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Unreasonable Demands [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Motivation
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A trader needs money from a man who refuses to pay him because he doesn’t agree with the quality of the product. Try to get the money from him; force will be necessary, but the trader with pay you in return.

Enemies :

Enemy Name: Beatnick
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The Beatnick is a gruff man who moves at 10m/s and does B-tier damage with his two-handed hammer.
Crush: Beatnick slams his hammer into the ground at 15 m/s creating a shockwave in front of him 3 meters wide and 10 meters long.
Guard: Beatnick brings up his hammer at 15 m/s to block an incoming attack up to A-tier
Swing: Beatnick swings his hammer at 15 m/s in a circle around him, inflicting up to B-tier damage to anything within 1 meter.

Resting on top the comfy cushioned bed just as the sun began to arise into the sky, Trently snored off until sunlight pierced through his windows and rudely awoken his well paid for slumber. Propping himself up into a sitting position and shading his eyes from the immense rays of the sun with his left hand, Trently propels himself off the bed and onto the floor whilst of course standing. Once fully dressed and prepared to depart, Trently exits the room of the inn in which he spent his huang on the night before. Stepping down the stairs with nimble movements, behind Trently, is apparently an odd and familiar face who has noticed Trently but not vice versa. "Hm... Yanaiharaaa... Stop right there.. Young one!" Behind Trently, a past recognizable brunette beauty demands of the youth filled mercenary. Immediately reaching the ears of Torento Yanaihara, breaking the silence within the inn on this early morning, Trently swings his head around behind them in curiosity of who spoke his name. "Huh? Oh... I remember you!" Trently exclaimed as his eyes were set upon the familiar beauty in who he had met when he first arrived in the republic of Balbadd. "Yes.. Child.. You certainly do remember me. Now may I question in where you are heading?" The brunette cloaked in a purple and black attire questions of Trently. "Well.. I've been wanting to take on a task of a higher caliber. Just not sure who and where I should ask about taking on a task with a higher difficulty for extra rewards. To answer your question, I am heading out to find out who may require assistance from a mercenary." Trently states toward the fashionable brunette beauty. "Then you are quite the lucky boy.. Come! Follow me!" Alluringly the glamorous beauty queen demanding again of the interest peeked boy. "Uhm.. Sure" Trently replying toward the merchant woman. Tailing behind the woman, they arrive at a table downstairs in which they would then sit down at and begin to discuss a job in which would pay quite a hefty amount if completed.

Taking their seats, they both started to discuss the task at hand. "Now Yanaihara... We've met met before which you already know already. When I scoped you out and requested your assistance in protecting my imuchakk goods whilst they were being transported. Your way with that katana of yours was quite amazing and so I've decided to come find you in order to request of your assistance once more." Elegantly like speaking toward the hakama wearing Kou raised mercenary. "Thank you! I'd be delighted to help you once more if you wish! What is it you need assistance with?" Trently asks of the woman. "Recently, I've been receiving a large amount of customers and one of the customers in particular decided to take an item that was imported from the imuchakk tribes. It was insanely difficult to obtain one of those items, meaning that I need someone to either force the man to pay up or return the item he stole!" Explaining the situation to Trently. "Then you can count on me! I'll make sure he either pays the money or returns it!" Vigorously promising to satisfy the woman's request. "What is your name by the way? I don't believe I've ever caught your name" Trently asking for the beauty's name of referral. "Have I not given you my name yet? Silly me, the name is Amirah!" Stating her name full of strength and boldness. "Alright! Miss Amirah! I'll take on your request and bring back your stolen imuchakk item!" Trently promising and stating once more. After continuing to discuss the situation at hand, Trently is suggested to wait outside the man's house until he shows up. With his katana in tow on the side of his hip, he heads over to the man's house as the sun began to set in the republic of Balbadd.

