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Persuasion [The Rise of Turmoil Chain II|D|Solo|Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Job Details:

Job Name: Infiltrating the Ranks II: Persuasion
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 xp + 3,000 Huang
Chain Reward: 50 xp +3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Infiltration Within the Ranks I
Job Overview: With the individuals he chose, it is time for Adrastos to convince the people of Balbadd to vote for who he has chosen.

Zayn and Kenji arrived with decent news, but there was still some concerns among the people of Balbadd. After all, these people didn’t know much about politics. They did, however, understand the needs of the people and what the country needed. The minor members of the Shadow Society were handling the population by sharing the good deeds each individual accomplished thus far and how they could improve Balbadd's infrastructure in their own way. Raza could ensure Balbadd's money would go toward the necessities, Juda would see to the safety of royalty, Samina would be able to create a guideline that projects what the children of Balbadd need to focus on in their studies, Zia would solidify the country's defences and make sure the military was properly trained in case an incident like the massacre didn't occur again, and Atiya would see to public relations and the city guards. All the Shadow Puppets, the grunts of the Shadow Society, needed to do was spread that sort of information around. Meanwhile, Adrastos and his three subordinates, Zayn, Kenji, and Yoshi, sat at the dining room table in the dilapidated mansion they used as their base of operations.

"I'm glad you two went out to gather intel. Without it, I wouldn't have known about the public's unease and wouldn't have sent out the puppets in time. You've done good work." Adrastos turned his attention to Yoshi, "I heard there was a letter from our brother." Yoshi stared then proceeded to take an envelope from his coat to hand to his Shadow Master, the blue magician with hair dyed in silver moonlight. Adrastos opened the envelope to read the neatly written words on the parchment.


An interesting turn of events has transpired in the far east. No doubt the rumors have already spread to your location, but I have written this to confirm their truth. Our true father has revealed himself and is standing against the man who claimed to be our blood. Soon, our house will be torn in two. I worry about the welfare of our brothers and sisters, and most importantly our father. I will speak with you in person soon to inform you of all the details. Until then, older brother.


"You have a brother?" Zayn's eyebrows were raised in piqued curiosity. "How come you never told us?" Adrastos handed the letter to Yoshi to dispose of as he walked to the window. "Because I don't have a brother, simpleton. He's a leader of the Shadow Society, next to Yoshi here who is his real blood brother. Besides, I have no obligation to share any personal information with any of you. We take precautions in case mail is ever intercepted. Take this as a lesson in case I send you anywhere and you need to contact me." Kenji tapped his fingers against the wooden table. "Then what did that letter really mean?"

Adrastos turned to look at the three men in the room. Each had played a role in his plans for Balbadd, without them the chances of success were slim indeed. "With the puppets convincing the voters, we will have Balbadd in the palm of our hands as long as no surprises arise. I'm sure the Alchemists and Brotherhood of Ash will be proud of the feat we've accomplished. I'm quite pleased, but there's trouble in Kou. Nox will be here soon to hash out the details. Until then, we watch our promised victory unfold."

Job WC: 578/500


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