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This Is Why I Am Never Getting Married [Solo Job]

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Job Name: Love Affair??
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7.000 Huang
Job Overview: An important member of society has requested you to follow their spouse because of rumors about the spouse having an affair. Find the truth about the love affair, but be careful as they are with some guards. Report the information, whether the affair is true or not, and be rewarded.

Enemy Name: Guards (3x)
Rank: C-tier
Needed damage to take down: C-tier
Description: All the guards have bulky body and tall height, around 190cm. They also wear a full body armor that are made of steel.
Abilities: Saber deal C-Tier damage
Parry: The guards deflects an attack that deals up to C-Tier damage at 10m/s
Pierce: Piercing his saber forward at 10m/s, the guards deals C-Tier damage
Stab: The guards stabs at his opponent at 10 m/s for C-Tier damage

People were weird. He couldn't understand why any man or woman might betray their spouse for another person. Did loyalty mean nothing to them? If he found someone he loved, he would never betray them nor let go of them. But it seemed there were some people who thought their "noble status" could excuse breaking their oath of love to another. It truly disgusted him. Those "nobles" thought they did not have to follow through their promises and oaths. So as long as they got what they wanted, it was fine to hurt somebody, whether physically or mentally. Most of these rich people had no care for the welfare of others. He was sure they saw the pain they caused but they possessed little concern about it. How sadistic.

Ariel sat calmly on the couch. He smiled gently in amusement as the noble's child played with his hair. He felt her tug and jerk slightly but she was considerably gentle with his hair. And thank goodness, for he had a sensitive scalp, unfortunately. He listened to her chat talkatively while she continued to mess around with his hair. Honestly, she had come out of nowhere. He had been just sitting, waiting for the person he was suppose to meet, when along came this child. She had immediately started playing with his long hair, not her regarding manners. Not that he really cared, but he had expected her parents to teach her not to approach strangers or something. Of course, she could be ignoring their advice...

"There! All done!" she exclaimed.

Ariel twisted his head towards the little girl.

"Eh? What did you do?" he asked curiously.

She chirped that she had braided his hair. His smile turned slightly strained as he ran his fingers over his hair. She indeed had braided his hair, much to his dismay. Truly, he disliked his hair being done. The farthest he would do with it would be tying it up in a simple ponytail. When she asked if he liked it, he almost shook his head. But when he glanced back at those hopeful twinkling eyes, he could not bring himself to take it out. He patted her head and promised her that he liked the braid. She smiled even wider and he couldn't help but regret this cheerful child was born in such an unforgiving world. But... it was these children that continued to fuel his fight against all the evils of this world. For them, he would strive to combat the atrocities of this world. Although, he still was going to need money...

"Ah, forgive me for forcing you to wait so long," a soft voice interrupted his train of thoughts.

Ariel looked up and spotted an obviously rich woman with a concerned and almost pained look on her face. She sat on the couch across from him, a dark shadow seemed to cover her eyes. Bitterly, she explained why she was hiring him for some work. She explained that recently, her husband had been acting very suspicious. He seemed very distant lately. She angrily accused him of cheating on her! Ariel, an impatient listener, cut her off midway through her emphatic and passionate rant. True to his nature, he was very rude in the way he did so. It did stop the woman but not without repercussions. For the rest out their talk, the wealthy noblewoman only begrudgingly answered Ariel's questions.

Words: 574/1000



And that was how Ariel found himself surrounded by three, bulky soldier who were really pissing him off. They continued to jeer at him and tease him unkindly. He angrily spat at them to shut up. They just laughed at the angry magician and started closing in on Ariel. He clenched his fists, trying to get a hold of himself as his fears settled in. They had surrounded him on all sides and they slowly and intimidatingly started to close in. His eyes were widened with fear and every accursed memory of his days as a slave rushed back to put him through hell again. Ariel was barely conscience of them jeering at him for being afraid of them. He was struggling to keep those terrible memories from escaping their cage. The soldiers did not realize it was not them he was afraid, it was his memories.

