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Lose Yourself Г training x private

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Tai Black

Tai Black

Lose Yourself Г training x private  EAKVEHK

ГCrickkkk, Crackkkk, Snapp, Tappp , went the sound of his bones cracking even his back made the sound as he raised upward. His legs crossed and body slumped as he looked all worn out. It was a long time since Tai had really woke up so early and usual around this time was when he would train. YawwwwwwnHaaaaaaa, as his lips widen as he yawned loudly. This would cause air to release from his mouth lifting up the hair that covered his face. Tai picked himself up slowly and dragged himself across the room while he began to pack all his stuff to go about his day. After following his daily routine of brushing his teeth washing his face and all the other stuff, he made his way out the village.

It's been a few months or year since he had obtained Bifrons the Djinn. He wanted to learn how to use the power the right way and if he had to, he'd out himself through extreme measures. That meant staying in the Tundra to complete a successful hard-working sweat-breaking training. He still had goals to stop all slavery that existed and he never planned on giving up those people that needed his help. After the death of his mother, he knew that these dreams had to really be fufiled. This Djinn power was just the icing to the cake, to help him get through all the dangers that came his way.

He was aware that it wouldn't get him out of all his problems, but he knew he had to build on his..


He had so much to prove to everyone. He couldn't fail Bifrons, Octavius. Fanalis Corps, His Mother Nor His tribe. This all could be a positive thing to his future, if he didn't do this training he would just be any warrior trying to do good. He didn't want that, To stand out is what he wanted. To be amitious but not able to fufil your ambitions is just a waste of time. Someone who is a dreamer but can't make their dreams become reality. That's what Tai was attempting to avoid and he felt like no one could ever relate to what he was going through. Seeing everything just fall apart in front of his eyes. To be given this power and not have the ability to save anyone. These thoughts continued to run through his head as he had a gloomy look to him.

The day he lost Octavius hit him. As he sudden witness a flashback that he always had in his sleep.

Memories wrote:But as the Fanalis Corp watched their leader crumple in death, the grief overcame one of the men and he cried out, “OCTAVIUS.” That is the last sound anyone would hear before the magical seal would activate and an explosion would rocket through the Corp, devastating the chained Fanalis with the force.

Tai couldn't bare it and as he made his way towards the Tundra with the slight lift in his head a daunting stare could be seen through his eyes. He was serious and this training meant it all to him. It would decide it all for him, the man whom he truly was. Would he disappear like he did last time? Or protect those he loves?

word count: 500/4,000
thread status: training | page to knight Г private
tags: bifrons, djinn, training
character mood: determined


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