbye, young brother.” He called out as he left the room.

Soon afterwards, the magician had fallen asleep in his chair, dreaming about the past and what the future would hold.

Job WC: 1,645/1,500
Spells Used:

Tripped Vine
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must communicate with the rukh.
Scaling: Hits - The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost:10/5 Magoi

    Using Life Magic, the caster communicates with the rukh and flicks his wand/staff to cause a vine 0.3048m (1 ft) in diameter to grow in an arch (having a middle gap of .5ft) perpendicular to where Adrastos is facing in an attempt to trip an opponent who is 2m away.

Black Death
Tier: A
Specialization: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Character must speak to the rukh
Scaling: AoE - The area of effect may increase by 5m for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 40/20 Magoi

    By using Liquid Shadow Magic, the combination of Light and Water Magic, the user creates a black mist, in which he controls freely in both direction and shape, encompassing an area of 2m that enters the body of any living creature through pores or other entryways and damages them internally with tiny ice shards causing A-tier lacerations while also causing a body part to freeze for 1 post due to the magic’s passive.

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The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] 3oCk1sb

The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] 7kZv0Du
The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] AmCJaPN The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] Ltg0RVb The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] VjD0Py3

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
By morning, the citizens of Balbadd heard of the incident concerning Yahya Zakaria. It was the main topic of conversation. Yahya had been connected to the attack that killed innocent people as they slept in their homes. However, the situation was not so cut and dry for he had accepted money from Kou, who was the real culprit behind the slaughter, but was silenced before being arrested by a venomous Kou viper so he didn’t divulge any secret information during interrogation. The citizens of Balbadd could not trust the Balbadd government and didn’t feel safe without cabinet members anymore. They feared the Kou Empire, believing that Emperor Yoshiro lied about wanting peace with the other nations and was, in reality, like his father, desiring world domination and war.

Adrastos sat back and watched, listening to the fears of the people. Did this please the Alchemists? The magician certainly hoped so, however there was just one more objective to accomplish: he needed to place trustworthy individuals into the Cabinet that would abide his orders.

Job WC: 1,818/1,500


The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] 3oCk1sb

The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] 7kZv0Du
The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] AmCJaPN The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] Ltg0RVb The "Truth" Revealed [The Rise of Turmoil Chain I|B|Solo|Plot] VjD0Py3

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