Suddenly a crazed looked appeared in his eyes and he shot forward, staff in hand. The soldier who happened to be in front of him, prepared his sword to fight. However, Ariel completely missed the soldier, only to immediately turn around. Now that he was not feeling claustrophobic, he was much more calm and wore a very annoying smirk.

He quickly performed the necessary movements for Krashing Finsternish. A barrage of black orbs sprayed the men - who were conveniently gathered together. By scaling his attack, four orbs hit the first two soldiers. The third orb missed its mark, much to Ariel's disgruntle. The two solders in unison rushed at him together, angry that he had knocked their companion. Right at the last moment, Ariel leaped away from one of the incoming attacks. Right into the other soldier, pushing the other back. As both soldiers seemed stunned for a moment, Ariel whirled around and banged the poor soldier in the head, using his metal staff.

"Bastards!" he shouted angrily, before whacking the soldier again.

He was pleased enough to stop when he heard a loud thud. Ariel lowered his staff and smirked at the knocked out soldier. He started to turn around, ready to deal with the last soldier. Only to be confronted with an upcoming slash. However, it was rendered useless, as Ariel's borg quickly activated. It immediately shattered but the borge had given Ariel enough time to prepare his next attack... Which happened to another whack with his staff. It made the soldier stagger back. Ariel immediately flicked his staff forward, performing Shotn Pilke. It accomplished what he had desired it to do and after all his weary fighting, all of his attackers fell and were knocked out soundly.

Ariel flew around and out of the alleyway, looking around for the woman's husband. After asking the locals many questions, Ariel managed to track him down again. He spotted the man entered a suspicious little house and he followed after him. Putting his ear to the door, Ariel was able to hear the whole conversation. It took only a few minutes to listen to the conversation before Ariel knew that the husband was innocent. Content with his answer, Ariel returned back to the wife... Only to find her... busy.


Magoi: 195/240
Stamina: 110

Word Count 1017/1000 words


Krashing Finsternish

Tier: C-Tier

Specialization: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must slash into the air a '+' shape. Afterwards, they must point their staff/stave/wand towards the the center of the '+'. The user must release the two orbs one at a time.

Scaling: Amount - The number of projectiles doubles for every 10 magoi invested.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 post

Cost: 20/10 magoi + 10 magi every scaling


    After performing the necessary action, orbs with a circumference of approximately 0.08m will be launched into the air. They will follow their intended target until either they catch up to him/her/it or the orb goes out of a 10m range from the spell caster. The spell caster launches projectiles one at a time. A black light illumines the orb of the staff or the tip(s) of the wand/stave before being released.

    • The spell will create two, small, magical orbs.

      • Together the orbs equal the power of a C-Tier spell.
      • Each orb contains the power of one D-Tier spell.

    • It effects a small range after coming onto contact with anything.
    • It is similar to a bullet: it only damages its target.
    • It uses purely strength magic.

Groys Shvarts

Tier: D-Tier

Specialization: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Long

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must aim their staff/stave/wand towards the desired target.

Scaling: AoE - The range of damage increases by 5m.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 post

Cost: 10/5 magoi + 10 magoi every scaling


    When the user points their staff/stave/wand towards their target, the glowing light which was surrounding the staff/stave/wand's tip hazily will form into a more solid figure before launching off towards wherever the staff/stave/wand is pointing at. Wherever it hits, a slight dent will be created. The weaker the materials, the more damage the orb will deal to objects. To people, it will deal [D-Tier] strength magic damage.

    • The orb goes at such high speeds that it will take the shape of an arrow like figure.
    • It will go until it hits something or it reaches a breaking point of speed where it basically just disappears. This is around 15m - 20m when it disappears.
    • The orb will make an arc.
    • The base area of damage is about a meter's width.


Tier: D-Ω

Specialization: Magician

Type: Defensive

Range: Close

Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.

Scaling: Cannot be scaled

Sustain: No sustain limit

Cool Down: N/A

Cost: 5 Magoi


    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.


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