Light which was upon Balbadd fleeing the sky, darkness entered through the streets of the nation. At this time, it started to pour water and rain throughout Balbadd. As the drops of rain from above dove down, Trently hurried to the man's house. To Trently's surprise, the target was just getting home and attempting to open the door using a key. Hand gripping tight onto the hilt of his katana, Trently strolls up toward the man. "Yo Yo! Stop right there!" Trently commands of the gruff man. "Hm!? What do you want kid!?" The man asks Trently whilst adopting a fierce frown. "Uh.. Sir, would it be alright if you can return what you took from that merchant woman selling the imuchakk goods? It took quite a large deal of time and effort for her to get her hands of them you know! Return it please!" Trently demanded from the fierce frowned man. "Listen kid! Unless you want your face smashed in... I suggest you scram!" Suggesting to Trently as he reveals a large hammer he has been dragging around Balbadd for a while. "This is Betty Boo! Now if you keep bothering me then you'll be the 100th person that I smash their face in with Betty! I'm dead beat tired kid so I'll give you ten seconds to scram or else!" The gruff Beatnick attempting to scare off the mercenary but instead only angered him. "...." Silence engulfing the whole situation, Trently does not flee but instead stares down the man while approaching the man with his blade in tow.

"You've been using that hammer of yours for evil intent... Have you now!?" Trently asks whilst only beginning to unsheathe his katana. "Why not use it with evil intent!? If someone is pestering my ass then I can use this hammer to shut their trap up!" The Beatnick replies as he immediately raises his two handed hammer high into the air to slam down. "Crush!" The Beatnick shouts as the hammer rumbles and produces a shock wave. Attempting to dodge the hammer and the shock wave, Trently trips but luckily avoids the attack. Just as Trently was picking himself back up, the Beatnick raised his hammer once more and this time attempted to smash Trently's face in. Hurriedly, Trently rolls over and immediately stands up once more. Unsheathing his katana finally, he smacks the Beatnick's arm with the side of the katana's blade in order to stun the man's arm for a short time period. "Yameru Shishi!" Exclaimed as he performed the technique. Dropping the two handed hammer due to having to have two hands to wield it, the man attempts to swing his non stunned fist at Trently. Abusing this opportunity, Trently spins the hilt of his katana in order to pierce the Beatnick's skin and muscle. Drilling away at the Beatnick's stunned arm, he tears right through the man's skin like as if it was steak. As he spun the katana, Trently shouted out his finishing attack "Kunren Tori!". After defeating the Beatnick, Trently demanded the man to pay for the imuchakk hammer. "Just take my wallet! Its in my pocket! It should be enough! Agh!" The Beatnick states as he tried to stop the bleeding with his shirt. Taking the man's wallet, Trently plucks out the amount of the money that the woman asked for. "I'll call for help... But never attack anyone who you simply find annoying... You can solve issues other ways!" Trently lending a piece of advice to the gruff Beatnick as he left in the pouring rain. Trently gave the money to the woman once he went back to the inn, he was given a percentage of the money for his efforts.

WC: 1283/1000
Stamina: 150

Moves Used:

Yameru Shishi
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The only requirement is to be able to smack the target's selected limb with a sufficient amount of force with a blade, branch, or anything able to wielded that wont break on contact.
Scaling: 10+ Stamina
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Stamina

Torento viciously smacks the limb of his target with any type of blade he is currently wielding. The force of the smack causes various vibrations to travel throughout the target's selected limb, stunning the selected limb for one post, rendering it useless for the time being.

Kunren Tori
Tier: C (Used scaling to up it to B-Tier)
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Trently must be able to spin the hilt of his blade while performing the technique.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 Stamina (For scaling to B-Tier)

Torento must lunge or thrust his blade or sword into whichever direction he wishes while drilling the hilt and blade at the target. This causes extreme tearing of the skin and muscle that can greatly harm the target. The target has difficulty ignoring the damage and harm done due to the massive tearing, bleeding, and wounding of the whole technique.

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